oatmeal soap recipe hot process

4. There are lots of others on the website, too! There are several other articles for beginners on how to make hot process soap on the blog. Either way, I always wash my soapmaking dishes with my gloves on so I don't suffer any lye burns on my hands. One last safety note:  Keep your children and pets out of your soap making area while you are working.

If you are using a silicone mold (which I prefer), removing the soap is really quite easy. 12.5 ounces Calendula-infused Olive Oil (You can read this article about how to make an herbal infused oil, if you need to know how to make this oil. Essential Oils: The Pros & Cons of Each. Being kind of geek and into experimentation, this is what I tend to do for fun. Use your stick blender to begin mixing, turning it on and off so as not to burn your motor out.

find out about the differences between hot process and cold process soap making here. You may also just use regular Olive Oil. You can get it by filling out the form at the end of this article.

I have found that the longer I leave it uncut, the longer my scent lasts too! Get yourself a good soap making book if you would like to get started, such as: Making Soap From Scratch.

See what happens? You might also enjoy: "How to Make Natural Soap in a Crock Pot,", "How to Make Goat Milk & Honey Hot Process Soap,", "The Secret to Making and Customizing Hot Process Soap,", "Hot Process vs. https://stonefamilyfarmstead.com/hot-process-goat-milk-soap-recipe

I thought the same was true for HP as well. A typical hot process soap making session takes around 1 1/2 to 3 hours at most. All that research.

soap making mistakes you don’t want to make! For the actual cooking time, though, you can depend on it taking any where from 45 minutes to about an hour and a half. NOTE: These are very basic directions because I've written quite a bit about the hot process soap making method. In this hot process soap recipe I am using the Oatmeal, Milk and Honey fragrance oil from Nurture Soap. It’s easily convertible from hot to cold process. My cat and dog seem to always want to know what I'm doing, so I tend to lock up the dog and relocate the cat when I'm mixing lye.). Not much. Click here to learn how to make your own handmade soap—-complete video tutorials and recipes! If I don't have any dirty dishes in the sink, I sometimes use that, and sometimes I don't use vinegar.

There's gelling going on, but it's not all the way translucent and waxy yet. In general, most hot process soaps take between 45 minutes to around an hour and a half to cook. ** Your ingredients matter. But we’re not stirring everything together in a big pot over an open fire like grandma (called “hot process”). Line your mold with freezer paper if you aren't using a silicone mold. When making soap, the oils, fats, liquids and lye should all be measured by weight instead of volume. You can keep cooking it until the pH is lower (I usually do), but there's always a risk of your soap becoming dry or flaky when you do that.

Then follow the measurements given for water and lye. Place some on the tip of your tongue. The fact is, it doesn’t matter, I’ve poured super hot lye solution into my oils with no issues. However, it’s NOT a good idea to make your oils super hot. You can still see opaque areas in the mixture--this means it is still caustic and can burn! This combination of cocoa-butter and the tangerine essential oil blend is so lovely! Press it in well to get rid of any air pockets—-you don’t want those! (Milk is notoriously difficult in hot process.). Are you interested in some great natural gifts? You could potentially have a lye volcano happen, and that might be damaging.

BE SURE TO WEAR YOUR SAFETY GLOVES & GLASSES! 6. Next, stir your lye mixture into your oils. Depending on your crock pot and your recipe, the cook times vary, so make sure to stay close by during the cooking--you don't want your soap to get too hot and escape your crock pot, especially if your soap is still caustic. This stage is often called the “mashed potato” stage. You end up with DOS (Dreaded Orange Spots) on your soap because the oils you use go rancid in the soap. These probably aren't the best gloves to use because they don't go too far up my arm, but for now, they will work. Get your stick blender (you really MUST have one of these for soap making) and begin to stir. I took a deep breath, and said, "YEP. If you haven't already done so, please sign up for our weekly newsletter! P.S. When your oils are melted, turn your crock pot off. As a teacher of natural handmade soap making, I’ve discovered one of the biggest reasons people don't make their own soap, even though they REALLY, REALLY want to, is they are afraid of working with lye. Have you been wanting to make your own handmade soap? Here's a link that will give you some choices: « Quick, Easy Mason Jar Soup Recipes to Give at the Holidays, How to Make Your Own DIY Soap Without Lye ». To this point, I’ve tried various beer soap recipes, different herbs like chamomile soap and rose petal soap, and different fats, such as lard, like in this incredible Cedar & Pine soap, and even homemade elk tallow soap. Oatmeal Honey Soap – Ingredients. Killer Toxins Lurking in Your Commercial Soaps.

I usually try to be within hundredths of an ounce when measuring. It's time to stir it on down! And if you want tons of soap recipes that work for hot process, just search “soap” and take your pick! I really love this recipe!

If you want, you can allow your soap to cure for a few days, as this will allow the soap to harden even more as any residual moisture evaporates. #1) The soap will become very opaque and rather hard. I love to hear from you! You can get a free downloadable hot process soap making checklist + basic instructions you can print and use when you make your own soap!

Anyhow, yesterday, I chose a recipe from Jan Berry's Simple and Natural Soap Making book (which is WONDERFUL, I may add), and I adjusted it to fit the oils I had on hand, as I was missing a couple of the oils in the recipe, and of course, I turned the recipe into hot process....my favorite method. These variations and different recipes are just plain fun to try out. I just set this solution aside in a safe place away from children or pets, either outside or near an open window (due to fumes), while the oils melt all the way. What is YOUR favorite kind and why?

Hmmm….I just dawned on me: Are you wondering why I love making hot process soap instead of cold process? Keep these completely separate from your food. Your email address will not be published. Get started making handmade soap today! Leaving the loaf intact longer saves the scent of the essential oils. In fact, I know of at least eight people who have started successful small soap making businesses with this recipe as the foundation! I will tell you one thing about Jan Berry’s soap recipes: They pretty much always work. I've been a fan of Jan's for many years. Then continue cooking. Remember, sodium hydroxide is highly poisonous. Once the oils are melted, gently pour the lye solution into the oils in the crockpot. So I'm sharing my best, no-fail hot process recipe with you that just always works, along with super clear directions to help you get started on your own soap making, whether it's just for your family or you want to start a soap business! Making soap with lye means you do have to take some safety precautions. Here it is, cooling in the soap mold. This is just something I’ve noticed over the years. I’m still searching for one I like better, and I haven’t found one. This solution will become HOT, so again, please be careful. 3. If it "ZAPS" you, it is NOT done. ALWAYS MEASURE OUT THE WATER FIRST. Make soap with confidence! **It is at this point that you can add any colorants like clays or herbal powders if you want. ** How hot your lye solution is—-When you create your lye solution, it’s HOT at first. Here I’ll say, “It depends.” With that said, I would absolutely NOT assume a cold process soap recipe will work perfectly for hot process. Use it right away! Chai Latte Soap. Using your hand blender (make sure your safety gear is on!) Coconut Oil Soap. I actually burned my tongue pretty good one time when I got the measurement mixed up for one of the oils, so just be careful. Click here for more information! In this article, you can find out a lot more about soap making mistakes you don’t want to make! Pumpkin Soap. NOTE: Not all herbs add color. Tamp it down good to get rid of air pockets. That's it...just glop the soap into the mold. Indeed, it’s still tried and true. Get ready to find out the various stages hot process soap goes through with pictures so you can compare when you make your own soap for the first time. One I like to use is SoapCalc.

This article is about making natural handmade soap using the hot process method, a special method that uses heat. I also remember how little information about hot process soap there was out there on the web too!

It’s really a great free tool. Stir occasionally to aid your soap in cooking evenly, and watch for your soap to take on the look of waxy mashed potatoes. The recipe also has something to do with how long it takes.

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