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Cost (Zombies) These UFOs will begin a flight pattern over 4 different traps: The Disco Trap, Chromosphere, Dragon's Breath, and Blast Off. Now head to Pack-a-Punch and activate the mini UFOs that we mention in our guide on how to get Elemental Effects on your guns. The fast fire-rate plus ease of use make this an essential weapon for leaching health. Also your skills just give bonus to shock so it works well.
The ability to make yourself 100% immune to one damage is damn right crazy.

Ties That Bind Amara summons a giant fist that bursts from the ground and locks the targeted enemy in place for a few seconds. The Face-melter is one of six sticker packs that Zombies’ fans can complete to build special weapons and find Easter Eggs hidden in the new Zombies in Spaceland mode.

If you can get one with any +health or +health on kill that would be absolute BIS. Since I'm using a Shock Weapon and Cryo weapon mostly - I'm unaffected. To acquire the “Crystal” piece of the Face-melter (the sticker on the far right hand side of the collection), the player must purchase an Arcane Core for 300 Tickets, then purchase Golden Teeth for 300 Tickets. There is some flex in the blue tree for this build. As you can see - mayhem mods don't matter. do the elements need to be exactly the same? Kill a zombie with this gun and they literally rocket upwards, exploding and raining fire down on the other zombies." Collect one more blue Souvenir token and drop it into the same machine as the last two. In the Journey to Space section of the map, beyond the $1500 barrier is one of the teleporters. Grab it and then head back to the Gator Trap and shoot the second circle in the trap’s mouth with the upgraded gun. With the blue token in hand, make your way from the center area and into the Journey into Space section of the map. Less points in Fast Hands/Violent Tapestry more points in Alacrity/Transend. Quest Weapon This will cause the UFO to change its flight pattern to a larger one around the area.

I think you need to keep a mix of shock/fire/corrosive weapons if you want any chance in TVHM Mayhem 3 and then either a normal or cyro as a fourth. After turning on the power and linking the teleporter with the mainframe, activate the teleporter again and throw a grenade into the portal. You can't face tank that many enemies, but it makes it easier if there is a Stormchucker. Using only the gun the Arcane Core is attached to, reap zombie souls by getting kills near the UFO. Other names include: Singe Express, Ember Blaster, Scorcher's Delight, Blaze of Glory, Cauterizer, Toaster, Warm Gun and Cooking Tool. The skills plus artifact give a tremendous bonuses to shock damage.

The grenade will bounce out of the teleport and will be blinking red. It is a core drop weapon. Basically we want to apply statuses to get conflux to trigger and maintain health by using Sustainment. Hm that's an interesting point about the infusion status effect proc if its true. Replace them with the Golden Teeth that you purchase. You can face tank most enemies as long as you can maintain elemental gun damage. In a single activation of the trap, kill 20-30 zombies with the trap.

Press J to jump to the feed.

It also makes the gameplay less clunky. Any element is fine as long as it applies statuses. Realistically speaking - unless you're running from area to area you won't be able to get 99 stacks.

It also destroys armor/flesh. everything that’s new in Zombies in Spaceland, how to get Elemental Effects on your guns. Even though I don't touch the brawler tree and I have zero defensive abilities, this build is deceptively tanky.

You name it! Long Musket/Fire Crossroads are the BIS for fire smgs.

The Brainstormer is BIS for this build. Zombies in Spaceland Cast. This will cause it to open and give you the Crystal piece. Fire Mode Having to generate a ton of stacks before every engagement would become annoying.

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Not sure what you mean by that. I prefer Long Musket as I love the flamethrower plus its great for leeching health. Remove two points from red tree and get Remnant. It launches enemies in the air and ragdolls them when it first explodes. When upgraded via Pack-a-Punch Machine after the Alien Fuses have been installed, it becomes the 4th of July.

The more stacks the better, especially when it comes to status effect chance that we get from Violent Tapestry. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

Borderlands 3 skill calculator. Maybe I missed it. From here, head back into the center area and kill more zombies until another blue Souvenir token drops from an enemy. This will break some of the Gator Trap’s teeth. Take this coin and drop it into the same machine as the first one. Find out more about everything that’s new in Zombies in Spaceland. Here is a short video on the build and showing gear Elemental Conflux Build - TVHM Mayhem 3. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Reflex Edition, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2: Force Recon, Pages using duplicate arguments in template calls, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Wonder Weapons, https://callofduty.fandom.com/wiki/Face_Melter_(weapon)?oldid=2420310.

The Face-melter is one of six sticker packs that Zombies’ fans can complete to build special weapons and find Easter Eggs hidden in the new Zombies in Spaceland mode. Zane

Ice/corrosive for armor, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the borderlands3 community. In as an example Jackobs Manor you can fight as many as 5 badass's with launchers at the same time.

Also using Tempest we kind of offset that damage lost from infusion when using a shock weapon.

In this article, we’ll take a look at how to get the Face-melter, one of the new Wonder Weapons available to fans in the new zombies mode. Place 3 Blue Space Man coins in the Souvenir Machine in the Journey to Space section of the map, located across from the barrier into the maintenance section of the map and around the corner from the DJ booth, one at a time. All four quest weapons require that you purchase the gold teeth from the Astrocade reward counter for 300 tickets, get a Brute to break the teeth on the alligator trap in the Kepler System section of the map, and replace the broken teeth with the gold teeth to reveal a cabinet which contains all the crystals. Also it allows me to apply two status effects in one shot. Secrets: Elemental Weapon Upgrades -- Turning On Power -- Pack A Punch -- N31L Upgrade-- Buildables: SETI-COM -- Face Melter -- Shredder-- Headcutter -- Exquisite Arcane -- Dischord Easter Egg Guide: Part 1-- Part 2-- Hi guys, here is the guide on how to build the awesome Face Melter weapon in Zombies in Spaceland for Call of Duty Infinite Warfare. Follow it and kill zombies using the weapon with the Arcane Core on it. The BIS artifact is ones with the +183% elemental damage.

Free (Buildable) For those who might have trouble telling the difference in the colors, these particular tokens will have little astronaut heads on them. Then you will need to make it to a wave where Brutes spawn, and have the Gator trap in the Kepler system close on a Brute. I like Quasar as a grenade because it has some CC effects.

You must get the kills within one use, so make sure to herd the zombies into the trap. It also allows me to keep my shock shotgun out for most of the time, as most enemies you encounter have a shield. The ability to stack damage makes short work of any tanky/badass enemy with phasegrasp.

For sure, IF you have the time.

Starting Ammunition For this particular sticker part, you will need to take down zombies and collect any of the blue Souvenir tokens that drop. The first sticker that players can find for this buildable Wonder Weapon actually requires you to kill zombies and collect specific Souvenir Tokens, which drop randomly from enemies upon their death. This weapon also clears rooms and applies statuses to a room faster than any other weapon.

Used by The Face Melter is a craftable post-Moon Lord magic weapon.When the primary-fire (left click) is used, streams of two red musical notes are rapidly fired from the player in the cursor's direction.

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