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PAID FOR BY JONATHON HILL FOR SC HOUSE DISTRICT 8, Ending the Shutdown Safely: A Doctor's Concerns, The Curve is Too Flat, and Now More People Will Die, Gun Rights At Stake During Coronavirus Response, Fake News: Tax Cuts in House Budget 10x Smaller Than Promised, State Reps Walk Out of Today’s Judicial Election Assembly, Calling It a “Sham”, Incumbents Jonathon Hill and Richard Cash of Anderson County defeat Republican challengers, Statehouse incumbents who cruise to victory include Republican who sued his own party, Guest Column: Pay No Attention To The Man Behind The Curtain. Why should residents vote for you?

I have greatly enjoyed the honor of representing District 20 over the past few years. Party affiliation: Republican. 16 years. I'm a Conservative reformer who gets things done. We can do this by legalizing marijuana and using the tax revenue to improve our schools. This is the spot! Hospital bed utilization is falling, not rising, and we are nowhere near a hospital shortage. [Hill] is arguably the least liked by his colleagues — in either party or chamber.

It’s “Slick” Gary Simrill – politician, used car salesman, and Majority Leader of the South Carolina House of Representatives.

FITSNews. Videos. Protecting life - Saving liberty - Exposing corruption. The Legislature’s biggest contrarian and its most ardent abortion foe can continue irritating their colleagues after soundly defeating their primary opponents Tuesday…. Occupation: Retired. We need leaders who both know the facts and have the courage to speak the truth. Candidate: Adam Morgan. Party affiliation: Republican. This page is part of a project by The Greenville News providing information about the candidates running for public office in South Carolina for the 2020 General Election. How many patients will now escape COVID-19 only to die of preventable diseases which are going undetected and untreated? Background check: A search of court records revealed no felony conviction in South Carolina or civil judgment against Dreyfus. Daniel Brownstein – Democrat. The following is an alphabetical list of members of the United States House of Representatives from the state of South Carolina.For chronological tables of members of both houses of the United States Congress from the state (through the present day), see United States Congressional Delegations from South Carolina.The list of names should be complete, but other data may be incomplete.

We need to invest in education, not incarceration. City of residence: Clemson. South Carolina can be one of the best states in providing public education, instead of one of the worst. South Carolina SC Government SC Elections SC US House Elections SCIWAY will provide complete coverage of South Carolina's November 3, 2020 general elections. It is a service by our journalists to inform voters through exclusive analysis, watchdog reporting and need-to-know information about every contested federal, state and local race in Greenville, Anderson, Pickens and Spartanburg counties. "I am so grateful for the people of District 8 putting their trust in me, and I will continue fighting the establishment in Columbia.". If reelected, I will continue to promote pro-jobs, pro-growth policies, rein in wasteful spending, reform the Department of Education and DOT, and fight for our constitutional rights and liberties. Our democracy is dying. "It was our biggest win yet," he said. Occupation: Retired Addictions Counselor and College Professor, How long have you lived in the district/city/county where you currently live? © 2020, LLC  |  All Rights Reserved, Feature Your SC House Election Resource Here, Bill Whitmire - Republican - Incumbent - Unopposed, Anne Thayer - Republican - Incumbent - Unopposed, Mark N. Willis - Republican - Incumbent - Unopposed, Mike Burns - Republican - Incumbent - Unopposed, Bruce W. Bannister - Republican - Incumbent - Unopposed, Dennis Moss - Republican - Incumbent - Unopposed, Steve Moss - Republican - Incumbent - Unopposed, Annie E. McDaniel - Democratic - Incumbent, David Weeks - Democratic - Incumbent - Unopposed, Jackie E. Hayes - Democratic - Incumbent - Unopposed, Lucas Atkinson - Democratic - Incumbent - Unopposed, Jeff Johnson - Republican - Incumbent - Unopposed, Roger Kirby - Democratic - Incumbent - Unopposed, Jay Lucas - Republican - Incumbent - Unopposed, Wendy C. Brawley - Democratic - Incumbent - Unopposed, Christopher Hart - Democratic - Incumbent, William "Bill" Clyburn - Democratic - Incumbent - Unopposed, Melissa Oremus - Republican - Incumbent - Unopposed, Lonnie Hosey - Democratic - Incumbent - Unopposed, Joe Daning - Republican - Incumbent - Unopposed, Chris Murphy - Republican - Incumbent - Unopposed, Joe H. Jefferson - Democratic - Incumbent - Unopposed, Carl L. Anderson - Democratic - Incumbent - Unopposed, Wendell G. Gilliard - Democratic - Incumbent, Michael F. Rivers Sr. - Democratic - Incumbent, Shedron Williams - Democratic - Incumbent. © 2020 View South Carolina's House of Representatives race in numbers from USAFacts. Discover Moe Brown's position on key issues like the economy, healthcare, civil rights, and more. Continuing the shutdown is not “safe.” Let’s not assume that it is “safer” than the alternative. Jun 1, 2020. But he appeals to voters in the conservative district as someone who fights the establishment. This is the spot! Home. 20 years in my district; 50 years in Greenville. I am running to give voters a chance to support a candidate who isn’t afraid to confront and solve controversial problems. Although more people are eligible to vote than ever before, those in power put up barriers to prevent anyone else from getting elected through such insidious tactics as Gerrymandering, voter-suppression, and sabotaging mail-in ballots necessary for safe voting.

It’s “Slick” Gary Simrill – politician, used car salesman, and Majority Leader of the South Carolina House of Representatives. I blame a lack of responsible leadership that would rather tell the people what they want to hear, than tell the truth based on medical science. Fighting an epidemic shouldn’t be a partisan issue. The list below includes up-to-date links for all South Carolina House of Representative districts and races. Here's a look at who is running for South Carolina House of Representatives District 3. Your California Privacy Rights / Privacy Policy. Here's a look at who is running for South Carolina House of Representatives District 20. Name the three most important issues facing the residents of District 112 and explain what you plan to do in Columbia to address these issues. I want to provide a positive alternative to the politics of incompetence and corruption. And now, when the United States has the worst record of Covid-19 in the world, South Carolina has one of the worst records in the United States.

Candidate: Jerry Carter. To see a complete index of all races and candidates that Upstate residents will see on their ballots, view our voter guides for each county. The list below includes up-to-date links for all US Congressional districts and races for South Carolina. District 112 Candidates, South Carolina House Of Representatives The Island Eye News asked the candidates what they would do if elected. The theme for this year’s house budget proposal includes “reducing taxes,” but they forgot the “reducing” part. Blog. On this date, the House received a letter announcing South Carolina’s secession from the Union. Arming themselves with “emergency” gun control powers, cities and counties in South Carolina are not letting the crisis go to waste. Why should residents vote for you? How long have you lived in the district/city/county where you currently live? There’s someone I’d like you to meet. Want to learn about South Carolina's US House of Representative candidates and elections? South Carolina SC Government SC Elections SC House Elections SCIWAY will provide complete coverage of South Carolina's November 3, 2020 general elections. Need to find out about South Carolina House candidates and elections?

Here are their answers. We need to significantly raise teachers’ pay and provide more days for our children to learn in school. I want to bring honesty, integrity, and moral intelligence back into politics. Hill said the outcome of Tuesday's primary shows that voters in his district "didn't appreciate the outside meddling" by the state GOP. Occupation: Businessman and attorney. The citizens of South Carolina are dying.

We’ve got to have a judicial selection process that is legal, that is constitutional, and that is moral, and right now we have none of those. Below, you'll find candidate information for just one race — except for what was found in background checks, the information below was submitted by candidates.

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