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ANIMALS OF ECUADOR LIST. This lizard species is nicknamed the “Jesus Christ lizard” because it runs on the surface of the water.

They do travel in shoals of 20 or more members, but they do this more out of self-protection than as a gang of bullies. Also known as the painted leopard, this small wildcat sports a velvety, yellow coat that is intricately patterned with black stripes, spots and rosettes. Its eyes and snout are on top of its head so that it can stay submerged most of the time. Check out our full guide to pygmy marmosets. These spider monkeys are usually not aggressive toward one another, but they do respect a hierarchy system. GringosAbroad helps expats and travelers navigate Ecuador. They form monogamous pairs that mate for life.

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Unlike the alligator, this crocodile has a long, triangular snout and an exposed fourth tooth. It’s actually a knifefish that is closely related to the catfish. These miniature monkeys live in troops that are led by a dominant male and include multiple females with their offspring. The life expectancy for monk saki monkeys is up to 14 years in the wild. It captures its prey in a unique maneuver called a “death roll.” First, it remains motionless in the water until a fish or animal comes close enough to grab it quickly.

Dark colored on the back with yellow/orange on the belly, this fish has a square mouth and no scales. Sometimes, it may also have spots.

He is a travel blogger and content marketer. The species that live at higher elevations tend to have thicker fur than the monkeys at sea level. It grows to about 6 feet (1.8 m) and has a prehensile tail that helps it slither around in the rainforest trees where it spends most of its day coiled over a branch. However, most mothers will remain close by to protect their nests against predators. Check out some of our favorite travel products. The adults teach the pups to swim when they are between 2 and 3 months old. Bothrops aspers are usually found nearby streams and rivers where they bask in the sun or lie under the cover of leaf litter while waiting to ambush prey such as rodents, lizards, amphibians, and insects. Because it’s rarely seen, you might think the harpy eagle is only a legend, but it is alive and inhabiting the forest treetops of Central and South America. In this epic guide to rainforest animals, you’ll learn all about monkeys, birds, insects, mammals, fish and other animals from Ecuador’s Amazon rainforest.

Interests They are found in forests and jungles in Colombia, Brazil, Bolivia and Peru. They are also particularly intelligent compared to other New World primates. Check out our full guide to Harpy eagles. Sometimes called owl monkeys because of their large eyes and nocturnal lifestyle, these unusual rainforest animals rest in tree holes during the day. In stark contrast to her natural environment, a squirrel monkey named Miss Baker from Iquitos, Peru became one of the first two animals launched into space — and recovered alive — by the United States.
One of this fish’s most unique features is that it must breathe air. Just like the other monkeys on this list, brown woolly monkeys travel together in groups but will often split up into smaller groups when foraging. After hatching, the babies go through a series of molts that develop each of their body segments and legs. Harpy eagles mate for life, build enormous nests, and share parenting duties. What’s even worse is that the pain doesn’t go away for 12 to 24 hours. Specialized folds on the basilisk’s feet also help it to paddle on the water. The red-tailed boa also has distinctive claws on its underbelly known as pelvic spurs. Spider monkeys are incredibly agile, using their tails like an extra arm or hand. ST35056. The Black Mantle Tamarin, Saguinus nigricollis, the Spix's Night Monkey, Aotus vociferans, the Coppery Titi Monkey… The youngsters often remain with their mother for up to two years before establishing their own territory. They are among the world’s largest and most colorful parrots, noted for their striking red plumage that’s emphasized by their white faces and blue/green/yellow wings. This owl is a handsome bird with a chocolate-colored head, neck collar and upper parts that contrast with a cream-colored belly and throat. Of all the Ecuador rainforest animals, the Bothrops asper is not one that you want to stumble upon because it’s one of the most venomous snakes in South America. These monkeys form lifelong pairs and will mate at any time of the year. Peccaries live in herds in desert areas or canyons where there are vegetation and water nearby. What’s more, they also have thumbs, wrists and legs that help them navigate on flat surfaces. As a youngster, this dolphin is gray, but as it grows older, sunlight and diet lighten its color to a white or pink shade. Did you know that this sloth’s fur is an ecosystem? Because they are larger than other Ecuadorian monkeys, brown woolly monkeys have fewer predators. The most distinctive feature is the slender tail which is longer than its body size. Spread across the top of its beak is a bright orange wattle that looks like some kind of disease growth. During the day, they doze in the safety of thickets or wallow in mud. It’s present in Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru. Weighing a miniscule 3.5 ounces, the pygmy marmoset is the smallest monkey in the world. Although it is rare, it can bite a human. The female is a duller chestnut color with only a slight crest on her head.

They are some of the largest monkeys in the New World, and have long prehensile tails. After a large meal (such as a rodent), the boa may not require feeding again for weeks. Secondly, only the upper side of the wings appear blue. Appearances differ significantly between species, but they are all small, typically about the size of a squirrel. Their venomous bites can cause severe swelling, sickness, infection, gangrene and death without antivenom treatment. Ecuador has an amazing variety of fruit, traditional drinks, and typical dishes. Along with millions of insect species, more than 1,000 bird species, and hundreds of amphibian and reptile species, the Amazon is also home to about 430 species of mammal, with more still to be discovered. Mom then brings the tadpoles unfertilized eggs to feed on. When you use our links, we may earn an affiliate commission. Emperor tamarins live in parts of the Amazon Basin in Peru, Bolivia and Brazil. Females give birth to between 10 and 20 live newborns after they hatch from eggs within her body. It can weigh up to 20 pounds, have talons longer than grizzly bear claws, and a wingspan that’s broader than the height of an adult human.

Related to the catfish, the candiru is a parasitic fish that feeds on the blood of other fish by attaching itself to their inner gills. They communicate with one another with bird-like twitters and screeches but will roar loudly to warn off other rainforest animals from their territory.
Giant South American River Turtle (Arrau), 30. The babies are orange to brick-red in color but gradually change to the mature emerald green over a 12-month period. To win the attention of a potential mate, they throw rocks at him/her. These days, scarlet macaws are popular house pets, but they are native to the evergreen forests of Central and South America. One of the largest tortoise species on earth, the South American yellow-footed tortoise gets its name from the yellowish-orange scales on its legs. Uakari Monkey, All four known species of uakari monkey are found in the Amazon basin. There is still a debate of whether or not the squirrel monkey found in Ecuador is a species that is separate from the other squirrel monkeys. If you ever get the chance to trek through the Amazon Basin to see some of Ecuador’s amazing rainforest animals, keep your eyes open for one of the most magical creatures of all: the blue morpho butterfly. It also has a broad, flat head that sticks out apart from the rest of its body. But, these claws make it difficult for the sloth to get around on the ground when it comes down from the canopy once a week to urinate and defecate.

Found in fast-moving freshwater, payaras are aggressive predatory fish that travel in schools as they hunt for other fish that include piranhas. Sometimes, they will even elect a nanny caiman to babysit over the whole group of youngsters. You’re likely to smell the hoatzin before you see it.

If the warning is ignored, watch out because it will try to come in for the sting. Also known as the common boa or simply, boa constrictor, the red-tailed boa is a heavy, non-venomous snake that ranks among the longest in the world. A large lizard-like creature with short legs and a long, muscular tail, the American crocodile is dark olive-brown with darker bands running across its body and tail.

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Plus, its eyes, ears and nostrils are all positioned on top of its head so that it can submerge most of its body underwater when trying to avoid predators. Many expats start in Cuenca and some move on to the coast or to a smaller town. They mate during the dry season when food is plentiful. Hoatzins live in colonies of 10 to 50 members. This greenish-gray caiman species gets its name from the bony ridge between its eyes that gives it the appearance of wearing spectacles. Pygmy marmosets are becoming an increasingly popular exotic pet, but this is an unfortunate situation because these monkeys don’t thrive well away from their troop families. Scientists believe that diet is what creates the toxin in these frogs which includes insects like ants, termites, spiders and flies. About the size of a large, plump rabbit, the monk saki is an odd-looking monkey with long fur that is either black, red or gray. There frogs are poisonous but not venomous. They communicate with one another with raspy, cooing sounds. These frogs excrete a toxin through their skin that warns all the other rainforest animals not to eat them.

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