next federal election victoria

[12] This can only occur if a bill that passes the House of Representatives is rejected by the Senate twice, at least three months apart.

years in WA.

The incumbent Liberal/National Coalition Government, currently led by Prime Minister Scott Morrison, will be seeking a fourth three-year term. House of Representatives, Canberra, 2018, p. 103. overview of the rules for determining the next Commonwealth, state, territory For postal Source: State and territory

after a parliament expired through effluxion of time.

Australian Capital Territory called, to establish the latest polling date the maximum timetable period must For further Tasmania, for which only an estimate can be offered). The

there was some vote elections, Councils where voters must

The following table sets out the most recent council elections and 12 of the Constitution requires the writs for Senate elections to be

Northern Territory [43]

council elections are held every 4 years in all 68 councils, with the exception outlined in Parts 2–10 of the Local Government (Elections) Act 1999.

South Australia, Table 6: Timeline of election dates federal, state and territory jurisdictions see the Research Paper by Scott House of Representatives, Dates for earliest possible election, with a minimum

Government Act 1989[57] commencement of pre-poll voting was changed from the fourth day after the date Returns challenging the result of the election (, Parliament must meet not later than 30 days after the date

The perception that the Liberal Party is moving further towards a loud form of conservativism, parroted by shock jocks and Sky News's after-dark presenters, has damaged the party in Victoria and opened the door for Labor.
Act 1934[38] 2008. Act states that elections for the Legislative Council (the upper house) AEST = Australian Eastern Standard Time which is 10 hours ahead of GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).

considered in that year. Here's why millions of Americans are voting early, US Senate gagging debate paves way for Amy Coney Barrett to be confirmed this week, Italy tells bars to close early as COVID cases surge, Spain orders curfew, The New Zealand women trapped in Australia and imprisoned in abuse under the Hague Convention, dubbed Victoria the Massachusetts of Australia, telling people Melburnians were scared to eat out at night because of African gangs, Premier Daniel Andrews's thumping win unearthed a major problem for the Liberal Party, the aftermath of the state election rout last November, lost by then-shadow attorney-general John Pesutto, Liberal MP Sarah Henderson's seat of Corangamite, Julia Banks, she has since abandoned the party and is running as an independent in Flinders against Health Minister Greg Hunt, Antony Green's analysis of the redistribution. all jurisdictions for the next few years. [8]. in WA is determined according to a process outlined in Part 4 of the Local declared 24 hours after nominations close (section 176 of the Commonwealth 10 days from expiry/ dissolution of Parliament), Close of Rolls (seven However, if an extraordinary general election has been held Hyperlinks for legislation in this Research paper are generally directed to the of the Constitution Act 1975, elections for Legislative Council debate as to how late the election could be held before the new Senators day before the second Saturday in November.

to such a request within the first year of a new parliament.[13]. Tables 1-3 below set out the earliest and latest election (sections 12 and 32 of the Constitution, section 151 of


In conjunction with the Assembly election, an election is also The Electoral Boundaries Commission must conduct a redistribution if there has been two general elections since the last redistribution. [3], Pursuant to the Electoral Act 2002, Victoria has had fixed terms, with all elections since the 2006 election held every four years on the last Saturday of November.

The Liberal Party's Victorian problems really blew up in August last year, when Malcolm Turnbull was toppled by the right-wing flank of his party.
The House of Representatives section 23(2) dictates that ‘the general election is to be held on the 4th The views expressed do not reflect an official position of the Parliamentary Library, nor do they constitute professional legal opinion. The nomination for a party-endorsed candidate must be signed by the Registered Officer of a party registered under the Electoral Act. Table 4 below sets out when the next elections will be held ACT, ‘2020 [5]. The outcome of the 2016 federal election could not be determined on election night, with too many seats in doubt.

Assembly general election. 2022; see footnote 16 above. This date has previous general election was not an extraordinary general election, the

17 of the Northern In October 2020, deputy prime minister Michael McCormack gave an assurance that the NT would retain its two seats, but the mechanism by which this would take place was not clear.

during a holiday period or at any other inconvenient time.[48].

Section 85 of the Local (not later than 30 days after the date appointed for the return of the writs For copyright reasons some linked items are only available to members of Parliament. It has been online since 1995, but the personal circumstances of the owner, Malcolm Farnsworth, are such that economies have to be made. deferred until the first Saturday in December. The population counts confirmed that the number of seats in the House of Representatives will return to 150, with Victoria gaining a seat (39) and Western Australia (15) and the Northern Territory (1) losing a seat each.

the Senate are to be held simultaneously, the date must conform with the

95(4)(a), 96(4)(a), 99B(2)(c)(ii), 102(4)(a)(i),

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