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The trash talk was the motivation Dominik needed, and he wiped out the opposition at ringside and created just enough separation to tag Rey into the match. Welcome to the live results watch page for WWE PAYBACK 2020 pay-per-view! The match was solidly paced, featured some great power work from both men and was one of Crews' best performances to date. There will be plenty who argue Crews should not have lost the title so quickly, just as management is building his star, but such an outcome puts him in position to chase the title and get more over with fans. He still performed up to the level of his competition, turning in one of his better performances of 2020. Burger King's new 2021 restaurants will have food lockers, conveyor belts that deliver Whoppers to your car, and modern, minimalist dining areas. With only a week to work with, their journey to the titles was essentially nonexistent so there was a total absence of anticipation for their win. Here is what you can expect from the match card for Payback. Lashley took most of the match, Crews mounted a comback but ended up tapping to the Full Nelson. Orton followed up with a side suplex onto the announce table before grounding him back in the ring.

A distraught Morgan wrestled with the idea for a bit while Kay and Royce shrieked at her. Regardless, this certainly gives you a reason to tune into SmackDown on Friday. The Iiconics (Kickoff Show). © 2020 CBS Interactive Inc. All rights reserved. "Get your punk-ass in here!" By nights end, three championships changed hands as several long-term storylines are either on their way to a payoff or just getting started. I specialize in the analysis of WWE, AEW and pro wrestling, having done so since 2010. Braun Strowman could not contain his hatred for The Fiend, and he attacked the universal champion during his entrance. However, while The Hurt Business was celebrating, Crews jumped Lashley, and told the new champ that he's getting his belt back. WWE Payback 2020 Results: Roman Reigns And Braun Strowman Now Heel, Bray Wyatt Turns Babyface Blake Oestriecher Contributor Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. WWE needs to do a better job of booking Rollins’ cronies, or else his already somewhat stale character is going to continue to trend downward.

After a long bout, Rey and Dominik Mysterio got the win over Seth Rollins and Murphy when Dominik hit a 619 and Frogsplash combo on Murphy for the pin.

A huge win on pay-per-view over a top star like Orton is a fantastic way to get the ball rolling on Lee’s push after his rocky start last Monday. I'm an LSU grad with a degree in journalism and a minor in English, and I have a Master's degree in Educational Leadership. My expertise in pro wrestling includes covering countless WWE and independent wrestling events live, including six WrestleManias. Kickoff match: The Riott Squad defeated The IIconics by pinfall. Though “The Fiend” and “The Monster” shouldn’t take all the blame for that, the time is right for WWE to put the Universal title on Reigns to see how he fares as Universal Champion, especially now that he’s a heel alongside Paul Heyman. I'm an LSU grad with a degree in journalism and a minor in English, and I have a. I specialize in the analysis of WWE, AEW and pro wrestling, having done so since 2010. Our data provider is having technical issues, live scoring and stats are impacted. In the end, Reigns showed up, wrecked everyone, and left the scene, with a new title in his possession. Ailed by an apparent rib injury suffered following one of Riddle's stiff kicks, Corbin still managed to put his opponent down with Deep Six for a two-count. In 2012, I was featured in Bleacher Report's "Why We Watch" documentary discussing the career of Kurt Angle. This ended up playing out with "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt and Braun Strowman killing each other for 10 minutes, hitting finishers, crashing through tables and destroying the ring itself, before Reigns came out, signed the contract and took advantage. The heels grounded Riott and worked her over, targeting the midsection while taunting Morgan. WWE Payback 2020 had the difficult task of following in the footsteps of a memorable SummerSlam show that took place just a week ago, but it more than delivered with a near-flawless show highlighted by Roman Reigns’ Universal title win and Keith Lee’s lightning quick victory over Randy Orton. Given WWE’s propensity for 50/50 booking, Riddle’s next match against Corbin doesn’t bode well. The Boss fought out of a powerbomb and drove Jax face-first into the mat. It was two powerhouses, beating each other down in a back-and-forth bout that really delivered. Strowman attacked The Fiend during his entrance, before Reigns came to the ring. © 2020 Forbes Media LLC. Keep refreshing to find out all the winners and losers for the WWE PPV. Although it’s not easy for WWE to produce two quality events with so little time in between, Payback featured some fantastic wrestling in matches like Sheamus vs. Big E and plenty of notable storyline developments, like Reigns’ continued heel turn and a big title loss for Sasha Banks and Bayley. With both men down, Roman Reigns nonchalantly made his way to the ring with Paul Heyman by his side, signing the contract as he did so. Overall, this was an explosive finish to a pay-per-view event that pleasantly surprised. Crews momentarily gorilla pressed The All Mighty before unloading two impressive German suplexes. Follow me on Twitter @BOestriecher. 2 Murphy any sort of legitimacy as his right-hand man. Like us on Facebook to see similar stories, Archbishop Wilton Gregory, who slammed Trump visit in June, to become first African American cardinal. WWE Payback was one of the wilder shows of 2020 with a handful of newsworthy results. After the match, Crews attacked from behind but was cleared out by the heels.

Still, she partnered with Kay to deliver the Deja Vu...only for Morgan to break up the fall. He cut Big E's gyrations off and delivered an Alabama Slam for two. WWE Creative put Lee over as strongly as it has anyone this year, following up on his extraordinary performance last November at Survivor Series with a clean and undisputed victory over Orton—the same Orton who is potentially gearing up for a WWE Championship win. This is exactly the type of booking Lashley should have gotten immediately upon his return in 2018, but hey, better late than never. He didn't get in much offense throughout the match -- I can only recall him hitting a big shoulder tackle and a back drop to the announce table on the outside -- and showed off little of his insane athleticism.

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