sad trucker songs

Conference Shines Spotlight On Drivers Desire For Respect, Truckers For Troops Care Package Campaign Begins Nov. 9, Kenworth Launches Its First-Ever Class 8 Battery-Electric Model, Truck Drivers Have Been The Unsung Heroes of COVID-19, Truckers Have A Lot To Say On Lack of Transparency From Brokers, Driver Rescues Two People From Burning Vehicle, Truckers Gather In Washington To Celebrate The Industry, Truckers Honor Fallen Comrade With Memorial Convoy.

“Grand Canyon.” An elegiac tribute to former crew member Craig Lieske, who passed away in 2013, with a song worthy of its large scale metaphor.

19. “The pretty girls from the smallest towns/Get remembered like storms and droughts/That old men talk about for years to come.” That certainly rings true for this small town boy. Whatever the reason, there are certain songs that just stick with you. It was written by the late Harley Allen. “I Drive Your Truck” by Lee Brice. A big part of our Southern heritage is filled with hard times and how we deal with them. 25. He records both covers and original songs that capture the modern spirit of trucking. Lyrics.

The song is about a guy who has to leave his wife to go to work. The desperation is palpable. Buy newspaper front pages, posters and more. Now the thing with truck driving songs is they have a life all on their own.

The song is about a man whose brother died, but a lot of people understand the emotional punch in driving their daddy’s or granddaddy’s passed-down truck. You may have seen Tony Justice’s CDs in your favorite truck stop. Sad Spotty Lotty by The Brown Mountain Boys. Ain't No Honey in the Honey Bucket by Rampy Bossup. But they are actually a sub-genre of music called truck-driving country . “Gravity’s Gone.” Mike Cooley hovers around sleaze like a moth to a flame and here he’s too proud to look at the face of an unattractive women he’s bedded while wondering when his addictions will hit rock bottom.

23. © 2020 Advance Local Media LLC. It was written by David Malloy, Eddie Rabbit and Even Stevens and focuses on the life of truckers and the long time they have to spend away from their wives and children, a common theme on this list. Source: and was designed to harmonize data privacy laws across Europe, to protect and empower all EU, The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) replaces the Data Protection 20. Just a good old song from the ‘70s – a time when all people wanted to do was travel the, have new adventures and seek the best of what life could bring. So pretty but so difficult to tolerate knowing the story behind it. If you don’t want to hug Sara Beth and give her boyfriend a pat on the back after hearing this song, then we question your commitment to being a decent human being.

The Truck Driver and His Mate, Pet Shop Boys So what are some of the things that make some songs better than others?-you might ask, and here is my answer: Some might even go so far as to say it’s a combination of all of those. 4 Responses to “25 Essential Songs by the Drive-By Truckers ... Two daughters is sad as any song I know I cry cry cry when it plays.

This country's response to COVID-19 has been filled with compassion, determination, ingenuity, and innovation. “Late for Church”, “Sandwiches for the Road”, and “Margo and Harold”. Even Jones – among his nicknames was “The Saddest Man in the World” – thought this song was too sad for his audience. This maudlin song rejects the trucking pride we hear in so many driving songs in favor of a broader truth: Our lives are sometimes just the unintended consequences of the choices we make. Truck Driving Dog, Mark Dunau

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How many truckers had to pull over and dry their eyes after hearing this on a cassette tape they bought off the Red Sovine infomercial on the Superstation? We noticed that Today's Trucking compiled a list of the '50 Best Trucking Songs of All Time'. Trucker’s Love Song, Lincoln Durham Indie blues artist Lincoln Durham gives us a classic trucking love song without the twang of classic country. I still have Pawpaw’s original key on my chain.). 4. This is the band’s most popular download on iTunes, I’m guessing because people enjoy slow dancing and crying simultaneously. Nonetheless, they have aggressively staked their claim to a vivid Southern gothic landscape and have no substantive competition in that field. “The Righteous Path.” “More bills than money/I can do the math/I’m trying to keep focused on the righteous path.” Another look at working class economic frustrations. 2.Eighteen Wheels and a Dozen Roses – Kathy Mattea. It puts you in a relaxing mood and is the kind of song that reminds you everything will be alright. But there have been other songs that truckers have related to their industry. If you want to get started, or explore some old favorites, we have put together a list of what we consider to be the greatest trucking songs OF ALL TIME. Copyright ©2020 Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka & Something Awful LLC. But if you’re one who is able to believe the scene behind the couch, that’s where you’ll lose it. “Trucker’s Love Song” is the slow, sad and matter-of-fact story of a driver who is captive to the road and woman who isn’t. This article was written in conjunction with CJ Rooney at, ©2020 Drivewyze Terms of UsePrivacy Policy. It’s a light-hearted tribute to the simple life, the freedom of the road and man’s best friend.

Here are 21 country songs, in no particular order, that might make you bite a quivering lip. “Go-Go Boots.” On the title track to the band’s 2011 release, a small Alabama preacher comes under the spell of his mistress and hires hitmen to dispose of his wife.

Although his childhood dream is never realized – he still keeps the memories and dreams of the trucks alive in his head. He’s spent his life driving, and the mix of regret and acceptance he feels for his lost relationship seems to be reflected in his years behind the wheel. “3 Dimes Down.” You will never hear a more obscure reference to the Tom T. Hall song “A Week in a Country Jail.” Another fine Stones rip. Desperados Waiting For a Train (Jerry Jeff Walker). 7. “Carl Perkins’ Cadillac.” Mike Cooley may be a little more generous to Sam Phillips in this song than is deserving – in real life Carl Perkins was not happy to discover that his Cadillac was paid from his own royalties. For those who think modern trucking music could never match the classic tunes, Brothers of the Highway will prove you wrong. Directive 95/46/EC

Lynne sings the true story of her horrific childhood from the point of view of her father, who killed her mother and himself.

(Alan Jackson).

(NSFW, Duh), *reads ur post* Hmph... *smiles* "well I hope you make an interesting threa, Every thread on the first page of byob but like 4 is more than 1 page long, Tell me about your experiences with adverse weather, The Adventures of a Retired Secret Agent: A Murder Mystery: Part 2, Space Nerd Wil Wheaton's Drew Curtis' Wil Wheaton Dot Net, Deviant Desires, LiveWire, and PoopReport. The first wife got an Oldsmobile, the second one got a Lincoln. 1. Well, now there are many things people enjoy and trucking songs is most defiantly one of them. (Photo courtesy of The Everett Collection). If you are a new parent and are hating life because you aren’t getting any sleep, listen to this song. I would add Never Gonna Change, Do It Yourself, Daddy’s Cup – one each from Isbell, Hood, Cooley.

One of the hardest things in life is watching your heroes grow old. Nobody can touch Whitney Houston’s soaring vocal performance. Last week,... A Wisconsin trucking company organized a memorial convoy over the weekend as a tribute to Larry Sekel, a career driver... Great American Trucking Show Canceled For 2021, Garbage Truck Driver Finds Bear On the Roof Of His Truck, Truck Driver Used His Experience To Build A Successful Logistics Firm, Become A More Successful Owner Operator in 2020, Con-Way, Superior Carriers, TCA, OOIDA, C.H. Truck Drivin' Sonuva Mommy by Kebby Jizholms. This clip is a tear jerker featuring a man driving the truck that once belonged to his brother, who lost his life serving our country. This song is fantastic — right from the start of the song to the last note fades.

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