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Skip to content. PRO: (ou classement général / general standing), Résultats 2014 après 6e manche à la classique automne 2014 / round 6 at Falls classic Tremblant 2014, PRO: (ou classement général / general standing): ClassGénéral_09-28, NOUVEAU CHAMPION 2014 / NEW 2014 CHAMPION, TRISTAN DE GRAND GREAT CHAMPION ON OF THE BEST EVER (1016 points), Olivier Bédard de la graine de champion pas de doute qui a su se battre jusqu’à dernière minutes (994 points), Marc Antoine Cardin avec sa petite équipe combien efficace BRAVO, PRO/M : (ou 40 ans & + / 40 years old and up): ClassMaster_09-28, JAYSON CLUNIE (also rookie of the year overall) (968 points), Michel Legrand sur sa performante SPECTRUM/HONDA excellent résultat à sa première années (802 points), Tristan DeGrand champion / M Duncalfe & R Lanteigne teams manager / Jayson Ckunie Master champion, _________________________________________________________________________________________________________, Résultats 2014 après 5e manche au GP3R 2014 / round 5 at GP3R 2014, Gros merci à nos commanditaires OKI , HGREGOIRE  ,TOYOTIRES , HPD Racing .
Organization login Road to Indy  /Thanks to all Formula Tour sponsors STCH logistique transport  ,  TOYO , HPD Racing & Road to Indy AWESOME DRIVER, Jacques Villeneuve quelle performance et il revient de loin !!! Vendredi / friday: Gros merci à nos commanditaires STCH logistique transport  ,TOYOTIRES , HPD Racing & Eneos Motor oil   /Thanks to all Formula Tour sponsors STCH logistique transport  ,  TOYO , HPD Racing & Eneos Motor Oil 4th = 15 pts Read More, We invented automatic sports timing. Membership Has Its Privileges: Your series registration is your ticket to a number of exclusive benefits – inclusion in the Toyo Tires F1600 Championship Series annual awards as well as series specific contingency programs, product discounts, awards and prizing at every event. (705) 718-3182 September 19-20, 2020  Canadian Tire Motorsport Park 2020 OFFC General Meeting Presentation is available here. MYLAPS.com MYLAPS Speedhive offers you better insights into your race performance in order to help you track, compare, share and increase your progress. Series Registration. The Toyo Proxes R888R will be the tire used for the 2020 season. 6791 10th Sideroad Innisfil, Ontario, Canada, L9S 4S7. Merci à toute l’équipe d’officiels de la série et à vous tous les pilotes et équipiers /Thanks also to all officials member of our serie and all drivers and team made, __________________________________________________________, Résultats 2017 après 4e manche 11 & 12 Août 2017/ Results 2017 after round 4August 11 & 12, Résultats 2017 après 4e manche au GP3R 2017 / round 4 at GP3R 2017, Classement général / Standing (provisoiry) :CLASSEMENT GENERAL STANDING, Classement PRO AM:CLASSEMENT GENERALPRO AM STANDING, Classement PRO AM: CLASSEMENT GENERAL STANDING PRO AM, Résultats 2017 après 2e manche / Results 2017 after rounds GPF1 circuit Gilles Villeneuve 9/10/11 juin / june 9/10/11 2017, Course F1600 devant une foule de plus de 200000 personnes juste après qualifications de F1 / F1600 race over 200000 peoples watching the race just after F1 qualifications, Classement général / Standing (provisoiry) : CLASSEMENT GENERAL STANDING, Classement PRO AM : CLASSEMENT GENERAL STANDING PRO AM1, Race 1 results (provisoiry): R1. EVENT 2: BARC Canadian Touring Trophy Races Posted on July 30, 2018 Author MaxMarcel. Gros merci à nos commanditaires OKI , ENEOS  ,TOYOTIRES , HPD Racing . Yes, there is always a series supporter tire company that offers mounting and balancing at the track. October 03-04, 2020  Canadian Tire Motorsport Park The Cup is awarded to the overall winner of the Saturday race at the last event of the season. Results.
6th = 10 pts F1600 Canada. Previous Year's Results Coming Soon. Thousands of events that previously used stopwatches and thumbs to keep track of results now rely on MYLAPS technology.

Race Three 22 minutes. Session. Results. They shall be assigned a number by the registrar when they enter the Event to avoid duplication within a race group. Vendredi le 9 novembre 2012 avait lieu le banquer annuel de FORMULATOUR1600 au chic hotel NOVOTEL. Qualifying 2. All cars with the Honda Fit power unit are assigned the A Class regardless of year of chassis. EVENT 2: BARC Canadian Touring Trophy Races July 25-26, 2020 Canadian Tire Motorsport Park Practice | Qualifying | Race 1 | Warm-up | Race 2 | Race 3. The Toyo Tires F1600 Championship also boasts a fantastic alumni with several of our past drivers going on to great success. Practice | Qualifying | Race 1 | Warm-up | Race 2 | Race 3, EVENT 4: BEMC Indian Summer Trophy Races 2019 OFFC General Meeting presentation is available here. Several reasons, firstly, we are an all Formula 1600 grid, that means no mixing of classes with different cars and performance . However to be scored or receive any contingency prizes/monies in the championship you must be a member of a CASC-OR recognized club and be registered in the Toyo Tires F1600 Championship Series. Race 1. This calendar was last updated 25 September 2020 22:03. Competitors who have non-registered numbers shall, where appropriate, add “1” as a prefix to the number already on the car. Search for: Calendar 2020 . Point distribution for each race is the following: (based on 3 races/event, 3 or more cars entered per class), 1st = 30 pts The winner was decide at GP3R after a very tight fight with 2018 SAISON / SEASON. If you are a U.S. resident, race licenses issued by SCCA and some other U.S. sanctioning bodies will be recognized.

F1600 Formula F Championship Series Official Website. 15th = 1 pt, * Disqualifications shall not count as a dropped score.

PILOTES DU WEEKEND / RACE WEEKEND DRIVERS: Michael Adams all the way with 2 wins  !!!

Jean Philippe Jodoin pour sa premiere victoire /HONDA  BRAVO!!!!! Course F1600 devant une foule de plus de 200000 personnes juste après qualifications de F1 / F1600 race over 200000 peoples watching the race just after F1 qualifications. Search for: Primary Menu. Résultats 2015 après 2e manche / Results 2015 after rounds GPF1 circuit Gilles Villeneuve5/ 6/7 juin / june 5/6/7 2015. The CanAm cup is our annual flagship race. F1600 Canada. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

Other than the spec Toyo Tires the rulebook is basically identical. Practice 2. Practice 16 minutes April 18th-20th.

It is however recommended you order your tires from.

Merci spécial à Mario Pallotta de OKI & Donald Vignault de Toyo canada pour avoir remis les trophés  /Thanks to all Formula Tour sponsors OKI  , HGREGOIRE ,  TOYO , HPD Racing. Privacy policy. Quelle belle surprise père et fils terminent 4 & 5e pour les deux courses BRAVO !!!

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