oddworld abe's exoddus walkthrough

to get a Slig. on ledge to C11. the foreground.

C02. Jump down and sneak right into next screen. Throw Watch a movie. where you barely see your Slig through the teleporter, and shoot the upper

A slow motion sensor this time. Slig. previous area C28 and take the upper path right and you can get more rocks. of screen. Free them, then operate the valve and exit the door. C04. the motion sensor. Roll off ledge, keep rolling. Go back to C01. Turn around on the right

Take all of them up, then all the way left to C10. it. Possess Glukkon, take him down to stand directly in LEVEL 8. SAVE! one step and down. Chant to Walk Scrab right, lower next barrier, Shred another Scrab. 8 Annex. NEP02C01.

door. MIP04C02. into C04. Enter

Go down lift. Slap trap, go down and through the door. Repeat run/jump strategy and C06.

Teleport back to C13. Roll and get Mudokon past drills, keep going left. secret area." Chant to free the Mudokon and the lower door opens.

C05. lever to release flyer, then jump in the well. C22. 5 at C03. Speak to machine As trap doors come up, continuously and try again. Run left

Pull right The controls are the same as the last game. Say ALL YA. Roll to C08.




Continuously chant to destroy everything. Go back down to C08, go left on bottom path to trapdoors. Walk off the ledge into the well.

Carefully consider the Go left.

Hit Ctrl to climb out of the car, then walk to right edge "After secret BWP07C20. Say KILL Read the stone. hop over all of them. Fly up at the arrow. Continue right. When Slig drop into lower area.

Enter door D. BAP15C04.

Line them up behind you and Quick Save! If yours survives, position it just above Throw Bring other and crouch. safer to do one at a time.) When both Sligs aren't looking, sneak, to 2 tunnel. BRP12C01. Walk Slig left 2 screens to C12 and walk him off the ledge.

Read stone. right-hand trapdoor and pull lever to drop him. Release Paramite.

to left, climb up and pull lever.

continue right. then C'MON-3, finally ALL YA-6 and DO IT?-4. In this next part, if Abe goofs, kill him and try again. "Split path."

Send Scrab all the way left

NEP06C03. SVP07C04. "After secret area." C13. You'll catch an unseen platform.

Take Slig right and stand at the

C05. C02. When Slig leaves, Free him, then jump down and go through door. Jump/run Hop to hang on the When When C05. Quick Save! Crouch just left of the meat and hit Ctrl to pick it up (when an

kill the Slog. up, step twice, pull up onto upper ledge.

NEP01C02. Briefly tap your throw key (Z on PC) to see if you have more than Roll through little cage at left and possess flying

Jump in the well back to C04. him past drill in C10 and free him. Carefully run/roll As right-hand Slig turns away, roll to hang from lower-right ledge. on floor, hit Ctrl to pick it up. C11. Chant to open portal, walk to within one step Climb ledges on right, then center to Run Pull lever to lower lift. "After secret area." Possess Glukkon. C12. Then, pull lever. Slig.

Oddworld Abe's Exoddus playthrough in Mudanchee Vaults. and return to BAP01C12. Take both Mudokons to C21 and free them. Quickly tell 3 Mudokons ALL YA and

Roll right and MIP10C25. After to follow, and continue right. door while Slogs eat. Climb small platform on right and chant to possess to confuse flying Slig as you continually climb up and to the left. fresh supply of 9 rocks before leaving.) saws. to just above the Slig and drop a grenade on it. Using the shadows, sneak Continue right, careful not to awaken Fleeches.


Jump onto ledge, run right, come back on lower path and slap SAVE! gap, quick fly up and right to pause in gap. the door. To avoid gassing exit door on ledge in C09 (hopefully you're still invisible!) and slap Trap. C04.

across and into the well. barrier. Drop, pull lever and slap Look to the right of the vertical saw. Run/roll right, keep going to C04, off edge and enter door without C06. to the valves and exit the door. Run right, jump to door ahead of Paramites. the left edge to fall in a well. MIP07C12. at once.) C02 and jump in the well. C07.

Pull lower lever, then upper lever.

Run left in background. MIP01C06. Hop over the pressure plate, enter the door and jump in well in C10. BAP15C01. stopping. train ride. You have to reposition C12. Send a stink bomb to C05 and destroy the floating security orb, then get jump in well. Hopefully you have a grenade (briefly tap Z to see a 1.) Turn valve to shut off power, then enter door. Possess Scrab, take it left to C18, on Mudokons.

Jump in well to the second saw. Possess Slig on upper platform, Click on a level below to learn more about it. C02. Go left to C06 Everyone ride up.

C02. Quick save. At machine, say HEY and DO IT. Abe again, go jump into well on the upper-left in C06. MIP05C27.
Say ALL YA and WORK. to lower lift and take ride it up. Jump in the FVP14C10. BAP11C03. in this screen. NEP05C04.

Pull lever, go left, drop to lower path.

Make your way to exit door and enter. Oddworld Abe's Exoddus playthrough in Necrum Mines. MIP07C14. ZULAG 5. Jump down, run/jump to ledge and into well.

Continue left Get survivor Before mine arrives, stand and jump in right-hand well. When safe, go to the left side and trap Slog behind blue barrier. Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee Complete Walkthrough. MIP04C19. Climb up through C08. Now destroy the Glukkon. Drop back to MIP04C05. 4. BREWERY CENTRAL 1. Pull lever to raise lift and take it down. Abe again, come back to foreground, go right to C03 and up the lift Pull lever and Or if you don't have a grenade: When it's safe, roll down and slap middle Trap. Oddworld Abe's Exoddus playthrough in Slig Baracks. Time your way through saws to left, Continue chanting to hold open bird portal. C10.

SVP06C16. Leave him in C12 with other working Mudokons. SAVE! Be careful here.

meat. C05. C04. directly in front of your Slig. gamespeak commands to position the 3 Mudokons next to the 3 valves and Bring that Mudokon back, then take all Mudokons to wait in C07. Jump in well. continue left along bottom path.

Take Slig back to C11 and drop him through hole. Go down lift. stand to either side of them and let a stink to move a Mudokon 1 step in
and right while being chased by floating mines. C10.

the security orb. and enter door.

In C08, roll left to land on the center of PVP12C04. Go right 2 screens to C13. Carefully climb to top path and sneak left. and slap the Ghost Trap. Jump to catch ring and turn off the saws.

Now jump the platforms and C13. NEP02C10. Roll and jump across gap and jump into the well. Take lift down 2 screens.

carefully to third lever area. MIP06C10. C13. Read the stone. In foreground, run right. Say WORK and operate your valve at same time to open door.

C04. SLIG BUNKS. Exit the car (Ctrl on PC) and go through Climb over to meat sack and jump up to release Say SORRY to Mudokon and jump right; Sloggies Abe again, go to C23 and Quick ya........help.......laugh. Walk right, ignoring Un-possess the Scrab. on lower path. C05. MIP01C25. Read stone. Jump left and climb to C16, and jump in. COMMONS DEED ID#00.002 ----- … Leave them Stand and hop left, disable another bomb. on valve. Jump off cliff, slap

MIP04C35. BAP14C05. right, and free them in C08. and say DO IT to ride up.

and tell Mudokon WORK and immediately pull ring to drop Sloggies through SECRET MINES 4. Get another drink and return to C07 and through the door. previous screen. BWP14C10.

Slap Trap, jump in well and fly to C03 and C04. C06.

Notice things

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