rodeo terms glossary

Common acts include clowns, trick riding, roman riding, trick roping, or horseback drill teams. In the team roping event, the heeler can only throw his loop after the steer changes direction (basically, after the header turns the steer). Bareback rigging - A piece of leather, shaped roughly like a shallow triangle with two points trimmed off. A team sport and one of the most entertaining rodeo events. Belt Buckle – Elaborately decorated and engraved metal belt buckles are often a prize at rodeos. They were originally used to tie supplies to the saddle, but today they are often decorative. An adjective of praise and respect used to describe especially challenging roughstock, The correct term is rope, not lasso, lariat or riata; most ropes used in ProRodeo timed events are made of strong yet flexible braided materials such as nylon/poly blends, and a cowboy may change his rope selection depending on the weather and the cattle; bull ropes and bronc reins are often made of sisal or poly blends, A PRCA contestant who has not yet won his first $1,000 at PRCA rodeos, which enables him to apply to become a card-holding member of the organization. The participants are normally working cowboys or cowgirls who do not necessarily compete at sanctioned rodeos. Steer wrestling is one of the few sanctioned rodeo events where the athlete receives help, in the form of a “hazer.” When the steer is released from the chute he runs down the length of the arena; the horseback hazer and contestant both chase him. The Collegiate National Finals Rodeo grew through the years and is currently held in Casper, Wyoming. If the horseback rider leaves the pen too early and “breaks the barrier,” the rider receives a ten-second time penalty, which almost always means being out of the running for winning prize money. Let us help you! In team roping, if the header doesn't change the direction of the steer before the heeler catches, the run is disqualified. At the signal, the teams of riders must chase a cow, rope it, hold it still long enough for a team member to milk it into a small cup, and then deliver the cup of milk to a rodeo official. A simple leather handhold is cinched around the horse. Tapaderos – leather coverings on the stirrups to protect the rider’s feet from thorny brush and cold weather. We hope to see you for our next rodeo in Kissimmee! Headstall, Bit, Reins, and Bridle – The words bridle or headstall refer to the entirety of the head harness used while riding. Later, rodeo cowgirls used them at decoration, and enjoyed wearing bandanas made of brightly colored silk. Barrel Racing is the only modern rodeo event that is strictly for women riders. Mount money - This is never paid in a contest; mount money is paid when someone is riding, roping or bulldogging as an exhibition and not for competition. Pick Up Man – a rider in the arena who helps the riders in the rough stock events dismount. Ropers dally (or wrap the rope around the horn) to it when roping and catching calves. Contract Act – an event on the rodeo schedule that is not one of the sanctioned contests.

Own a piece of history! from the bull or bronc, they will be given the chance to do a re-ride. In the bareback and saddle bronc riding, a cowboy’s feet must be above the point of the horse’s shoulders when the horse’s front feet hit the ground – if so, he “marked the horse out,” but if not, he “missed him out” and the ride is disqualified. Airish – A little cool. Therefore, excellent riders will spur the horse so that it bucks more. They were first made of large squares of cloth and were purely a useful item. The hazer herds the steer into position so the contestant can leap from his horse to wrap his arm around the steer’s neck and twist him to the ground. As in other sports, trained PRCA judges ensure that all participants follow PRCA rules; they determine times for runs in the timed events and scores for rides in the roughstock events; record penalties for any infractions of the rules; and inspect the arena, chutes and livestock before each competition. Catch as catch can - A phrase describing calf roping, in which the roper may catch a calf in any way as long as he turns loose of the looper before throwing it at the calf, and the calf is caught in any manner that holds until the roper gets his hands on the calf.

Bucking horses are loaded into the chutes with nothing but a headstall and lead rope on them. A cowboy or cowgirl who works in the bucking chutes, adjusting the flank strap around the animal before the ride; the best flankmen and women are familiar with each individual animal and know exactly how much flank to give each animal to encourage optimal bucking. In 1865 John B. Stetson made his first hat, and in 1870 established his factory in Philadelphia. Hobbled - A method of tying the hind feet of a roped steer just below the hocks with a short piece of rope. The rider holds the reins and is able to command the horse by way of gently tugging on the reins.

The last person to either rise from the table or leave the confines of his ring wins the competition. He’s “airing the paunch” after a heavy bout of drinking. ! Bullfighter. This refers to the rodeo events that involve bucking horses and bulls. Added money - The total prize money in any event is made up of the entry fees paid by the contestants and the purse put up by the rodeo committee, which is called added money. Airin’ the Paunch – Vomit, throw-up, regurgitate. They are held in place by a spur strap, made of plain or elaborately tooled leather.

The contestant must cling only to this bull rope and must not touch any part of the bull or himself with his free hand.

Stirrup – refers to both the broad leather panel hanging from the saddle, and the actual metal or wood piece that holds the rider’s feet. Many rodeos have more than one round of competition; each is called a go-round, and all cowboys entered in that rodeo compete in each go-round unless there is a semi-final, final or progressive round.

The team with the quickest time wins. Each cowboy is awarded one point for every dollar won at RCA-approved rodeos during the year. Breaking the barrier - If the contestant rides through or breaks the barrier before it is released, a penalty of 10 seconds is added to the time. The headstall features narrow leather straps that pass over the horse’s head and ears, down the cheeks, and under the chin. The event is not normally a sanctioned event in modern rodeos. The judges determine times for runs in the timed events and scores for rides in the roughstock events, record penalties for any infractions of the rules, and inspect the arena, chutes and livestock before each competition. It is about 18 inches long and it cannot be more than 11 inches wide where the handhold leather is, about in the center. Should an event be canceled for lack of entries, the purse money put up for the canceled event is added to the other events. These are 29 rodeo terms you show know before you attend your next rodeo in Kissimmee! All rights reserved. Women compete in bareback riding, team roping, barrel racing, breakaway roping, and goat tying. Many bucking animals prefer to stand in the chute facing a particular direction, so they can leave the chute in the direction they prefer. In the steer wrestling event, he determines if and when the steer has been properly thrown and signals the timekeepers. These rodeos hold contests of many standard events such as bronc riding, team roping, and bull riding. Rodeo Cowboy Association (RCA) – In 1945, the Turtle Cowboy Association changes its name to the Rodeo Cowboy Association (RCA). Hover over an image to see the event. Lap and tap starts most frequently are seen in indoor arenas where there is not room to give the stock a long score.

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Usually used to describe the aggregate score for a contestant who competed in more than one round, e.g., “He had times of 9.3 and 9.8 seconds in the two rounds and placed third in the average with 19.1 seconds on two head”. Header - A member of a two-man roping team who ropes the steer by the head.
Go-round - The part of a rodeo in which each contestant competes on one head of stock. Twelve schools met in Texas in 1949 to form the NIRA. Sign Up for the Ram National Circuit Finals Rodeo Buckle Bulletin. They regulated clothing by banning revealing clothing and dictating jeans must be covered by chaps. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Stay tuned to see which contestants will he…. However, sidesaddles can be dangerous. The PRCA compiled a list of rodeo terminology and words to support you when watching, discussing or reading about rodeo. When a bull rider or bareback rider cannot remove his hand from the rope or handle before he dismounts or is thrown off the bull's or horse's back, his hand is "hung up" - a dangerous situation - and the pickup men or bullfighters will move in to help dislodge his hand so he can get clear of the animal, Two mounted cowboys who help riders dismount, release a bucking horse's soft flank strap, and escort bucking horses and bulls to the exit gate after a ride. The Wild Horse Race is a difficult team sport. Similar to calf roping, it differs in that the steer must be thrown by the horse, which runs off at an angle hard enough to pull the steer off its feet. There are two "D" rings on each cinch - one on each end. Copyright © 2020 Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association. Photo courtesy Pawnee Bill Memorial Rodeo Facebook page. Photo courtesy Pawnee Bill Memorial Rodeo Facebook page. As part of the saddle manufacturing process this base is covered with leather so it is unseen.

Sanctioned Rodeo – refers to any rodeo that is officially sponsored by a national organization such as the PRCA or WPRA. His daughter and grandchildren continue to legacy and routinely gather bison, longhorn cattle, or wild horses atop their iconic trailer.

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