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If the Cardinals NBA team fails, they can move the franchise to Cincinnati, OH or Buffalo, NY. The WNBA has been losing money for at least the last 10 years.

Philadelphia Eagles. A "safe" CTE limit is established; NFL players are measured several times a year and are deactivated or even automatically retired if their CTE number goes too high. Fed up with stagnant scoring and debates about making the nets larger and/or shrinking the goalie pads, the NHL radically alters its game by playing 4-on-4 in regulation and 3-on-3 in OT.

After the Browns win the 2023 Super Bowl 6-3, the NFL ups the number of eligible receivers downfield from five to six. The team never made the playoffs when it was north of the boarder and never had the following the Raptors got early on. Since Joshua Harris and his group bought the team in 2011, there has been a concerted effort for female inclusion in management. Posted May 17, 2016 by brendan2k5 in Basketball, Blog, Brendan Aurabolt, Serene Adventure, Sports, Tagged with Basketball, Blog, Blogging, Brendan Aurabolt, Serene Adventure, Social Media, Sports, Wordpress. The WNBA started when Comcast owned the 76ers and they never got excited about having a local team. The Season would also have to be extended to 96 games to accommodate the extra teams. -- Greg Wyshynski. Ten years from now, the NHL enters its 111th year feeling pretty good about life. The problem: NBA Commissioner Adam Silva recently stated the NBA has no plans on adding new expansion teams at this time. And when it comes to the players salaries, they are actually a bargain in comparison to the men, as they take a smaller percentage of the overall revenue, although some are not happy about it. What we learned from the Titans' outbreak, NFL trade deadline tracker: Latest deals, rumors and everything we're hearing, Inside stories of Aaron Rodgers' weirdness, told by his backups.

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Powered by Minute Media © 2020 All Rights Reserved. All games are pay-per-view, with prices ranging from $39.99 for regular-season games to $199 for the Super Bowl. Subban persuaded the IOC to move hockey to the Summer Games so NHL players can participate.

From a business vantage-point, there really is not much overhead for the 76ers. I’d love to see a WNBA team in Oakland. To project 5-10,000 for a WNBA game when there is no other hoops competition is not outrageous. ( Log Out /  Can’t remember offhand if it’s Oakland or San Francisco but either way, there are already 3 other California NBA teams (Sacremento Kings, LA Lakers and LA Clippers). Behold, their three visions for each sport!

What could be more radical than just merging both leagues? They played in a rival league. So we convened our own panel of expert futurists to read the sports tea leaves and envision how the five sports leagues with upcoming or recent drafts -- the NFL, MLB, the NHL, the NBA, the WNBA -- would look in the year 2028. Your home for scores, schedules, stats, Tickets, League Pass, video recaps, news and more. Mandatory Copyright Notice: Copyright 2018 NBAE (Photo by Michelle Farsi/NBAE via Getty Images). A possible team in Louisville, Kentucky that likely would already have an arena to play in would add another team to the East, bringing the total number of NBA teams to 32. Scoring spikes for a few seasons before leveling out, as coaches and defensemen return to the 1990s dead puck-era strategy of trapping and holding. Using mobile wagering, hockey fans can bet on a slew of in-game gambling options, from the success of power plays to over/unders on the number of shots in OT. My proposal would bring the number of teams to 20 by 2032. All helmets have cameras in them, and fans can instantly flip between any of the 22 on-field perspectives.

The NBA experiments with an 8 a.m. CT start time in a game between the Houston Rockets and re-expansion … Attendance was low to boot.

-- David Fleming. This will bring the total number of NBA teams to 34.

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