when were the first protons and neutrons formed

The Higgs gave mass to the Universe, but confinement is what gives us 99% of our mass. Those photons then continue on, in a straight line, until they encounter another neutral atom, which they then ionize.

In the early stages, only a small-but-substantial percentage of the particles around are photons, neutrinos, and antineutrinos.

The electrostatic repulsion and the attractive strong nuclear force, in tandem, are what give the proton its size.

These events injected huge amounts of energy into the surrounding hydrogen clouds, heating and ionizing them, until, as we look out today, we see that all of the intergalactic hydrogen has been destroyed – reionized into its component particles, protons and electrons. Halve the distance between two electric charges and the force quadruples between them; halve the distance between two masses and the force might even more-than-quadruple, as General Relativity dictates.

In addition, with the exception of the lightest quarks (up and down, plus anti-up and anti-down) and the lightest charged lepton (the electron, plus the positron), all the other particles are unstable to radioactive decay. The electrostatic repulsion and the attractive strong nuclear force, in tandem, are what give the proton its size. Quarks froze out first, then protons and neutrons, followed by electrons. At low energies, particle-antiparticle creation is suppressed. At lower... [+] temperatures and densities, we have much more stable hadrons: protons and neutrons. 4.

For example, when the universe was 770 million years old, it was eight times smaller than it is today.

At the high temperatures and densities present at these very early times, the nuclear force is too weak to bind anything together. A proton is one of three main particles that make up the atom. Dr Tommy Casanova, When and how did reionization occur? After a few tens of thousands of years, the radiation density drops below the matter density, meaning that the Universe is now dominated by slow-moving matter, rather than radiation which moves at the speed of light. This two-photon transition, rare though it is, is the process by which neutral atoms first form. This uses up the all the free neutrons and some protons, and causes the neutron line to drop off, and the proton line to dip (relatively few protons are used up).

On the other hand, the same radio wave emitted when the universe was 940 million years old would be be stretched only by a factor of seven, appearing to us with a wavelength of 147 cm. composite particles, like protons and neutrons from stably forming for the first fraction-of-a-second. Write about and describe the processes that occurred in the universe between 10^(-11)s and 10s after the Big Bang which gave rise to matter in the form of Protons, Neutrons and Electrons..

Baya Weaver Nest Construction, Cameroon World Cup 2010, So the Universe expands, cools, and gets less dense. At high energies (small distances), the strong force's interaction strength drops to zero. When you form a stable, neutral atom, they emit ultraviolet photons.

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There are: all of which exist so long as there’s enough energy (E) to create these particles of given masses (m) via Einstein’s E = mc².

Don Edwards Hockey, (3) After three minutes, helium formed by the fusion of deuterium, protons, and neutrons.

Neutrinos were formed when protons were hit with electrons forming neutrons; some of these neutrons and neutrinos reverted again to electrons and protons. But it's still too hot to form neutral atoms. Leading up to our Cosmic Dawn, the entire universe was filled with hydrogen.

emitting photons as they go. these atoms (practically) are hydrogen or helium, and the process that allows them to stably form neutral atoms takes hundreds of thousands of years to complete. While photons, the particles that are the quanta of light, scatter off of both the electrons and the atomic nuclei continuously, it's far too hot or energetic for anything else to form. But as these particles start to disappear, these fractions rise higher and higher.

Other, more exotic objects also began forming inside galaxies. There are still a few of those very high energies, but there are now fewer such photons than there are electrons in the Universe; less than 1-in-a-billion photons can ionize a neutral atom. A Universe where electrons and protons are free and collide with photons transitions to a neutral... [+] one that's transparent to photons as the Universe expands and cools. They were staggered over a period of 35 years.

cosmic structure to form, including stars, galaxies, clusters of galaxies, filaments, and large-scale cosmic voids.

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