how to get a prenup uk

After all, with the average age for first marriages now well into the thirties and the number of us getting married or remarried after divorce or widowhood increasing too, you’re far more likely to have some assets or have inherited money to your name. I am about to marry for the second time and want to limit any potential claims on the settlement I received from my first marriage if things go wrong again. Think carefully about the terms and make the agreement as precise, clear and detailed as possible. So, our advice is always to take advice from a family law solicitor who’s an expert in prenuptial agreements, whether you choose to have them prepare the agreement or not. All rights reserved. Both parties must take independent legal advice. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at

Plus advice on living together agreements and why it's worth having one of these to protect your finances. These and many more considerations need to be taken into account if you are to prepare a binding prenup. Anyone contemplating marriage should consider whether they need one. For example, if you are thinking of having children, loss of employment, inheritances, pension provision, and the acquisition of further assets and what would happen in these instances. Good Housekeeping participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. With this contract, the division of financial assets can be made much simpler in the event of divorce. A solicitor’s prenup cost will vary depending on the service you require, as different approaches are necessary depending on the circumstances. Many couples may consider a prenuptial agreement as an unnecessary contract that will damage their marriage before it even begins. But the reality of prenups is they are only there to protect your financial assets. Prenups are not legally binding in the UK. To proceed with a valid prenup there has to be a wedding date - so many of these legal documents have been aborted. Years ago, prenuptial agreements were thought of as only for the rich and famous.

This area of law is far from straight forward so my advice is go into this with your eyes open – take some legal advice and then make an informed decision about the financial and legal implications of your relationship. It is a common misunderstanding that prenups are only for the extraordinarily wealthy. Woolley & Co Solicitors is the trading name of Woolley & Co Limited, company number 07387222. This way, you may not be responsible for your ex-partner’s debts after your divorce is finalised. If you are happy with this use of cookies click OK. Read more about our use of cookies and how you can switch off cookies in our Privacy Policy. Privacy Policy. But in 2010, the Supreme Court held Granatino and Radmacher to the terms of their original prenup agreement, and the ex-husband’s settlement was significantly reduced. No unauthorised copying, extraction or other use is allowed except with our prior written permission. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. You will not need full Court representation for a prenup. This is a much more cost-effective way to draw up a prenuptial agreement, as you only pay for the time required. You are a beacon of common sense and light in a very long and dark tunnel.

If a marriage has irretrievably broken down, a prenup will usually make proceedings less complicated as the asset division has already been agreed to. Moreover, they can greatly simplify the division of you and your partner’s finances and property in the event of divorce. I am about to marry but worry that if things go wrong we could end up in a costly and lengthy argument about “who gets what”. However, legal experts advise couples draw up Living Together agreements, also known as a Cohabitation Contract, to protect themselves. Enter your details and we’ll have one of our lawyers call you within the next 24 hours, Email addressUsed to confirm details of your enquiry, Used to help us allocate your enquiry to a local lawyer where possible. Living with a partner? It is also important to seek legal advice from a family law solicitor.

In fact, the prenup contract can be useful for any married couple who have any financial assets.

To be enforceable, a prenup shouldn't deny either person alimony rights. "It can form part of a financial planning discussion, and is often raised by family members such as where family wealth and inheritance is involved. Here's what couples need to know about living together agreements and prenups. For example, the matrimonial home, inheritance or a car can be considered as a family asset which, if the relationship breaks down, must be divided somehow between the two partners. VAT registration number: 945 009 723. State law varies on how alimony is awarded. If you want to protect your wealth and assets, a prenuptial agreement can be entered if both parties: A prenuptial agreement should be discussed openly and honestly long before the marriage takes place. Under what conditions would you want to review the agreement, for example? Find out more or donate on our JustGiving page here. But it would be wise to get the final document checked by a solicitor to ensure it's been drafted correctly and accurately reflects the intentions of both parties. A prenuptial agreement can secure these assets and make the division of finances much easier if the matter goes to Court. A Judge will only enforce a Prenup if he/she … Do I need life insurance and other questions? This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. At present a prenuptial agreement does not carry the same weight as a Court order and will not ‘automatically’ be upheld or enforced by an English or Welsh court in the event of a divorce and/or disagreement. It saves hassle if you get divorced later down the line will save you a lot of money as contesting a divorce through the courts can cost many thousands. A list of directors is available from our registered office which is Warwick Enterprise Park, Wellesbourne, Warwick, CV35 9EF. Additionally, if one or both parties have any financial liabilities such as debt, the other partner can be protected from these with a prenuptial agreement. Despite this, judges in the UK generally give prenuptial agreements significant weight in proceedings and will largely seek to uphold them providing there are no issues with it, and it was drawn up and signed with the correct considerations and precautions. Also consider putting in reviews of the agreement at agreed periods during the marriage, the length of the marriage can have a bearing on whether the agreement remains enforceable and regular reviews of the provision can help with this. Many couples marry later in life and are already financially independent. What about if you have children and one of you gives up work to look after them?

The case greatly affected how prenups are viewed in the UK. You can download a free guide for drawing up living together agreement at the Citizens Advice website. A prenuptial agreement is a document in which a couple set out their rights in relation to any property, debts, income and other assets purchased together or acquired individually (e.g., through inheritance), or that they have bought into a relationship.

Disclaimer Privacy Policy Complaints Handling, © Copyright Major Family Law. We use cookies on our website to give you the most relevant experience by remembering your preferences and repeat visits. Within the agreement, it sets out how money and assets will be separated if the marriage ends in divorce. Are Prenuptial Agreements legally binding? For more brilliant money-saving advice, sign up to the Financially Fabulous newsletter here. Child Arrangement & Child Enforcement Order Process >, What is the Schedule 1 Children Act 1989?

How will the prenup take account of any future significant financial changes in your partner’s position?

It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. It also means that both parties can ensure that the party with the most to lose understands the nature and implications of the agreement they are about to sign. The idea of a prenup is to ring fence what exists already and any inheritance. Getting a Prenuptial Agreement in the UK. Call for an initial chat with one of our specialist prenuptial agreement solicitors on 0800 321 3832, or complete our online form and we will call you. A prenuptial agreement should not necessarily be considered as the sole reason for a divorce. Legally, once married these assets become matrimonial assets and, unless specifically protected, are thrown into a single financial pot. I am a widow/er thinking of marrying again. Therefore, if you want to protect your financial independence, a prenup can be useful. There’s a lot of misunderstanding and mystery surrounding them, when really they are appropriate for regular clients. Take advantage of a confidential telephone appointment to discuss your circumstances and the options open to you. Any parenting disputes, like child living arrangements or contact disagreements must be taken up separately.

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