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This move conicides with the company’s entry into the U.S. and marks the first introduction of its’ Ultralam(tm) 2.0E/2900psi LVL to the American market. certificate Lamination packs greater strength into a smaller size, the key to providing homeowners with the airy, spacious open floor plan homes that are so desirable today.​ A builder or do-it-yourselfer can create a rudimentary type of laminated structural wood from scratch. Environmentally friendly engineered wood material with unique performance. LVL enjoys unique strength characteristics, for example, its MOE (modulus of elasticity) is 24% higher than that of solid spruce, while its MOR (bending strength) is twice as high. Use LP LVLs for joists, studs, rimboards, beams, door and window headers, and garage door headers. But with newer advancements in lumber processing and lamination, manufacturers have been able to produce lighter and smaller lumber with the same or even greater strength.

Sourced from old barns or warehouses, reclaimed wood beams carry weight well but at a high price.

Besides its high physical and mechanical properties, laminated veneer lumber fully retains the appearance of natural wood which allows to use LVL-based products and structures in interior applications without additional finishing. The third party QC inspections by PFS Corporation, have found the MLT LTD Taleon-Terra production to be consistently in compliance with ISO 9000 and ISO 17020 procedures. The DrJ Engineering Evaluation Report TER 1203-02 can be found here.

Its outstanding properties place LVL among the most advanced and technological products currently used in construction. Ultralam Rbirch Phenol-formaldehyde resin is neutral to oxidation and doesn’t support ignition. High density and absence of cracks prevent from fire propagation and thermal effects inside the material. Doorway headers, especially for wide ones such as french doors. The complex technological process results in a homogenous material with unique performance. These high characteristics are associated with a number of specific features of LVL production process that ensure the absence of natural wood defects in the structure of the material. Garage door openings benefit from LVL or Microllam construction because the span is so wide. certificate New hi-tech methods of wood processing have absolutely altered the properties of this material and enabled to create wood based products that multiply all the advantages of the wood and reduce all its drawbacks almost to zero. It is comparable in strength to solid timber, concrete and steel and is manufactured by bonding together rotary peeled or sliced thin wood … Australian Without LVL, today's homes would not have cost-efficient open plan kitchens, two-car garages free of center support columns, or extra-wide doorways. Get daily tips and tricks for making your best home. However, despite all its advantages, the wood has an entire range of significant drawbacks such as susceptibility to rotting, combustibility, geometrical instability under humidity variations, loss of strength due to knots and wood defects, insufficient density, limitations of linear dimensions, deformation in humid environments, checking, shrinkage etc.
Roseburg LVL lumber forms beams, headers, studs, columns, stair stringers, and rimboards in a countless number of homes. The products delivered to the Customer should bear a mark of the allowable service class. Lee has over two decades of hands-on experience remodeling, fixing, and improving homes, and has been providing home improvement advice for over 12 years. Scaffold Plank Carrying beams, as the name infers, carry huge loads and are serious hunks of timber.
This is achieved through multiple layers of veneer and less porosity of material. Sales Worldwide +7 812 6120899 Louisiana-Pacific may have a small engineered wood division, but that doesn't mean it can't provide basic LVLs needed for general building use. Easy mechanical processing and preservative treatment. VersaLam is found in the catalog of a number of home improvement centers. LVL employs thin, veneer layers to form larger beams and columns. Running an LVL eliminates the need for a central supporting column for two-car garages. Versa Lam LVL Beam 1.75-in x 1.75-in x 20-ft. Ultralam R, Rs, I Certificate However, some of the large home centers have LVLs in their catalog, available for special order. This also means that VersaLam is your best bet for obtaining LVL if you are a residential consumer rather than a contractor with inside buying connections. Number of SBCA members have already expressed interest, and negotiations are underway with several potential clients about trial deliveries of the product.

Sealed Report for each State (except CA, NV, and HI) can be found here. Thus: LP SolidStart LVL, LP SolidStart I-Joists, LP SolidStart Rim Board, and more. they can be moved on the ground and lifted onto upper stories without special machinery. And be it a modest country cottage or a large luxury mansion, they will have one thing in common: reliability, quality and comfort provided by the material specifically created for these purposes, the “superwood” LVL.

Other companies provide structural laminated lumber products, such as: Microllam and most other LVL runs high per linear foot because of the high degree of manufacturing that goes into each piece.

This factor is of special importance for low-rise construction, as with an adequate strength reserve, LVL-based structures do not require reinforced foundations and are easy to install, i.e. of building materials (M1) In the past, size equated with strength. Apart from metal and reinforced concrete, LVL offers higher resistance to corrosive agents, such as water vapors, ammonium, salty vapors etc. Roseburg's LVL division is small but substantial. Due to a lack of customer demand, few home improvement centers will carry LVLs in-stock and on the shelves, ready for purchase. Lee has over two decades of hands-on experience remodeling, fixing, and improving homes, and has been providing home improvement advice for over 12 years. Therefore, the dead weight of an LVL beam remains unchanged in humid environment.

Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) is a high-strength engineered wood product used primarily for structural applications. Much like plywood, thin sheets of wood are sandwiched and bound with super-strong glue. VersaLam works well for beams, headers, studs, joists, staircase stringers, and rimboards. Engineered wood beams and joists commonly called laminated veneer lumber (LVL) are just the type of special that builders and homeowners need for this tough job. Related Louisiana-Pacific LVL products all go by the prefix "LP SolidStart."

LVLs range from 1 1/2 inches to 3 1/2 inches wide, with depths between 3 1/2 inches to 9 1/2 inches. DrJ Engineering has certified Ultralam™ LVL 2.0E/2900psi for usage in structural applications in the United States.

Emission classification Sales in Israel +972 53 8998878 ISO 9001. Declaration Of Performance (German)

That price: size, weight, and purchase price. CE These physical characteristics ensure high bearing capacity of LVL products at smaller cross-sections which in its turn significantly reduces the total volume of required lumber. If you need an LVL beam now, your local, independent lumber yard likely will have a few basic LVL sizes in-stock. Double up a short, shallow piece of Microllam for a rock-steady door header or double up a deeper, longer board for a room beam. Term “LVL” was introduced in 1960s by Wayerhauser (US company) who had developed this product and launched the first LVL production line ever. Thicknesses range from 1 1/2 inches to 7 inches, with depths from 3 1/2 inches to 24 inches. Unless the home has been renovated recently, no doubt you will be viewing sizable joists: two-by-eights or two-by-10s. Note: air humidity is allowed to differ from the tabulated value, if it persists for no longer than two weeks. While costly, Microllam and other types of Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) are today's standard for areas of the home that need heavy support without the bulk associated with older construction techniques. There are almost no service costs related to LVL usage. Massive, single-piece sawn wood beams, while beautiful and eye-catching, today are mostly the stuff of museums and historic structures.

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