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Beavis sinisterly said, laughing. "It's the cannibals! Watch short videos with music I Will Go Sailing No More on TikTok. Stan then said, in triumph. Beavis then pulled out a magnifying glass and sinisterly grinned at Stan. "Is that spaceport close by?

He has a burn mark on his forehead. TV Dexter's button activated voice box then said. The 2 ran for it and were chased down the halls, Stan dived into a closet, and Dexter was being chased, and then dived into a bedroom. Dexter shook his "Communicator" and sighed. But then he shook his head, and then got a look of determination, he wasn't going to let that discourage him. "Yeah, I can get through this, easy as pie." Stan then said, confidently. "Where are your rebel friends, now?!" ", Next shot showed a kid pressing Dexter's Button for phrases. The song is listed as Track 3 on the Toy Story Soundtrack.. Summary. ", The next shot showed Dexter's "Wrist Communicator". See ya later, bu-bye! Dexter said, this is it! Dexter said, angrily, but they went by the door. And unlucky for Stan, because Beavis is interrogating him in one of his games. "Sorry, but dinner's canceled!" "That moron didn't close it!". ♬ I Will Go Sailing No More | 0 Posts. Dexter then said. You're a genius! But he then saw the door of his communicator, it had the words "Made in Taiwan". "WHERE'S THE REBEL BASE?! Before this whole charade happened, he had a big ego, and he thought he was a real Toon Ranger, on a mission to save the world from Emperor Heinz Doofenshmirtz of the 2nd Dimension. He hung his head in shame, feeling foolish for actually believing he has a laboratory, or he was a boy genius superhero. Dexter proceeded to laugh like mad. Dexter said, looking through his "teacup". Stan then grabbed Dexter's back and repeatedly pressed the button the jetpack, making his right arm chop repeatedly, making the mutant toys go back in fear. A mountain boy doll is profoundly threatened and jealous when a new space boy genius hero figure supplants him as top toy in a human boy's room. He has to prove he's a Toon Ranger, and the only way to do that is to fly to that Window. "Dexter has it all, karate chop action!". "This shouldn't be permanent, right?" Français. A kid's voice was heard in the commercial. And now, he knows that he's nothing more than a toy, just an ordinary toy. "I'm in!" "I'M A FRAUD!" The commercial showed a kid using Dexter's karate chop action, just like Stan was earlier! But no, it can't be trueI could fly if I wanted toLike a bird in the skyIf I believed I could fly. What do you mean?! "GIANT ROBODEXO 3000 ENGAGE!" The announcer said, "Lasers! ", "Wait a minute!" Pop Tarts are ready!" TALK!" "What are you doing?!" Dexter's button activated voice box said, much to his dismay. Dexter then noticed the commercial, and noticed there's a kid holding Dexter in his box! "Don't. If that was my sister, Dee Dee, she would've cracked under this torture.".

Dexter cried out, falling to his knees.

"But we have no idea what's out there!"

Stan exclaimed. Dexter, if you can do something, now's a good time! I'm Mrs. Ida Quagmire." Dexter then stopped for a moment and glanced at the window, he looked and then despaired in sadness. Then, the commercial showed a kid pressing the "laser" button. Dexter signaled "It's okay". However, it just blinked, and Cosmo looked around and shrugged. Stan said, worried someone might hear them.

Dexter moaned before crying. "I Will Go Sailing No More" is the name of a song in Toy Story. "Still no word from Computer or Toon Command."

Dexter angrily said.

"RUN!" Dexter then landed painfully on the stairs and on the ground. "Dexter! "Dexter Cavanaugh! Stan comes to life as soon as he leaves and screams in agony and pain. Never more to sail my ship Where no man has gone before And I will go sailing no more. The bully proceeded to walk towards the blinds and pull them up, having the sun shine on Stan. Stan knew what this was: Dexter learned the hard way he was just a toy. He has to prove he's a Toon Ranger, and the only way to do that is to fly to that Window. USE YOUR KARATE CHOP ACTION!". "Wrist communication! He's just a toy. You see the apron? "The world needs your help!" The Mountain Boy toy nodded. "What?! "To Lightspeed and Beyond!" Stan then tiptoed as well, but he accidentally got his string stuck on a stair railing. "Don't ya get it? Let's go!" Luckily, Beavis left a bowl of cereal, with that, Stan runs to the bow and dunks his head in the bowl of milk, extinguishing the burn. Cliff chuckled, and then said, "Well, I guess I need warm ups for poundin' CatDog, so these hand-me-downs will do!". Me. Have you seen my Treeflower doll?"

"One moment, you're working on inventions, protecting the world from the likes of Mandark, and one other moment, you're drinkin' tea with Leia Skywalker, and her brother." Now I know exactly who I am and what I'm here forAnd I will go sailing no more. Later that afternoon, Stan came out of the laundry room, getting himself untangled from the Christmas Lights, then he noticed Chloe having a tea party with her toys, with Dexter and his severed arm. Dexter said, annoyed.

Stan gasped. Stan shouted, then he proceeded to use Dexter's severed arm and slap him with it. Dexter took back his arm, and walked out of the room. It was written and performed by Randy Newman, but is lyrically told from the perspective of Buzz Lightyear who, after realizing who he really is, concludes that he will never sail again, as it turns out he can't fly.. Stan whined, trying to rub off the "blemish". "Alright! ", The Voice box awoke the dogs. Stan said, panicking, could this mean that Danny and his family moved out already?! All the things I thought I'd beAll the brave things I've doneVanish like a snowflakeWith the rising of the sunNever more to sail my shipWhere no man has gone beforeAnd I will go sailing no more. "Well, it's been nice knowin' ya! Stan raised an eyebrow in confusion and said sheepishly, "Uh, Dex, I think you're a little dizzy, I think we should get you outta here.". Dexter shouted, and as soon as he jumped off, everything felt as if it went slow-mo, he felt as if he was going to fly, but then, he started to fall and had a terrified and betrayed look on his face as soon as he started to fall. The TV said, catching Dexter's attention. Dexter said, now sober. "It's not working! If he wakes them up, he'll be torn to shreds. Beavis said, dropping everything and heading out the door. The Announcer then said. Tell me!" Dexter was stunned, and then saw his left arm, detatched, broken off, he was nothing but a toy. ", Stan grabbed Dexter and angrily shouted, "YOU IDIOT! Reupdated and posted! Singing Voice: Out among the stars I sailWay beyond the moon. But then he shook his head, and then got a look of determination, he wasn't going to let that discourage him. He then sees that Beavis forgot to open the door! "DUDE, GET IT TOGETHER!" Come in, Dexter Cavanaugh!" The announcer then said.
Dexter sighed in grief, Stan was right all along about him. Dexter ran over and grabbed darts off of him, and grabs Stan by the shoulder, lifting him. Tell. Then, Dexter quietly tiptoed fast to the other part of the hallway.

Your review has been posted. You're correct." Both Stan and Dexter shouted in terror. Dexter said, drunkenly. An announcer then said.
Dexter exclaimed. Stan then took a spoon and noticed his reflection. "And best of all, Carbonic alloy wings!" He walked out of the room in sadness and defeat, stunned about the truth. Are you okay?!" "Get your Dexter's Laboratory Action Figure and save the world from Mandark today!" ", "Then Shield your eyes!" All he could do is despair in sadness. Chloe was heard, before she noticed Dexter. I told that stupid sister of mine not to mess with my stuff! Farewell!" Pop Tarts rule!" "I don't know what you did back there, Mountain Boy, but at this rate, you're going to get us both killed!" "Dexter!" Stan then had an idea, they're next to the Fenton household! Stan then struggled to get free, and then, he managed to get his string free, but the voice box activated. Chloe then heard the doorbell ring, and Stan ran over to his "buddy" in concern. However, he noticed the severed arm and Dexter's manic sadness. Beavis said, then he proceeded to get down on his knees and have the magnifying glass concentrate on Stan's forehead, and a hot white dot begins to smolder on his forehead. The announcer said. "I CAN'T FLY OUT THE STUPID WINDOW!" South Park + Dexter's Laboratory Crossover. Dexter said, quietly. Watch the video for I Will Go Sailing No More from Randy Newman's Toy Story for free, and see the artwork, lyrics and similar artists. Italiano. To. "Available at all Stan's Toy Shack stores nationwide."

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