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Krystal guarantee a 99.99% uptime and in the two years that I have been with them, there was only one time in March 2020, that I had any issues with my sites not loading and I was told that this was down to them having some issues with the server that my site was on (this was also the time I had the below average support). This is a huge plus for me as I personally like to work with companies that share similar beliefs to myself. From personal experience, they have provided me with a solid, reliable and well performing hosting environment on which to build a variety of different websites. How do I get a free Lets Encrypt SSL certificate for my website? And I had exactly the same experience, I saw a 50% reduction in my sites load time when I moved to Krystal and made any other changes to my site. How do I login to my Krystal Client Area? KRYSTAL Document Management System Software now Available on Government e-Marketplace (GeM). Other than this one incident, I haven’t experienced any major issues, there has been the odd time when my site has been down for 5 minutes and this usually happens in the middle of the night and doesn’t have any negative impact on my sites. Reply. Maybe you are a web developer or designer and want to offer your own hosting to your clients, well you can do this by using one of Krystal’s white label reseller packages.

The responses have always been quick and helpful. Now these figures are only quick tests to see how quick these platforms loaded in their basic forms.

Krystal first started back in 2003, since our inception we've managed to retain an impeccable hosting reputation; we spend a large investment of our resources building upon, improving, maintaining and supporting our platform, which utilises the latest cloud computing technologies. BUT in no way does this influence my review of the company, if I don’t like something then I will say so! What do I get with Krystal reseller hosting? Can Krystal design or modify my website for me? Free reseller's copy for demos and presentations, Dedicated reseller contact to handle all your queries.

Yes, they are not the cheapest but having been there and tried that, I would much prefer to go for quality over price and I would and do recommend them to anyone who is looking for a web host. Rated Excellent based on 1,063 genuine reviews. Maybe I just want too much? Useful. My accounts been suspended - what can I do?

On all Krystal accounts, you can install a free SSL certificate with LetsEncrypt and this is really easy to within your sites Cpanel.

The combination of Litespeed servers and SSD really does help the performance of your site. Thanks for subscribing!

How to make all traffic to your site use either the www or non-www version of your domain, How to check your account resource limits (503 or 508 errors), How to add 301 (Permanent) and 302 (Temporary) redirects, Redirection not working, or unexpected redirection occurring, Adding Google verification entries in to DNS, How to upload files using Cyberduck with FTPS and SFTP, How to find your server and PHP error log files, How to upload files using WinSCP with FTPS and SFTP, Using Google reCAPTCHA to secure forms on your site. Please check your email for further instructions. You also get far more in terms of server resources, which is ideal if you either have a large site or are going to be getting lots of visitors. That makes it... 207,108. sites and counting!

You can also install your own paid SSL certificate if you want to and once again, this can easily be done via Cpanel. If you are interested in our Partner Program, we would be more than happy to hear from you. No monthly averages to worry about. Resell cloud hosting which includes free 24/7 UK support. Datacentres consume a lot of energy and as responsible business and website owners, we all want our sites to have as little negative impact on the environment as is possible. I'm looking at getting into developing/designing websites out side of work for a bit of extra cash so not looking for …

Unlimited hosting vs reseller – Choosing the right hosting plan. Document Management System software is one of the growing requirement in the all business sector today yet there are very few solutions that actually fit their needs and budgets. I also done one with WordPress + WooCommerce and that came out at 0.95 Seconds. How do I setup Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) on my Krystal account? We will review your application and get in touch with you in maximum of 2 business days. How do I view my website to test it before changing my name server DNS? Now this is going to be a review just looking at the facts and figures as I have been a customer of Krystal since April 2018 and have ran a variety of websites with them including Ecommerce, Business and Blogs. Whether your organization is looking to go paperless, manage digital content or automate document-driven processes, KRYSTAL DMS is the right Document Management System for your needs. On a side note if you are using WordPress, I would definitely recommend installing the Litespeed Cache plugin as it works perfectly with the servers and you should see improvements to your sites load times. How to force a site to use SSL ( HTTPS:// ), Using FileZilla to upload files via SFTP(SSH) or FTPS(SSL/TLS), Understanding file and directory permissions, Turn on compression to optimise your site, Firewall blocked - I'm getting 403 errors, unable to connect or timeouts.
Krystal's Online Reseller, Calauan, Laguna.

What is the maximum email attachment size? Weekly Ecommerce information and a Free Ebay Store Guide. Krystal Reseller Hosting.

How to view your web browsers developer tools and error console, How to point a domain at an external web service. Another website securely hosted by Nothing but excellent prompt and knowledgeable services. Moving from one hosting provider to another can be a bit daunting and the thought of moving your website can fill you with dread. But if you have got an international audience, then you will want to consider using a CDN as it will have a positive impact on your sites performance.

Customising the Account Suspension template in WHM, Jetbackup - Restore or download an email account backup, File Transfer Protocol (SFTP & FTP/S) - how to add FTP accounts, Jetbackup - Restore or download from your backups, Changing your PHP Version, PHP Extensions, PHP Functions and PHP Options, How to configure cPanel contact information, How to import a large database into MySQL, How to change your primary cPanel hosting account domain, JetBackup - Restore or download a database backup. Some other hosting providers aren’t as up front as what Krystal are.
Commission goes up with sales. Reseller Program; Reseller Program Program Overview. Hi, I’m Paul Haywood, the guy behind the site! Document Management System software is one of the growing requirement in the all business sector today yet … This is great for bloggers who as the Onyx platform has also been specially optimised for WordPress so that you can get the best performance from your site. Now while they are not the cheapest, they are also nowhere near the most expensive either, as the basic Amethyst package starts at only £4.99/m +vat and this is perfect for anyone who is just starting out or only has a small amount of traffic visiting their site every month. Not everyone is tech savvy, so you want to know that there is someone you can contact when you are having problems with your site, performance or just a general enquiry and Krystal have always been very good in this regard. The reason why I moved to Krystal, was that the performance I was getting with my previous host wasn’t great and lots of the reviews said that moving to Krystal had improved their sites load speed. What support is included with my hosting? Once the application is approved, you will receive a FREE copy of our reseller version which you can use to demonstrate the product to prospective customers. Rather than having lots of little sub-headings for these smaller pros, I thought it would be easier to just put them in a list: As with everything in this world, nothing is perfect and Krystal is no different, so this is what I don’t like: On the Cloud and Business packages, you don’t get a CDN included with your monthly price. But Krystal make the move from another provider to theirs extremely simple by migrating websites for free on their Cloud, Business and Onyx packages. If you are interested in our Partner Program, we would be more than happy to hear from you. Disclosure – this post contains affiliate links, which means that if you sign up to services via a link in this post, I do receive a commission, which helps keep the site running and at no cost to you. What happens if I exceed my plans disk space allowance? On the new Onyx managed packages, only the basic package doesn’t include a CDN, all the other packages do.

So I do have a lot of first hand experience using these guys. Your decision to make a foray into this market would be one of the best steps towards better revenue opportunities. Hello R, Thank you for taking the time to review us. Why have I received a Security Notice and why has my account been suspended? Instead I installed three popular pieces of software (WordPress, Opencart and PrestaShop), with demo content and ran them through Pingdom’s Speed Test Tool (London) and you can see the results below: Now this is just on their cloud hosting and to me, those are some very impressive times! Enter your domain name below: search. Krystal takes pride in being responsible for the environment.

No only does this mean that the servers are very secure but it will also be easier to make your website PCI Compliant. To increase our reach to every corner of the world, we are always looking for distributors, dealers and resellers for all our products.

I ran an online retailer for 7+ years before starting EcommerceGold, if you want to know more then check out my About Me Page. Cloud hosting UK; Unlimited Cloud Hosting from - Free backups, unlimited bandwidth & 24/7 UK based support.

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