truckers talk line

At the start we will have radius of each territory more then 200 miles. Hear the audio that matters most to you.

One driver's insights and sometimes humorous views of truck driving and the trucking industry… and anything else he feels like dumpin' on ya.

We are not asking to sign in or reveal your name. We've been active for about 4 years.

This is a free service provided by TeleType Company, the makers of the WorldNav Truck GPS and SmartTruckRoute truck routing app providing instant truck routes and navigation on smartphones and tablets.

O Siga Bem Caminhoneiro é um programa de rádio apresentado pelo cantor Sérgio Reis, transmitido em cerca de 200 emissoras em todo o Brasil. It is as easy to use tying a text message.

Sports, music, news and podcasts. Just download and start chatting with fellow drivers about anything that is related to trucking. Just tap and start new conversation and respond to existing chat.

Trucking banter coast to coast.

No. If you chat bullies or terribly offend your colleagues truck drivers we will be forced to remove your chat. Get it NOW on iTunes Get it NOW for Android

America's Truckin' Network. We do although asking you to reveal on settings your location so that we know what messages to deliver to you.

O programa traz informações e dicas sobre as estradas, serviços, boletins de saúde, manutenção, curiosidades... Programa voltado aos caminhoneiros com a Rede Bandeirantes de SP apresentado por André Russo e Alex Muller. click to launch. This is a free service for truck drivers to communicate with volunteers from the road. It is as simple to use as CB radio! Our users include professional drivers, dispatchers, brokers, and No complex menus. service providers such as truck-stops or parts stores that are associated Your privacy is fully

Dicas e reportagens sobre o trecho e musica sertaneja. No knowledge of computers needed. This is a free service provided by TeleType Company, the makers of the WorldNav Truck GPS and SmartTruckRoute truck routing app providing instant truck routes and navigation on smartphones and tablets.

to use as CB radio! Please read our most often asked questions.

Tap on the pen and write a message, or click on an

Road Dog features exclusive news reports on the trucking industry.

Yes, we encourage our customer to post commercial or non commercial messages.

Hear the audio that matters most to you. existing dialogue, or reply to an existing message.

If you have suggestions or do not see an answer to your question please contact us.

It comes with a lot of new features. LIVE From Nashville Thursday Nights at 10:30 PM Eastern.

Mary Povar, Restaurant Manager, PM Truck Stop, TruckChat shows me what is happening in the area that I am driving in and allows me to chat with fellow drivers. And I'm proud to say a Journalist Kari Donovan took Interest in what we are about. There is no charge. Targeted at long haul truckers, Red Eye Radio has broadened its mission to... America's largest trucking radio network and is now heard around the world!

Your friends at Truckers Talk Line are available 24 hour a day 7 days a week until you make it home. It is as simple to use as a CB radio!

Red Eye Radio is the pre-eminent syndicated overnight radio show hosted by radio vets Gary McNamara and Eric Harley airing Monday through Friday, Midnight to 5am Central. Informing and exploring the culture, community, and history of Melton Truck Lines. Yes, any participant with green dot in the logo can accept your request to chat. We tried our best to make it easy to use. A hard-driving, two-hour block of road music, presented by DJ RigRocker, a foremost authority on the history of truck driving music. protected. Just download and start chatting with fellow drivers about anything that is related to trucking. A longtime record collector, label owner, disc jockey and journalist, Rig Rocker produced the acclaimed compilations... For complete coverage of trucking industry news, interviews with industry leaders, and lively, entertaining discussion.Show is your all-in-one information source with weather and road construction reports, trucking information features, sports... Trucão com o Pé na Estrada na Rádio Transamérica.

Jim Hauler, Co-Founder. This chat helped us on a couple of occasions to find drivers willing to pick up a load on a way to their destination. Download the app from either Google or Apple Play store and double A premier flatbed trucking company based out of Tulsa, OK. ... talk radio for truckers. A premier flatbed trucking company based out of Tulsa, OK. Maze Jackson traveled the country in evangelism for over forty years and was heard across the country through his radio broadcast.

May Brimmer, Truck&Warehouse Co. TruckChat contributed to my effective promotion of specials that we been running in our restaurant... App is very useful. When I have time I like to read and keep track of messages that of my interest. We have been working very hard to design the new version of our app.

Бувалий шофер великовантажного трейлера Федір Іванович ніяк не може порозумітися зі своїм новим напарником, легковажним і веселим Сашком.

We constantly adjusting radius of the area.

The largest radio show devoted to Truckers and the Trucking Industry on the planet. Sports, music, news and podcasts. News also are very helpful. Kari is a big supporter of the Drivers of the road..

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