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The effect of Example 39-15 might not be what you want in some cases. "Oracle JSON Path Expression Syntax" for information about path-expression steps.

Space characters are allowed. Oracle Database supports JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) data natively with relational database features, including transactions, indexing, declarative querying, and views.

In addition, unlike the case for Example 39-13, a wrapper clause is needed for column phone_type and column phone_num, because array Phone contains multiple objects with fields type and number. This means that, a priori, a well-formed JSON object can have multiple members that have the same field name.

A JavaScript object is an associative array, or dictionary, of zero or more pairs of property names and associated JSON values.Foot 2 A JSON object is a JavaScript object literal.Foot 3 It is written as such a property list enclosed in braces ({, }), with name-value pairs separated by commas (,), and with the name and value of each pair separated by a colon (:). Because of this, the optimizer often automatically rewrites multiple invocations of json_exists, json_value and json_query (any combination) to fewer invocations of json_table instead, so the data is parsed only once.

The default Oracle JSON syntax is lax.

All indexes on the JSON data will be replicated also. Oracle SQL Function JSON_VALUE – select a scalar value from some JSON data, as a SQL value.

All refer to JSON column po_document of a table that has alias po. A function-based index created using a json_value expression or dot notation can be picked up for a correponding occurrence in a query WHERE clause only if the occurrence is used in a SQL comparison condition, such as >=. This syntax too is allowed as part of the Oracle default (lax) JSON syntax. A JSON search index is maintained asynchronously, on demand. Oracle SQL Function JSON_TABLE – project some JSON data to a relational format as a virtual table, which you can also think of as an inline relational view. When indexes or range specifications are used, the array elements they collectively specify must be specified in ascending order, without repetitions, or else a compile-time error is raised. This array has two elements, each of which represents an object literal. Unlike the case for conditions is json and is not json, condition json_exists expects the data it examines to be well-formed JSON data. In Example 39-26, SQL function to_number explicitly converts the VARCHAR2 value returned by json_value to a number. Each of those rows is matched against zero or more column path expressions to generate the relational columns of the virtual table. Here's how you can add JSON to such a database.
For that you need to tell json_table to project the array elements, by using a json_table NESTED path clause for the array. Lax and strict: yes. The first argument to json_value is a SQL expression that returns an instance of a scalar SQL data type (that is, not an object or collection data type).

In the not so recent past, JSON storage and analysis required specific JSON databases.

You can thus use json_query to retrieve fragments of a JSON document. The relational view exposes only data that conforms to the mapping (schema) that defines the view.

Snowflake is available on AWS, Azure, and GCP in countries across North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Japan. This means that the object step [*].prop, which stands for the value of field prop of each element of a given array of objects, can be abbreviated as .prop, and the object step .prop, which looks as though it stands for the prop value of a single object, stands also for the prop value of each element of an array to which the object accessor is applied.
It is identical to Example 39-3 except that it uses (STRICT) to ensure that all data inserted into the column is well-formed according to the JSON standard. * – The values of all of the keys of the object that is the third element of array friends. If you want this independence from implementation to be reflected in your code, then use the second query form. In particular, if you use json_exists more than once, or you use it in combination with json_value or json_query (which can also be expressed using json_table), to access the same data, then a single invocation of json_table presents the advantage that the data is parsed only once. The first argument to json_table is a SQL expression that returns an instance of a scalar SQL data type (that is, not an object or collection data type). This lets applications, tools, and programmers operate on JSON data as if it were relational, that is, without consideration of the syntax of JSON or JSON path expressions. Each query in the first pair returns (a VARCHAR2 value representing) a JSON array of phone objects. The Snowflake Cloud Data Platform offers native support to load and query semi-structured data, including JSON, XML, Parquet, Avro, ORC, and other formats, with no need for JSON databases. For example, in the query of Example 39-25, json_value uses RETURNING NUMBER. Whether duplicate field names are allowed in well-formed JSON data is orthogonal to whether Oracle uses strict or lax syntax to determine well-formedness. The handler takes effect when any error occurs, but typically an error occurs when the given JSON data is not well-formed (using lax syntax). Access JSON storage.

If multiple JSON values are targeted, then the string content is a JSON array whose elements are those values. Example 39-31 illustrates this. This clause and the default behavior (no wrapper clause) are described here. In Example 39-15 as in Example 39-13, keywords FORMAT JSON are needed because the resulting VARCHAR2 columns contain JSON data, namely arrays of phone types or phone numbers, with one array element for each phone. If the check constraint is dropped then the column is removed from the views.

Two or more COLUMNS clauses that have the same parent clause are siblings. In particular, it is not picked up for an occurrence used in condition IS NULL or IS NOT NULL.

Lax (and strict): no. Double quotation mark ("), slash (/), and backslash (\) characters must also be escaped (preceded by a backslash): \", \/, and \\, respectively. This form of the clause is available only for Oracle SQL condition json_exists. In JavaScript notation, a field used in an object literal can be, but need not be, enclosed in double quotation marks.

$friends[3].cars[0].year – The value of key year of the object that is the first element of the array that is the value of key cars of the object that is the third element of the array that is bound to variable friends. Numerals with no fractional part after the decimal point (for example, 342. or 1.e27). The Oracle JSON lax syntax, however, treats all of the ASCII control characters (Control+0 through Control+31), as well as the ASCII space character (decimal 32, U+0020), as (insignificant) whitespace characters. That is, use Oracle SQL function json_query or json_value, specifying an appropriate return type with a RETURNING clause. To determine whether a given query picks up a given function-based index, look for the index name in the execution plan for the query.

Example 39-29 creates a composite B-tree index on the virtual columns of Example 39-28. For a single JSON object or array value, it is the same as WITHOUT WRAPPER. Example 39-7 JSON_VALUE: Two Ways to Return a JSON Boolean Value in SQL. Snowflake Technology Partners integrate their solutions with Snowflake, so our customers can easily get data into Snowflake and insights out Snowflake by creating a single copy of data for their cloud data analytics strategy. Similarly, if your data mixes both kinds of representation — there are some data entries that use a single phone object and some that use an array of phone objects, or even some entries that use both — you can use the same path expression to access the phone information from these different kinds of entry. (JSON data can be well formed in two senses, which we refer to as strict and lax syntax.). Oracle Database SQL Language Reference for information about is json and is not json. Condition json_exists checks for the existence of a particular value within JSON data: it returns true if the value is present and false if it is absent. Whenever this is the case, the column is listed in the following static data dictionary views: DBA_JSON_COLUMNS, USER_JSON_COLUMNS, and ALL_JSON_COLUMNS. There are two levels of error handling for json_table, corresponding to the two levels of path expressions: row and column. Each json_key must be a valid SQL identifier, and the column must have an is json check constraint, which ensures that it contains well-formed JSON data. Example 39-28 and Example 39-29 illustrate this. Some use XML to store their data, but also have a certain level of support for JSON.

Oracle also supports this lax JSON syntax, and it is the default syntax.

The indexes created in both Example 39-22 and Example 39-23 can be picked up for either a query that uses dot-notation syntax or a query that uses json_value.

The dot-notation syntax is a table alias (mandatory) followed by a dot (.

It is unspecified which of multiple such members is used. JSON, unlike XML (and unlike JavaScript), has no date data type. An object is created in JavaScript using either constructor Object or object literal syntax: {...}. For each level of nesting (that is, for each use of keyword NESTED), the nested COLUMNS clause is said to be the child of the COLUMNS clause within which it is nested, which is its parent. The context item can be an object or an array of objects. Other than the optional FOR ORDINALITY entry, each entry in the COLUMNS clause is either a regular column specification or a nested columns specification. A simple dot-notation syntax is provided for queries, as an alternative to using the more verbose but more flexible Oracle SQL functions json_query and json_value.

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