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They have also frequently collaborated with Ronald Bronstein, who has co-written and edited all of their narrative features beginning with the 2009 film Daddy Longlegs. Joakim Noah, Lenny Cooke and Jahlil Okafor attended a screening of a documentary about Cooke's life at the Gene Siskel Film Center Sunday night.

Fast forward to 2019, Cooke is in a new role. Cooke, 37 is in a familiar place, on the basketball court. The movie is a sobering look at the life of Cooke, from his teens to his 30s. He looked primed to make a splash in the NBA — at a time when talented high school players often declared for the draft after graduation. “He’s 17 years in playing the best basketball in his career,” Cooke told me.

Joshua Safdie[1] (born April 3, 1984)[2] and Benjamin Safdie[1] (born February 24, 1986)[3] are American independent filmmakers based in New York City, who frequently collaborate on their films. Greenberg: Noah helps Cooke share his story, The people with all the power in NBA free agency, Sources: NBA eyes pre-Xmas start, 72 games, Riley ready to run it back with similar Heat team, Bucks' Hill flies to Wisconsin to urge early voting, NBA draft to be held virtually at ESPN Nov. 18, Stan Van Gundy named new coach of Pelicans, Wolves don't see clear choice for No. Cooke lingered around the edges. [29] Theatrically released in the United States in 2019, it received critical acclaim and became one of A24's highest-grossing releases.

[16] It also screened in the Directors' Fortnight section at the 2008 Cannes Film Festival, along with a short film The Acquaintances of a Lonely John directed by Benny Safdie. The NBA and college hoops were interested and the scouts had the Atlantic City, NJ native by way of Brooklyn, NY on their radar.

[25] It also screened at the Toronto International Film Festival, the New York Film Festival, and the Tokyo International Film Festival. Noah agreed to have his name attached to the film -- he didn't help finance it -- because he cared about the story.

candidate with no happy ending. [23] The film centers around the real-life stories written in a book titled Mad Love in New York City by lead actress Arielle Holmes.

Noah's basketball dream was realized much the same way.

[26] The film was selected to compete for Palme d'Or in the main competition section at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival. [12] Famed Israeli-Canadian architect Moshe Safdie is their great uncle, and they are also related to his son, playwright Oren Safdie. In the closing seconds of a game, Cooke’s team had the lead and possession of the basketball. Cooke was a highly regarded young basketball player in high school, in the various basketball camps, and the AAU and tournaments. [25], The Safdies directed the 2017 crime film Good Time, starring Robert Pattinson and Ben Safdie as siblings. "It's an honor for me to have my friend to want to be involved with a story," Cooke told me later.

While Cooke, the erstwhile No.

By 2003, Cooke found himself playing ball not for an NBA team, but for the Shanghai Dongfang Sharks after declaring for the 2002 NBA Draft and subsequently going undrafted. He told me on this week’s episode of the Scoop B Radio Podcast that he’s got nothing but love for LBJ.

Heaven Knows What [21] The film premiered at the 2013 Tribeca Film Festival. "If he sees it can help people and people are looking up to him, then he can influence people to watch it as well.". [15] The film, titled The Pleasure of Being Robbed, had its world premiere at the 2008 South by Southwest. [22], In 2014, the Safdie Brothers produced Heaven Knows What under their Elara Pictures banner. In 2016, Cooke partnered with fellow high school basketball standout, Schea Cotton at Microsoft.

“It is easy to tell stories about your success,” NBA free agent Joakim Noah told me. Powered by. Biography. It's pretty incredible. “But extremely courageous to do the same with your failures.”. That play introduced the world to the Akron, Ohio baller who was later featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated with the cover titled, ‘The Chosen One.’. But luckily I have a great dad, a great family. Julius “Dr. [10] Josh and Benny Safdie graduated from Boston University College of Communication in 2007 and 2008, respectively. He is the latest Chicago star from the Derrick Rose Generation, a seemingly organized succession of supertalented city stars who are ensconced in familial bubbles.

[11] They claim "turmoil of their youth", as children of divorced parents, became an inspiration for later work. Not everybody has that. "It's tough because a lot of kids are seeing those dollar signs and I think [Cooke] had people telling him the right things, but when you come from the city, Chicago, New York and L.A. and these big cities, there's so many more distractions, I think some people don't talk about that.". Noah smiled. Joakim comes from a privileged background. He was later named an assistant coach of Atlantic City High School. "From the beginning, nobody was getting through that circle. There is an uncomfortable part of the documentary where Cooke confronts his lifelong friends in New York and notes that Noah, who wasn't part of his inner circle during the salad days, is the only one who visited him living in Virginia. Cooke is the subject of the 2013 Tribeca Film Festival selected documentary film Lenny Cooke by the Safdie Brothers. As Hemingway once wrote, Cooke's dream died, "gradually and then suddenly.". Jo grew up idolizing Lenny Cooke. Cooke's parents moved to Virginia when he was a teen and the sponsor of his AAU team took him in.

Fielder is set to co-write the show with The Safdies, and both brothers are to co-direct. [15], Their second feature film, Daddy Longlegs, had its world premiere under the title Go Get Some Rosemary[17] in the Directors' Fortnight section at the 2009 Cannes Film Festival. Noah has matured significantly in his time in the NBA and is very active in Chicago and New York with his Noah's Arc Foundation and its mission to empower youth. The two conducted a panel series that shared their journeys. Noah said he saw the downfall coming, if only in retrospect. "I think Joakim is, in every way, the antithesis of Lenny Cooke," Shopkorn said. 1 player of the Class of 2002, watched the story of his life on one side of the theater, Whitney Young center Jahlil Okafor, the No. [28] The film was inspired by their father's time working in the Manhattan Diamond District. They are best known for writing and directing the 2017 film Good Time and the 2019 film Uncut Gems.

1 player in the Class of 2014, watched on the other side.

“I’m a dad and I want to travel the world and inspire kids.”. [15] The project eventually turned into a feature film. Things shifted. Jo used to tell me he would lie down in traffic for Lenny Cooke or if Lenny said 'Yo, get me a soda' at one of those summer basketball camps, he would have.". At one … For now, he can just help tell Cooke's story and hope it makes a difference to someone. Rightly so. James stole the ball, scored on a fast break and won the game. Because Lenny is his idol and Jo won two national championships and is an NBA All-Star and starting for the Chicago Bulls. He will break the all time leading scoring record, I believe and he’s going to continue to win championships.”. Everybody watches out for me, including my coaches. ", As he said that, someone in the audience yelled, "Tell them to sign Lenny.". These are kids who grew up around the streets, but are not of them. “I am more than basketball,” Cooke said back then. [15] He devised a concise story about the adventures of a kleptomaniac woman. Cooke wants to use this movie, which he once abandoned, as a tool to become a motivational speaker.

Lenny Cooke checks in with Scoop B Radio and discusses LeBron James and more with Heavy.com's senior writer, Brandon 'Scoop B' Robinson. [27], The Safdies directed Uncut Gems, starring Adam Sandler, with Martin Scorsese serving as an executive producer. The New Jersey Nets, San Antonio Spurs, Indiana Pacers and the Denver Nuggets all originated from the ABA.

Okafor, who recently committed to Duke, has had a much different experience than Cooke. He dedicated himself to the craft and he’s shown it. We can give up or we can keep fighting. [4] They spent their childhood living between their father in Queens and their mother and stepfather in Manhattan. "It's heartbreaking to see how amazing he was. [31] In December 2019, The Safdies elaborated in an interview with The A.V. Other recurring collaborators include composer Oneohtrix Point Never and cinematographer Sean Price Williams. Movie producer Adam Shopkorn and his camera followed Cooke early on as he became famous, and then after a long hiatus, caught back up with him as an unemployed adult full of ruminations. After the film, Cooke, Noah and Okafor posed for a picture together, a convergence of temporal basketball stars. Cooke left her before his senior year of high school, took money from an agency (he said it was $350,000 in a lump sum) and finished high school in Flint, Mich. "There's so much more to it that you don't see," Noah said.

Back on the basketball court as the starting power forward of the Camden Monarchs, an expansion team of the ABA. It's very eye-opening.". Cooke was just a teenager, but to a young, gawky French kid who had just moved to New York City, he was Noah's Michael Jordan. "He found the film the first time he saw it to be exceptionally sad, really sad," Shopkorn said. It takes a lot for me to say that. ", Okafor said, "I know it can be difficult.

He watched the story again Sunday night with more than 200 other people at a viewing of the long-delayed "Lenny Cooke" documentary at the Gene Siskel Film Center. The ABA was reformed in 2000 in partnership with the NBA and has been operating in harmony for the past 16 years. [19] The film won the John Cassavetes Award at the 26th Independent Spirit Awards. [18] Starring Ronald Bronstein, it was inspired by the filmmakers' younger years living with their father, Albert. [20], Their first full-length documentary film, Lenny Cooke, follows the life of Lenny Cooke, a once phenom high school basketball player, from adolescence to manhood. NEW YORK, NY – APRIL 20: Lenny Cooke, Subject of the film “Lenny Cooke” poses at the Tribeca Film Festival 2013 portrait studio on April 20, 2013 in New York City. J” Erving, George “The Iceman” Gervin, Ricky Barry and Moses Malone ran the ABA befor their merger. Cooke fell on hard times.

[12] Bronstein won the Breakthrough Actor Award at the Gotham Independent Film Awards 2010. [12][7] It had its world premiere at the 2019 Telluride Film Festival. THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IS TO TRY AND INSPIRE PEOPLE SO THAT THEY CAN BE GREAT IN WHATEVER THEY WANT TO DO……, A post shared by LennyCooke (@lennycooke429) on Dec 3, 2019 at 2:03pm PST.

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