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But before the prognosticators could answer, the bird disappeared, and they gave no reply. The Spanish version apparently tries to make up for it after the fact.

[f. Bernardino de Sahagún; transcription of the Spanish (left-hand column) by James Lockhart:] 3r.] [Translation of the Spanish (left-hand column) by James Lockhart:] The fourth omen was that while the sun was still out a comet fell, in three parts.

218-220 in Florence, Italy, with the title Florentine Codex chosen by its English translators, Arthur J.O. Florentine Codex. y la segunda vez que miró en el espejo que tenía el ave de allí a un poco muchedumbre de gente yunta que venían todos armados encima de caballos. And they too peacefully submitted to the Spaniards. lleuauālos a Motecuçoma, y en viendolos el en su aposento que se llamaua Tlilancalmecac luego desaparecian. 1r.] Auh in Motecuçoma, oc nen tlanaoatica in quitzatzaquazque in vtli, in vchpantli, quimetecaque inoallamelauhticac nicā Mexico: auh ie vmpa quimontlachieltiaia, in ipan vtli iaticac, calacticac tetzcucu. In the settlement of Cuidahuac don Hernando Cortés sent to summon all the lords who are in the chinampa territory, that is, Xochimilco, Mizquic, and all the settlements of the chinampa country. The volume chapters address a range of subjects, from Nahua sacred beliefs, moral discourse, and natural history to the Florentine artists' models and the manuscript's reception in Europe. Nahuatl texts and translated them into English: Book Twelve of the Florentine Codex, the Annals of Tlatelolco, the Codex Aubin, the Annals of Cuauhtitlan, the Historia Tolteca-Chichimeca, and the Letter from Huejotzingo, 1560. In which it is told how the first boat which came arrived, which, as they say, was only one boat3. [f. ---------- In 1637 Young published his edition of the Catena in Job^ transcribed from the same codex,^ and printed in London in the Greek types of the Royal Printing Office, bought by the King's Printer in 1634.^ Lane has discussed the origin of these types and range of subjects, from Nahua sacred beliefs, moral discourse, and In which it is told how Moctezuma sent a personage, a great nobleman, and many other noblemen besides, to go to meet the Spaniards....13. They were all intimidated by what they had heard that the Spaniards had done all along the way. This version of the Códice Florentine is based on the version of the codex held in Florence as well as on the summary of the original codex, Primeros memorials, held in the Bibliioteca de Palacio, Madrid. [Translation of the Nahuatl into Spanish by Fr. chinanpaneca tlatoque, çan nimā no intlan oncalacque. In which it is told how Moctezuma commanded that the road be closed, so that the Spaniards might not come to arrive here in Mexico15. The third sign or omen was that a bolt of lightning struck the cu of Xiuhteuctli, god of fire, which was roofed with thatch; it was called Tzonmolco. PDF Ebook: The Florentine Codex: An Encyclopedia of the Nahua World in Sixteenth-Century Mexico Author: Kevin Trerraciano Language: English Category: Arts & Photography File size: 109466 KB Page number: 252 pages Publishe: University of Texas Press (September 10, 2019) Publication date: September 10, 2019 Ebook Ver The file will be sent to your Kindle account. *ÇAN. Brandon Preo has done the data entry, matching the Spanish, Nahuatl, and English texts to the images of the pages. Madrid: Fototipia de Hauser y Menet, 1905. This was after midday. 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Inic nauhtetl tetzavitl; oc vnca in tonatiuh in xivitl vetz ieteietia, vmpa oalpeuh in tonatiuh icalaquiampa; auh vmpa itztia in iquiçaianpa, iuhqui in tlesuchitli pipixauhtiuh, veca mocuitlapiltitiuh, veca acitiuh in icuitlapil: auh in oittoc cēca tlacaoacac, iuhquin oiovalli ōmoman. In which it is told how the war newly began when the Mexicans gave battle to the Spaniards here in Mexico22. Florentine Codex, Book 12, Ch 01 [FCBk12Ch01F01r00] Folio 1 recto. The manuscript became part of the collection of the library in Florence at some point after its creation in the late sixteenth century.

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