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2. If Giddon had any such plans, he would soon find they were futile. Research on abstinent outcome shows that addiction treatment is futile. In 1680 Jean Picard, in his Voyage d'Uranibourg, stated, as a result of ten years' observations, that Polaris, or the Pole Star, exhibited variations in its position amounting to 40" annually; some astronomers endeavoured to explain this by parallax, but these attempts were futile, for the motion was at variance with that which parallax would occasion. : Can there be anything more futile than to combine the huge range of music we find under the vapid and vacuous heading Easy Listening?

France was equally careless of Italian susceptibilities, and in April 1888 Goblet made a futile but irritating attempt to enforce at Massawa the Ottoman rgime of the capitulations in regard to non-Italian residents. If it would still start, she'd head straight back home and forget this futile mission. The use of chemical antidotes, such as iron salts, is futile, as the drug has escaped into the blood from the stomach long before they can be administered. Both belong to a period in Greek history when the great city states had exhausted themselves in the futile struggle against Macedon and Rome, and both represent a conscious popular determination in the direction of systematic government. By 1477 even Lubeck had become convinced that a continuance of the effort to maintain the compulsory staple against Holland was futile and should be abandoned. He soon abandoned Italy to his eldest son, Louis, and remained in his new kingdom, engaged in alternate quarrels and reconciliations with his brothers, and in futile efforts to defend his lands from the attacks of the Normans and the Saracens. Adrian soon died, worn out by his futile attempts to correct the abuses at home, and was followed by Clement VII., a Medici, less gifted but not less worldly in his instincts than Leo X. with the hope of obtaining a divorce from Catherine, the reluctance of the pope to impeach the dispensation of his predecessor Julius II., and at the same time to alienate the English queen's nephew Charles V., the futile policy of Wolsey and his final ruin in 1529 are described elsewhere (see English History; HENRY VIII. fruitless efforts to obtain a lasting peace. Attempts to make him the author of the "We" sections in Acts and to include him in the seventy disciples are futile. , 4. futile, vain, fruitless mean producing no result. The man’s futile attempt to escape his kidnappers ended when he fell down the stairs and broke his leg. It was generally futile although picturesque. Any attempt to indicate even a selection of this literature would here be impossible and also futile; for the discovery of new documents has by no means ceased, and the criticism of the materials is still in full progress, nor can it be said that final results have yet emerged from the discussion.

His decision to stop drinking, made two Attempts to drown out speech are futile as well as unconstitutional. Mehemet Ali began by deepening the canals of Lower Egypt by this amount, a gigantic and futile task; for as they had been laid out on no scientific principles, the deep channels became filled with mud during the first flood, and all the excavation had to be done over again, year after year. . She almost objected then realized it was futile. Jefferson's peace policy - or, more correctly, Madison's peace policy - of commercial restrictions to coerce Great Britain and France he continued to follow until 1812, when he was forced to change these futile commercial weapons for a policy of war, which was very popular with the extreme French wing of his party. 111+10 sentence examples: 1. futile may connote completeness of failure or unwisdom of undertaking. Dissensions broke out among the Shoans, and after a desperate and futile attack on Theodore at Debra-Berhan, Haeli Melicoth died of exhaustion and fever, nominating with his last breath his eleven-year-old son Menelek 2 as successor (November 1855). It may fairly be held that the reforms of Solon would have been futile had they not been fulfilled and amplified by the genius of Peisistratus. It would be futile to maintain that that passage is not aimed at Paul. In addition to his native tongue he could read Latin and understood Greek, but he was unable to write, and Einhard gives an account of his futile efforts to learn this art in later life. , 5. Thus, meagre and futile as the doctrine of Thales was, all the Greek schools, with the solitary exception of that of Pythagoras, took their origin from it.

The positive work of two terms of government initiating grading for carbon emissions and providing cashback incentives for environmentally friendly motors will be futile. "I'm sensing any objection I have to this game is futile," she said after a pause. His remaining years were spent in futile plans to make Poland a hereditary monarchy, to weaken the power of the Saxon nobles, and to gain territory for his sons in various parts of Europe. In 17 9 7 Perugia was occupied by the French; in 1832, 1838 and 18s4 it was visited by earthquakes; in May 1849 it was seized by the Austrians; and, after a futile insurrection in 1859, it was finally united, along with the rest of Umbria, to Piedmont, in 1860. , 7. When faced with a circumstance that demands change, a typical Taurus will fight to the end of his strength to prevent the change, even when it's futile to resist. Dean asked the question before he remembered futility of such a query. 6. After many futile attempts the Portuguese obtained possession of it in 1471, but it passed to Spain in 1580, returning again to the Portuguese in 1656. In spite of his numerous engagements, Burnell found time to aggrandize his bishopric, to provide liberally for his nephews and other kinsmen, and to pursue his cherished but futile aim of founding a great family. futile effort to fathom the time and place and day. futile in a sentence - Use "futile" in a sentence 1.

Crampton in 1851, and two years later, after several futile attempts, another was laid between Port Patrick in the south of Scotland and Donaghadee in Ireland.

Our attempt to see only the bright side of life is futile. He displays his own vanity, frivolity and futile cleverness with much unconscious humour, but, it is only fair to allow, with some literary dexterity. At Palermo Queen Maria Carolina continued to make vehement but futile efforts for the overthrow of King Joseph. 3. The declaration of war with Spain and the certainty of war with France promised to the Jacobites good fishing in turbid waters; and they entertained futile hopes of enlisting Argyll with his potent clan. That does sound like derogatory name-calling of the most futile kind. My appeal proved futile. His efforts proved futile and gradually, he gave up. The descents on the Peloponnese were futile in the extreme. A more plausible theory is that the author is an honest thinker, a keen observer and critic of life, who sees that the world is full of miseries and unsolved problems, regards as futile the attempts of his time to demonstrate an ethically active future life, and, recognizing a divine author of all, holds that the only wise course for men is to abandon the attempt to get full satisfaction out of the struggle for pleasure, riches and wisdom, and to content themselves with making the best of what they have. In place of advancing on Edinburgh, they dallied round Stirling castle in futile siege, and, on the news :of Cumberland's advance, alarmed by desertions which they appear to have greatly exaggerated, the chiefs compelled Charles to a fresh retreat. They do not represent the opinions of YourDictionary.com. For meanings to be attributed on personal whim renders the whole thing futile. Arguing with Allen was futile, so she simply hopped in the back seat and locked the door. It proved as futile as it was impolitic; for the vizier of Damascus, Muin-eddinAnar, was able to sow dissension between the native Franks and the crusaders; and by bribes and promises of tribute he succeeded in inducing the former to make the siege an absolute failure, at the end of only four days (July 28th, 1148). 3. The premier, Dr von Korber, who had undertaken to overcome obstruc and January 1903 to promote a compromise between Czechs and Germans proved equally futile. 1. When the captain realized his efforts to steer his ship were futile, he commanded his officers to …

The futile council of Pisa in 1409, however, only served to increase to three the number of rival representatives of God on earth. So much goes into what helps two signs be compatible with one another that it sometimes can seem almost futile to try and figure it out on your own. See the full definition for futile in the English Language Learners Dictionary, Thesaurus: All synonyms and antonyms for futile, Nglish: Translation of futile for Spanish Speakers, Britannica English: Translation of futile for Arabic Speakers. futile. Her gentle attempts to get Lisa to sit were futile.

I came to the hospital to get myself treated. Maelstrom of modern life has never been a futile exercise. “Futile.” Merriam-Webster.com Dictionary, Merriam-Webster, https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/futile. But his plots, such as they were, seem to have been futile. , 10. These futile tactics exasperated the home government, which on the 22nd of February despatched General Baldissera, with strong reinforcements, to supersede Baratieri. He did not live to see the futility of such bulwarks. It is thus futile to compare the absolute voltages met with at two stations, unless allowance can be made for the influence of the environment. Meissen, which he claimed as a vacant fief of the Empire, and Thuringia, which he bought from the landgrave Albert II., seemed to offer a favorable field for this undertaking, and he spent a large part of his short reign in a futile attempt to carry out his plan.

The futile and thriftless yet busy and self-important king was one of those sovereigns who irritate their subjects into opposition by injudicious activity. Her attempts to revive him proved futile. My efforts to go back to sleep proved futile. Her attempts to revive him proved futile. Without love, life is futile. Her efforts to reform her son were futile. futile quest for a 'New American Empire ' . In 1579 the Englishman, Francis Drake, came to this region seeking a route home by way of the Northwest Passage, and in his futile quest he seems to have gone as far north as 43 0.1 He took possession of the country in the name of Queen Elizabeth and called it Albion. and Queen Anne attempted to subsidize the chiefs in order to preserve tranquillity, but the wars of Montrose and Dundee, and the Jacobite insurrections of 1715 and 1745, showed how futile were all such efforts.

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