stingray species

Large stingrays have spines up to 20cm long, but even this does not deter some attackers, with some great hammerheads (Sphyrna mokarran) found with dozens of stingray spines stuck in their heads. However, since the Hawaiian one was the first to be described, the other scientific names have become obsolete.

Divers exploring the reefs and muck sites of Southeast Asia often come across the oriental bluespotted maskray (Neotrygon orientale). The surface of the stingray is smooth with no signs of spots or patterns. The porcupine stingray can reach a width of 1.2m and is listed as “vulnerable.” Australia is one of the best places to see this weird ray, with occasional sightings on the Great Barrier Reef and Ningaloo Reef. Australian whipray.

Marie, in addition to providing medical treatment to locals, collected over 2,000 botanical and zoological specimens, which, fortunately for us, included two stingrays. These two stingrays were some of the few that did not get a name change in the recent review, but two members of this genus were removed to form the next genus, Taeniura. The Whitetail stingray has an oval shape body.

It is also good to slow your breathing, and not look directly at the ray, instead face away and look at it from the corner of your eye. The Maldives is a good place to see pink whiprays, and they are seen in large numbers at a shark/ray feed at Alimatha Faru. Stingrays are mainly found in tropical and subtropical waters, but a few venture into temperate zones. It can grow between 1 metres and 9 metres. After first aid, make sure that you seek specialized attention from a health center or lifeguard post. Other than the two museum specimens collected over a century ago, the animal is completely unknown to science. Little is known about the dynamics of these groups; are they together for company, for ease of finding a mate, for defence in numbers or simply because there is abundant food in the area?

Unfortunately, this does not stop some fishers from killing them or chopping off their tails if they are accidently hooked. 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Found on reefs and in mangroves, this ray is easily identified by its long white-coloured tail. Published since 2003. Over 50 species of fish are known to provide cleaning services, but most stingrays utilise the services of the widespread common cleaner wrasse (Labroides dimidiatus). The genus contains eight members that are only found in the warmer waters of the eastern Pacific and western Atlantic. Eagle and manta rays have sort of “sea wings” that allows them to sort of “fly” and “glide” across whilst cutting into the water. This graceful ray was almost 2m wide and did not seem to be too bothered by an annoying little kid swimming alongside. The smooth stingray is found only in the Southern Hemisphere, inhabiting the temperate waters of southern Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. The snout of the Bull stingray is long but round. The only area that I have found this species to be common is off southern Queensland, Australia.

Manta Rays and Valenti, S. (2008), Faria VV, McDavitt MT, Charvet P, Wiley TR, Simpfendorfer CA and Naylor GJP (2013), Fowler SL, Cavanagh RD, Camhi M, Burgess GH, Cailliet GM, Fordham SV, Simpfendorfer CA and Musick JA (comp. However, a defensive reaction causes it to whip up their stinger which is often the case when attacked by predators or stepped on. Reticulated whipray. In this article, we’ll give you some information about the different species of stingray, along with their habitat, diet, and reproduction.

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