overdue in a sentence

referring to something that should to have happened a long time ago. Despite his love of France, he remained essentially English and accepted an overdue knighthood in the 1990s. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. midweek defeat to Reading, with James Collins given a long overdue start at center back. She was unable to pay the interest on this during the Civil War, and in March 1871 the principal together with the overdue interest amounted to about $47,000,000. 5.

: An industry drive to make that tangled web more secure is long overdue, he says. 3. Also be wary of sudden, large payments from customers to clear their accounts now due or overdue. 182+10 sentence examples: 1. 5.
Interest was charged at very high rates for overdue loans of this. Dean retreated to their quarters to handle some overdue paper work and so spent the remainder of the morning. 3. Use "overdue" in a sentence. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage.

The library books are overdue. , Placing a note on the couple’s door, the landlord insisted that they pay their overdue rent. 2. This feature has been available in competing browsers for quite some time and is long overdue in IE. I'm supposed to be chained to my desk, living off bread and dripping, writing a radio play that is long, But that's the way the cookie crumbles and more than a few fans will feel Montgomery's dropping is long, Instead, he has produced a mealy-mouthed, begrudging and long, Let me suggest that for William, heir to the throne, the monarchy is a Gordian knot whose time for cutting is well, Most other cruel medieval practices have been stopped for a long time, and this was long, Through it, the Dalits have come to acquire a dignity and pride that is unprecedented, but by no means, The councillors were unanimous in their agreement that new hospital facilities were long, Some time back in school mugging up on the re-instated Scottish system would perhaps help to instill in them a little, If they are indeed as poor as Mr English and others would have us believe, then a media slaughtering of the other teams is long, In any case, a loving, non-confrontational talk about your entire relationship is way, The mere threat of legal action or exposure as a non-payer can fast-track, But a tribute to this remarkable woman is long, Foot found out that a frank talk with her daughter was, No theory can be taken as forever canonic and the case of Greek mythology is long, The full funding of long term care as an integral part of a universal health service is long, I'd decided to buy a new storm door for the house and new wood blinds for the kids bedrooms and a long, That mediocre, built-on-the-cheap excuse for a bypass is, Despite the financial uncertainty at the club, a contract offer seems, The refurbishment of the town hall in Naas, now three months, The amenities have not materialised and are now long, This resignation was, I believe, widely expected and arguably long, But when the masterpiece arrives, 37 years, Given that I have only 5 weeks of maternity leave, having the baby come even a week, In due course, the drug worked and the amazing little baby even went a week, Janelle, who is just 5ft 1in tall, went into labour when the baby was 12 days, He wants desperately to be at the birth but the baby was four days, The situation is placing an additional strain on the 20-year-old, whose baby is now one week, There is a slight sting in the tale for borrowers of library books that are, Back over a more suitable distance tomorrow, he can gain an, It seems to me that a rethink of educational policy in the way pupils are taught and the subjects they learn at school is long, Regardless, council agreed, making an effort to fight the problem is long, The spokesman said that Mr Byers admitted there were problems with the present formula and that change was long, This is a terrifically fun, raw and guts-forward record that was way, And on top of that, the economy itself was long, A hardened approach to this problem is long, She does not deny owing the money, it is long, They appear to have reached pandemic status within urban areas and a cull is long, About the closest you can get to immoral behaviour was a few, The true aim is to get back in contention, and for that to deliver a sense of contentment that is long, An independent inquiry into the validity of animal experiments is long, The last flu pandemic in 1968 caused one million deaths and the next is long, Last Thursday's ban on the barbaric sports of hunting and coursing with dogs is a great and long, Whether you're for or against the war, a full-throated debate in the media is, He is talking, believe it or not, about an, But there are also parts of the legislation, such as the disaggregation of performance data, which were long, Mobile phone users now have only fifteen days, instead of thirty five, to clear, So perhaps now is not the time to disengage from North Asia, although pulling the US troops away is long, To this feverish regime of irresponsibility, is it possible that he has recently administered the first bracing douche of an, He served in the Army for 23 years and thinks a war memorial in Wootton Bassett, where he lives, is long, The service code runs every two minutes and checks the job queue if there's anything that is, The international laws that served us in the aftermath of the Second World War are, Lenders first exclude ineligible assets, such as receivables that are more than 90 days, The coordinating committee at that time predicted that the next revision would be a rewrite in 1997-8, so a new version is, Now the former England Under-21 is hoping his goal and City's triumph will mark an, Nicky Henderson's gelding is at his best on right-handed tracks and, after a series of good efforts in defeat this season, is, The letter is written in an apologetic tone, apparently because the return of the books is, It's in every backbencher's hands to make today the day Britain has a long, After years of cavalier behaviour, the day of reckoning for the British insurance industry was long, An industry drive to make that tangled web more secure is long, The promises of benefit are false, and government action to curtail this kind of fraud is long, Another requirement in this context is that investors should not incur, The matron of the private home wrote to a local public representative to highlight the old woman's plight after she had accumulated debts of 6000 in, Many critics are saying troop withdrawal is already, More fundamentally, the nascent threat of pharming re-emphasises the need to revamp DNS systems and domain registration that critics argue is long, It had been almost 10 years, so Barry was, Baillie's recent return to the form he showed in his youth is, Months back, when I took vacation in Myrtle Beach, I had the chance FOR ONCE to not think about work and have some me time, because it was long, Okay, that wage increase for home health workers was, He says from now on they will not have to pay fines on their, Bermuda's taxi drivers haven't had a fare increase since 1997, making them long, His old man is an ageing slumlord who continuously guilt-trips his son into collecting, And if horse racing endures and survives, it will be the result of an, The portion of loans that were more than 30 days, The prospect of yet more exploitative taxes to support reproducer indulgence means that a questioning of the bio-political privileging of natality is long, The big news this year is, of course, the opening of Cairngorm's high-speed funicular railway, a facility that, as far as skiers is concerned, is long, Specialists said commercial space venture was long, Or perhaps next September is too long to wait for a demonstration of appreciation that is already, Perhaps it is my contrary Scottish highlander nature, but I see the scoring change as a very positive step for the professional game, if a little, A dysfunctional Credit system once again dodges the bullet that would have forced the commencement of a long, She welcomed the increase in maintenance grant, which was long, With members of Congress itching to gavel their lame duck session to a close, the biggest hurdle remains a catch-all spending bill that's now weeks, The need for consideration of the issue of truth in public and parliamentary discourse within democracies has been long, Sectoral sanctions that could cripple the Russian economy are also long, To be sure, a popular work reappraising the issues associated with McCarthy is, Allow some leeway on return times since trips often take longer than expected, but having someone ready to call for help if your group is, Our 11 o'clock drinking curfew is antiquated and, The eight-year-old fulfilled the promise of several creditable placed efforts with an, To dispatch the wrong past, and recover the right one, was part and parcel of the country's, During the chaos, many old grudges were settled, sometimes under the guise of, A debt-collection agency hired by the phone company to chase customers with, Fortunately, the government has finally woken up to the situation and has announced a long, The opening of any new playground or the development of designated play areas for children is long, Currently housed in trailers and portables on the east side of the campus, the move will be a welcome and long, Ironically, it has resulted in a hike in the, However, modern research has shown that payments were made to supporters of union that appear not to have been, Both Travelocity and GENIP believe that recognition for excellence in Geography Education is long, Since Keith Dunstan's 1979 book Ratbags, no overview of Australian ratbaggery has been published, so in some ways such a study is, Those boys from Kentucky Nappy Roots are back with The Humdinger, the long, I was telling my bathing buddies my great-nephew was concerned that his auntie hadn't decided on a name for the now, In our post-unipolar moment, such a reassessment is long, She then considered magnetic reversals on the Earth, as we are about, It was often described as a prisonlike facility and was, That corporation is only slightly pettier than they are greedy, and they are, A massive air and sea search was launched at around noon on Tuesday after the 16ft fishing boat Water Rail was reported, A second attack came on the cost of the war, which, he argued, prevented, This is not a vote-catching statement, but one that is long, Liam Plunkett was England's hero with bat and ball against India at Lord's yesterday as they gave themselves a shot at a long, The news came while the Iranian embassy in Dushanbe in a letter to Tajik Electricity Company in February asked it to pay back its 12-milion-dollar, Little Nieve Myles-Ward may have been a more than a week, If you cannot, the sum of the credit is classified as, Looking at this issue from a Humanist perspective, we can see how today's government-sponsored fear mongering is long, She crawled on, do or die, and people at home began to think of posting us as, The religieuse hovered sleepily in the background with an, The president had threatened him if he did not pay what was, A rigorous investigation of how the Incas worked their materials and carried out their major masonry works is long, He passed the flagman, going like a brunet typhoon ten days, A supervolcano erupts about every 50,000 years, suggesting we're, Seating myself in a corner of the transept where I could see all and be little seen, I with the rest awaited the coming of the, The last steamer in from Honolulu had brought information of the date of the expected sailing of his yacht Toreador, which was now twenty-four hours.
I have several overdue books that need to be turned to the library so that I … , I have several overdue books that need to be turned to the library so that I don’t owe a lot of fees. , $MMT = window.$MMT || {}; $MMT.cmd = $MMT.cmd || [];$MMT.cmd.push(function(){ $MMT.display.slots.push(["45ba4f61-76ac-4b3d-94d4-c9019d2ebe3c"]); }), $MMT = window.$MMT || {}; $MMT.cmd = $MMT.cmd || [];$MMT.cmd.push(function(){ $MMT.display.slots.push(["418b1e7b-a189-47b4-952a-43e52a926ad5"]); }), $MMT = window.$MMT || {}; $MMT.cmd = $MMT.cmd || [];$MMT.cmd.push(function(){ $MMT.display.slots.push(["9b588b9a-598a-47f4-bc83-ba2fd303e5df"]); }). The HSE visit was well overdue in my opinion. 3. It was long overdue, was it not?

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