schmidt's deodorant costco

I bought a three pack as Costco and they simply told me to take it back. Did you get your Schmidt’s from a different store?

More recently, the company launched a stick version that I couldn’t wait to try. Schmidt’s recommends staying away from tight-fitting clothing and synthetic fabrics (a bummer, since I have plenty of both in my closet) and avoiding over-applying to cut down on excess oils. I’ve been using the Rose and Vanilla one for more than a year and it has never let me down. It’s gritty and doesn’t go on easily, and it causes my armpits to turn red and itchy. This product contains their natural rose and vanilla combination, which is tailored more towards women. I had previously tried Natural Deodorant Co. (balm form only) and it seemed to have fared better and lasted me throughout the day. If I smell a bit…rank by morning, then I know this is a deodorant that requires reapplication occasionally. It rubs off and you smell worse than if you wore nothing. I placed my order (via the Schmidt’s Naturals site) on a Monday and received an order confirmation email shortly thereafter. Many deodorant products on the market these days contain harsh chemicals to fight body perspiration. The Promise: “Smooth. Try Schmidt's Deodorant The have a baking soda formula (signature), a magnesium formula (sensitive skin) and a baking soda and magnesium formula (which the charcoal one reviewed falls into). Schmidt’s sensitive (baking soda free) deodorant is literally the only one I can use! If you purchased your deodorant stick from the Schmidt’s website, you can return or exchange it within 60 days of your order.

Good luck! The brand offers fragrance-free bars and sensitive skin formulas, too, and if you purchase from the Schmidt’s Naturals site, you can “subscribe” to get new bars sent to you every 1-4 months. My big sniff test happens the following morning. Amazon has this item in stock at a great price with shipping included. See our full comment policy here.
If and when it does work as expected (and I WILL update this post), this deo seriously raises the bar on natural deodorants in a big way. I just received ALL FIVE deodorants again yesterday.

Same with me, have had really great luck with this brand and the baking soda doesn’t bother me either. When will they get hip?!!! Looking for Schmidt's? At first I wondered if the texture had anything to do with the Charcoal + Magnesium scent I picked, but a friend of mine had also tried Schmidt’s in a different scent and felt the same. Have you bought the Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant before? It glides on easily and works like a dream. My husband had to have surgery and antibiotics to clear his up. Often times, we overlook what we are doing to our skin. The good news is Schmidt’s offers a line of “smooth and creamy” sensitive skin deodorants that don’t include baking soda. I just called Schmidt’s wonderful customer service about my itchy reaction to the Schmidt Lime + Bergamont Stick Deodorant. Nor does it have that sharp, in-your-face quality that you find with mainstream men’s deodorants. It also absorbed a nice amount of perspiration the way the jar version does. Given that I was super-impressed with the formula, the smooth glide, its odor-cutting abilities, wetness absorption, AND excellent customer service, I’m still rooting for this stick to work as seamlessly as it promised to initially. My Schmidt’s deodorant arrived that Monday morning (so exactly a week after I placed my order). Thank you so much for sharing this info Sarita – so super helpful. Regardless, if they can’t guarantee the integrity of their product through other merchants, they shouldn’t sell them there.

I have been using it for a long time. We discussed the difference in the sensitive skin formula & available scents, and I was encouraged to try a sensitive stick instead, so they’re sending me a free stick of Jasmine Tea Sensitive Deodorant.

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