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At ScyllaDB, we carefully apply low-level knowledge to our Big Data technology. Guy is experienced in creating products that people love. Moreno Garcia is a problem solver by talent and trade. Scylla’s shard-per-core architecture equally divides an instance’s resources, providing an equal slice of CPU, RAM, and storage to a slice of the database. Hackolade supports ScyllaDB materialized views, via a SELECT of columns of the underlying base table, to present the data of the base table with a different primary key for different access patterns. Our body of work spans two decades and dozens of companies, 16 of which have executed successful IPO’s and achieved market caps in excess of $1 billion. Ad Choice |

Yahal is the co-founder of Magma Venture Partners.

He has an extensive sales background spanning several different industries including Automotive, Retail and Beverage. He was also a contributor to the CMake project. well

Botond is a software engineer who has worked in a range of roles from web-developer to backend developer in a range of industries from railway automation to finance.

He previously developed an open-source distributed file system (LizardFS) and had a brief adventure with Linux kernel during an apprenticeship at Samsung Electronics. After 6 years of working with Cassandra, he is excited to join the team that develops Scylla.

Mr. Amir Fridman serves as Director of Western Digital Corporate Business Development and Capital investment in Israel and Europe.

Yaron has many years of experience in quality assurance in the storage industry, particularly enjoying being a part of the contribution of automation testing to product maturity.

Prior to joining, he was the EMEA support manager at Kaminario. ScyllaDB has made a name for itself as a fast drop-in replacement for Apache Cassandra. Amazon DynamoDB® and Dynamo Accelerator® are trademarks of, Inc. No endorsements by The Apache Software Foundation or, Inc. are implied by the use of these marks. With a BA in Sociology & Gender studies and an MA in communication, Orit has managed a recruitment team and is experienced in recruitment processes in a variety of fields. As a contributor and a maintainer of open source projects, he has helped build a license server and a license monitor, a video transcoding platform, a FUSE filesystem and a cloud orchestration service.

Eight Roads Ventures is a global proprietary investment firm backed by Fidelity. Welcome to the ScyllaDB YouTube Channel! Exadata puts

Jon has more than 25 years selling innovative software and technology, primarily in the data platform space. He has worked in IT for 15 years, the last five as a solution architect. ScyllaDB has made a name for itself as a fast drop-in replacement for Apache Cassandra. Society Before joining ScyllaDB he was a developer of LLD and LLVM and even before that GCC. Amir FridmanDirector, Corporate Development and Capital Investments at Western Digital Corporation. be The first component of a primary key is a partition key, and rows clustered by the remaining columns of the key. for He has been a happy Gentoo user for 10 years.

Founded in New York in 1911, BVP has funded over 100 start-ups that went on to become independent public companies, among them Skype, Hotjobs, Yelp, Versant (now Symantec), and Staples.

launches Before joining ScyllaDB he worked on systems built in Java technology for UBS IB and Sabre Holdings. Read more .

for Now it ups the ante, offering Amazon DynamoDB compatibility … Davor HebelManaging Partner Eight Roads Ventures. Previously he has led the research and development team at Convergin, which was acquired by Oracle. ZDNet connected with ScyllaDB co-founder and CEO Dor Laor to discuss the details of the new release, as well developments in the database world.

ScyllaDB monitoring tools. ZDNet's Tony Baer recently compared Keyspaces with Apache Cassandra and DynamoDB. the

Dor holds an MSc from the Technion and a Phd in snowboarding.
Getting started and how to use it. Real-time fraud detection, across daily 6,000,000 transactions. Davor holds a tech degree from ASU, an MISM from Carnegie Mellon University and an MBA from Harvard Business School. to He is excited to be at an open source company, loves technology and finding solutions to problems, and believes that new technologies can solve old problems. Privacy Policy | future

We see them as representing a rising class of products that aim to offer an alternative to both legacy proprietary databases and cloud vendor offerings. Ariel Maislos is the Co – Founder and President of Anobit Technologies. Members of the Armed Forces form the majority of the board of the body responsible for enforcing the data protection rules. Shahar led the Investments and Sat on the boards of AIdoc, Guesty, ScyllaDB, Tonkean, Coretigo, WireX and Real. Maintenance operations do not slow performance.

The data model in the picture below results from the reverse-engineering of a sample application imported in ScyllaDB.

Scylla University is a series of intuitive NoSQL training courses designed as both a ScyllaDB tutorial and resource for learning basic NoSQL concepts. Fabio has been working as a QA and Automation Engineer for almost 10 years in the storage space, most recently at Excelero, a software-based hyper-converged storage system based on NVMe and Infiniband.

You will also receive a complimentary subscription to the ZDNet's Tech Update Today and ZDNet Announcement newsletters. Singapore

We provide the capital, expertise, and connections required to scale the organizations of tomorrow.

Scylla’s underlying architecture enables it to consistently deliver P99 latencies in the low single-digit milliseconds, even under extreme load. For more information on ScyllaDB in general, please consult the, NoSQL databases, storage formats, REST APIs.

Dor Laor is the CEO of ScyllaDB. Previously he worked at F5 Networks, where he gained experience in almost all aspects of manual and automated testing of network applications, especially in virtualized environments, using both hosted hypervisors and public clouds. Funding strategy is one, as ScyllaDB is more modest in that respect.

Merav WeinrybHead of Qualcomm Ventures Israel at Qualcomm Ventures. Data structures are measured to not cross CPU cachelines, poll-mode drivers are used instead of interrupts, disk accesses are measured for write amplification, and caches need to be scan-resistant.

ScyllaDB and Laor are no short of ambition either, so we asked Laor about his take on the database market at this time.

After leaving Google, Dejan created the RamFuzz open-source project for automatic randomization of unit tests. that

We use bleeding-edge C++ language revision and compilers, and dream about commodity non-volatile random-access memory.

Even though they were not a ScyllaDB client before, the ability to do this made them give Alternator a go, and today they are using both DynamoDB on AWS cloud and ScyllaDB on-premise seamlessly, said Laor.

Previously he worked as a core contributor of OpenNebula, an open source IaaS cloud orchestrator and later joined a startup developing tools for source code analysis. You may unsubscribe at any time.

ScyllaDB supports materialized views to handle automated server-side denormalization. Karin is responsible for both the Israeli head office and the US subsidiary for legal, tax and financial matters. You may unsubscribe from these newsletters at any time. hitherto Previously he worked at Weka.IO, the distributed file system startup as a QA SW developer and is a big fan of Open Source and Python. A big fan of python programming, Yulia believes that automation of testing improves and speeds up the test process. He enjoys working on challenging projects and is passionate about helping customers chose Scylla because it’s a game-changing NoSQL solution. an open-source DynamoDB alternative. You agree to receive updates, alerts, and promotions from the CBS family of companies - including ZDNet’s Tech Update Today and ZDNet Announcement newsletters.

Twice-monthly interactive sessions with our NoSQL solution architects. in Computer Science. Welcome to the ScyllaDB YouTube Channel!

He has a background in network programming. Rich has 20+ years experience in sales and sales management, most recently leading the Enterprise and SMB teams at MySQL/Oracle. much

Aleksandar has had a 10-year career in software development and systems engineering. Scylla’s unified data cache means the most frequently accessed data will be available immediately in memory. ScyllaDB is also a hybrid between a key-value and a column-oriented database. When not at work she enjoys cooking, traveling, the arts, sports (go 49ers!)

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