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Join Slate Plus to continue reading, and you’ll get unlimited access to all our work—and support Slate’s independent journalism. The assassins in Munichare presented as quintessential everyday guys—patriots who want to defend their country and who gradually grow disillusioned, guilt-ridden, and paranoid. The dark event at the heart of the movie is presented starkly, accurately for the most part, and well. At the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich, the Palestinian terrorist group Black September kills 11 members of the Israeli Olympic team. [2] In 2017, the film was named the 16th "Best Film of the 21st Century So Far" by The New York Times.[3]. [20] Leon Wieseltier wrote in The New Republic: "Worse, Munich prefers a discussion of counter-terrorism to a discussion of terrorism; or it thinks that they are the same discussion". | [24] The ZOA criticized the factual basis of the film and leveled criticism at one of the screenwriters, Tony Kushner, whom the ZOA has described as an "Israel-hater". Rush was in Green Lantern (2011), Zurer was in Man of Steel (2013), and Hinds was in Justice League (2017). For instance, it would have been nice to know that it was German incompetence—their “rescue operation” was, operationally, a disaster—that led directly to the massacre.

Mossad did not work with a mysterious French underworld figure as portrayed in the book and the film. All of Avner's four visits to the bank vault were shot in a single day. The ending of the movie conflicts with the real-life one, where the Mossad Agents successfully bombed the mastermind of the Munich killings, along with his four bodyguards and three innocent bystanders. [22] In a Time magazine cover story about the film on December 4, 2005, Spielberg said that the source of the film had second thoughts about his actions. Carl is killed by an independent Dutch contract killer. A rigorous factual accounting may not be the point of Munich, which Spielberg has characterized as a “prayer for peace.” But as result, Munich has less to do with history and the grim aftermath of the Munich Massacre than some might wish. Others killed during this period include Mohammed Boudia, Basil al-Kubasi, Hussein al-Bashir, and Zaiad Muchasi, some of whose deaths are depicted in the film. Quotes [34], The commando raid in Beirut, known as Operation Spring of Youth, also occurred. The notable challenge for that was that it has to be processed in a Fuji lab (in this case in France) since most Technicolor labs use Kodak calibrations and a reprint is required if there was a case of a print printed to the wrong specifications. The one on the left is. The word 'Sabra' is used a few times. "[4] Roger Ebert praised the film, saying, "With this film [Spielberg] has dramatically opened a wider dialogue, helping to make the inarguable into the debatable. "It's bound to try a man's soul." Of the real Avner, Spielberg says, "I don’t think he will ever find peace. A disillusioned Avner flies to Israel, where he is unhappy to be hailed as a hero by two young soldiers and then to his new home in Brooklyn, where he suffers post-traumatic stress and paranoia. Atlantic Productions, producers of BAFTA-nominated documentary Munich: Mossad's Revenge, listed several discrepancies between Spielberg's film and the information it obtained from interviews with Mossad agents involved in the operation.

The methods used to track down and assassinate the Black September members were much more complicated than the methods portrayed in the film; for example, the tracking of the Black September cell members was achieved by a network of Mossad agents, not an informant as depicted in the film. This is not mentioned in the film. Although Munich is a work of fiction, it describes many actual events and figures from the early 1970s. "[15], Writing in Empire, Ian Nathan wrote "Munich is Steven Spielberg’s most difficult film. [10] Entertainment Weekly film critic Owen Gleiberman mentioned Munich amongst the best movies of the decade. He is thrown out of the Israeli consulate after storming in to demand that Mossad leave his wife and child alone. By joining Slate Plus you support our work and get exclusive content. Even though the movie makes no mention of the events in Lillehammer, where a Moroccon waiter was falsely assassinated, the opening title shot features the names of cities all mentioned in the movie with Lillehammer also up there. The site's consensus reads, "Munich can't quite achieve its lofty goals, but this thrilling, politically even-handed look at the fallout from an intractable political conflict is still well worth watching." The only Best Picture Oscar nominee that year not to be nominated in any of the acting categories. In revenge, the team tracks her down and executes her at a houseboat in Hoorn, Netherlands. Before the opening credits, Spielberg informs us that the movie was “inspired by real events”—which raises the question, where in Munich does fact end and fiction begin? The film crews called the shooting of the movie as a "race against the clock". But Spielberg has bought into one of the myths of the Mossad—that after Munich they staged a revenge operation to hunt down and assassinate everyone responsible. Meanwhile, attempts are made on the assassins themselves. [36], The film score was composed and conducted by John Williams.[37].

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