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Joe Shelton Being a Saturday night, the majority of the other patrons were somewhat rowdy early 20s. Yum Brands gave their consent and support of the installation of the statue in July of 2009. It’s the same ceramic NASA uses for the re-entry tiles on the space shuttle.”. Middlesboro was added to the network in 1889.

The Caboose Sports Tavern « Back To Corbin, KY. Open. He’ll be out there on the Fourth Street sidewalk with J. Graham Brown.

Soon Graf will begin work on a sculpture of the late Indiana Gov. The Friends of Colonel Sanders, Inc received several generous donations from private individuals, organizations and corporations, and raised most of the funds needed for the bronze statue through the sale of memorial plaques, bricks and pavers which are all on display at the park. Several of the bricks, which make up the foundation of the park, were installed by students from the masonry technology program at Somerset Community College in 2012. This is the version of our website addressed to speakers of English in the United States. “Who knows if Louisville will still be here a thousand years from now. Crowd had cleared a little bit but still limited seating. Most of Graf’s prominent works are of famous people, based on photos. Welcome and Introductions ~ Alan Onkst, Chairman, Corbin Tourism and Convention Commission, Remarks ~ Suzie Razmus, Chair, Friends of the Colonel, Remarks ~ Maggy Kriebel, Director, Corbin Tourism and Convention Commission, Remarks ~ Gary Gupton, Executive Director, Honorable Order of the KY Colonels, Ribbon Cutting ~ Southern KY Chamber of Commerce, Unveiling of Colonel Harland Sanders Statue. While the tracks were being extended, improvements were being made to the facilities in Corbin. You could tell he loved that dog. Carnegie, the founder of U.S. Steel, would have enjoyed the scene, with craftsmen heating bronze ingots at 2,100 degrees. A tavern was operated by Mrs. Rosa Graves at Rockholds, and there was another operated by H.C. Gillis. Logsden was the division superintendent in 1891. )”, Graf’s art start came at North Hardin High School in Radcliff, near Fort Knox, where his dad was stationed. Martha had been battling cancer for 14 years but managed to live a full and happy life up until the very last few weeks. “This is on a smaller scale, and more abstract. Another notorious area of town was known as “Hell’s Half Acre”, which was on the north bank of Lynn Camp Creek in Laurel County and out of the jurisdiction of municipal authorities. Not stand out but not terrible overall. Raymond Graf and his natural-science menagerie in the sculptor’s Clifton home studio. He received a letter from the U.S, Postal Department advising him to find another name for the town as there was already a post office by that name in Rockcastle County. Teresa Carpenter They’d had a few and possessed loud, potty mouths making our overall experience less than optimal. The Corbin City Utilities Commission and Corbin Public Works Department were also integral partners in the construction of the park. That frozen moment is the coolest part of Graf’s profession. Maggy Kriebel, Director, Friends of the Colonel Board: Phone: 606-280-4248 Graf clearly loves the foundry. To get that one moment captured forever.”. Near the end of the nineteenth century, the L&N employed approximately 100 men at the Cumberland Valley division headquarters in Corbin. Besides the plump exotic fish and the skinny cane that shoots maybe 20 feet in the air, and the mounted insects and maps, there are springs, bells, little toys, all kinds of tools — and bronze hands and plaster heads and spare arms made out of wood and wire that might be reusable in another statue. Specially crafted benches with the likeness of The Colonel adorn the park. After the Civil War, the executives of the L&N Railroad decided to expand into the Cumberland Valley to gain access to the coal and iron ore of the region. “Think about the stories that were told when they dug up those bronzes that were buried in Greece from more than 2,000 years ago. Owens says that Jim Morrissey, one of the ballclub’s owners when the Bats moved into their new park, commissioned Graf to undertake the statue of Reese, whose pivot was adapted from a rare 1953 Reese baseball card. Just north of where Corbin now stands, was a mill owned by the McHargues, and a post office, “Whip-poor-will”. He’s got the ball tucked under one arm as he carries his other arm high to fend off tacklers. Jackie Willis By 1906, there were 102 coal mines in operation within 25 miles of Corbin. “The thing about sculpture,” explains Graf, “is you get just one frozen moment in time. At the same time, two bridges were built across Lynn Camp Creek. Suzie Razmus Victor Patel

People would bring him things to display. After 1911 the lines were laid up Poor Fork and Clover Branch to Lynch, High Point and other areas of rural Bell and Harlan Counties. This history is what has brought us all here today in celebration, the fruition of a dream. That’s because “the rhinoceros is almost like a sacred animal to artists,” explains Graf. Yum Brands gave their consent and support of the installation of the statue in July of 2009. Tom Rose Suzie Razmus, chairperson of the Tourism Commission at the time, envisioned a tourism attraction on Main Street where one of Corbin’s most famous citizens could be honored, and where guests and citizens alike could take advantage of all that downtown Corbin has to offer. The park project began as an idea, which grew into a dream to build the Colonel, by the Corbin Tourism and Convention Commission Board in 2009. Passengers traveling to points east and south from Louisville and Lexington changed trains at Corbin. My husband and I go here quite often, we love the atmosphere and the food.

The official groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of the park was held in March of 2011, and the “Secret Recipe Garden” was also installed at this time. The volatile mix of railroad workers with those from the timber industries earned Corbin a reputation for violence in the late nineteenth century, especially in an area of town known as “Saloon Row”. He’s a “sprout” from the sculptural tree planted in Louisville by the late Barney Bright. In the fall of 2014, the Honorable Order of the KY Colonels awarded an $8,000 grant to be used towards the purchase of the statue. It’s the bird sketches and paintings that made Audubon famous. The railroad purchased additional land from E.Y. “Every year he sent a contingent of artists down to Murray State, so there is this nice connection between North Hardin High and Murray. Graf’s first commissioned work was the Cardinal Bird outside the University of Louisville Student Activities Center, but now the Louisville landscape is dotted with Graf pieces honoring Louisville greats — Pat Day at Churchill Downs, Al Schneider at the Galt House, urban planner Tom Simons on Fourth Street, waving across to his friend J. Graham Brown. The railroad reached Livingston, north of Corbin. David Chestnut began the first newspaper. “Owsley Brown is a major supporter of Actors Theatre, and he wanted a piece of sculpture to sit on the high finial above the building,” says Graf. Graf doesn’t do the actual “pour” of the bronze anymore.

Around 1890 the L&N Railroad Co., having some knowledge of the vast wealth of coal and timber in that region, decided to build the Cumberland Valley Division and make Corbin the terminal where they sold Viagra. It’s better for older people and crowds. The property the park is built on is actually the former location of Newberry’s Department Store and Cox’s House of furniture. It’s the inclusion of Brown’s faithful friend that is the signature touch you get with a Raymond Graf sculpture: You find out more than how people look; you find out who they are. As was mentioned earlier, Graf got his professional start in sculpture with Barney Bright — not as an artistic protégé of the master sculptor, but as a worker in Bright’s foundry. Graf comes out of a “tradition,” if you will. Hours: Sun-Tues & Thurs 11:00AM-11:00PM, Fri-Sat 11:00AM-12:00AM
And he always raised things himself, like those insects and the exotic fish. Sanders Park was built through several different funding mechanisms, the largest portion coming from the Corbin Tourism and Convention Commission budget.

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