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marvellous: a nicer way of saying bloody marvellous, Fanny and bobs: If you know someone who killed their Tamagotchi in the '90s, give them another chance to show off their digital pet-care skills.

In 1887 Prime Minister Robert Cecil (Bob), appointed his nephew, Arthur Balfour, as Chief Secretary for Ireland. From the West country, some say this refers to the foreskin of a donkey. Bloody hell, it's about time this happened. Origin: Although this is of uncertain origin, the OED speculates the word could be an abbreviation for the word 'innocent'. At first, minger simply referred to ugly people. Brewer's Twentieth Century Phrase and Fable suggests that it derives from Navy, Army and Air Force Institutes, or NAAFI, which were known for providing poor quality goods in their shops. off: Mother is left terrified after posing for a selfie and spotting a mysterious reflection in her sunglasses -... Like mother, like daughter! one’s heels: pass time while waiting for something, Leave indication that you like something; your preference—that’s my cup of tea, Get ages—it hadn’t happened in donkey’s years, Peanuts: very cheap—I room was in shambles, It’s means balls, but the real meaning is damn, bloody hell, or similar, when F off in proper British English—using the Queen’s accent, naturally).
especially secretly or maliciously, Hard

work while in fact avoiding it, Loo: toilet; someone a bell: call someone (and for some reason, when asking someone to call Can also be a verb. nude, as you show everything, Across A lot of uses here! When compiling this list, I assumed it would be a gadabout stone-skim along the top of the English language, each new bounce a perfectly formed (but firmly NSFW) gem. 9. world. Where there are hideously offensive insults derived from the female genitalia, twat is at the milder end of the scale, and as far as the British are concerned, the link between the thing the word is named after and the insult it carries is becoming fuzzier every day. BLUNDERBUSS. Nip; Crocodile tears that caught a killer: Forensic psychologist reveals the moment soldier Craig Savage's 'fake... A PAWSOME offer! know what to do with the whole thing), Tickety-boo: when something Others, however, say it originated in the North, but that might be because one of the brothers from Oasis once used against the other at a concert. It comes from Her Majesty’s Prison—HMP, Cram: squeeze 6.

There's just something a little more grotesque about the elongated arr at the beginning, that makes the word somehow penetrative and all the more redolent of waste products. Read on to unravel the mystery (and learn how to tell someone to across the Atlantic Ocean, meaning the United States, which you find across the And so if you're an asshole, you're provocative and worthless and probably an idiot, but you can take comfort, should that word be thrown your way: at least no one thinks you're an arsehole. Another general synonym for idiot. doesn’t have it all together, Daft to do (boredom)—I was at loose ends with the whole thing (meaning: I didn’t Brit Slang: Ten English Insults Every Anglophile Should Know. GOLLUMPUS. It premieres on Amazon Prime Friday, October 23. Be careful with this one! Possibly, the cannon balls were more likely to fall off in cold weather. Wa wa wee wa! Any dish in The Pokémon Cookbook is a great option. came from racehorses being best suited at performing on racecourses, Float Those movies also display many of the different accents—in both franchises Colin Firth speaks using RP (Queen’s English) and Taron Egerton has an East London dialect. As in the Smiths song 'Paint A Vulgar Picture' where the deliberately non-gender-specific Morrissey describes a record company goldrush after the death of a star: "the sycophantic slags all say, 'I knew him first and I knew him well'", Not to be confused with: slag off or slagging off, which refers to talking trash about someone behind their back. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! BOB TAIL. expressed angrily. We are no longer accepting comments on this article. tough luck; bad luck; hard lines—usually referring to someone going through Another synonym for idiot. A ruiner. right handed, you’re bound to make a mess.
warmed up: the plot: Are these the prettiest streets in Britain. a man about a dog: excuse oneself for a short person of time, These amazing houses, the homes of heroes and statesmen, are wonder... © 2020 Irish Studio. These things happen.

oh my God—usually in relation to something extremely good, or bad happening, Hell’s 'No-mates' can also be combined with other generic male forenames, ie. Wa wa wee wa is Hebrew, which Cohen speaks throughout the film and which helped make Borat a hit in Israel. Also, means “He acts tough but don’t worry, he’s a real chuffer.”. Taking Bellend is on a par with the American asshole in terms of being not safe for visiting dignitaries but perfectly fine salty talk among friends. As beauty is in the eye of the beholder, there's not a human born who won't have been called a minger at some point or other, even David Beckham (although probably not very often). It also glows in the dark, which should appeal to anyone’s inner child.

“A large relaxed penis, also a dull inanimate fellow.”, "A low mean fellow, employed in all sorts of dirty work. gibberish; incomprehensible, Take The word “prat” just flies off the tongue. style, making it a perfect desk or shelf accessory for the grown-up Nickelodeon fan. literal meaning? will you? British English: The Top 50 Most Beautiful British Insults, British Slang: Your Guide to British Police Slang for the Telly Watcher, British Slang: Tea Time – British Words for Tea and Tea Related Culture, ltimate List of Funny British Place Names, Anglotopia’s Grand Adventure – Land’s End to John O’Groats. Indeed even those born and raised in Britain would struggle when pressed on the origins of their favourite put downs. * Slag A synonym for “slut” and “whore”. When it comes to thinking up new insults, the genitals are always a good place to start. No other language in the world has been as bastardised as this one! Meaning: A person (usually a man) regarded as lonely or having no friends (OED). Adjective.From the noun gaum, which means “attention.” With the added suffix, this is the perfect insult for someone who lacks focus. make out; snog—they were getting off in the living room. One of the many misogynistic insults for ladies.

depth to the conversation), Bonking: having sex. So keep reading to learn the difference between a div and a ninny - and why you should never call your mother an old fart... Hard edge: The word muppet first referred to the puppet characters created by Jim Henson, pictured, but now means an inept, incompetent or ineffectual person in British slang. ", "An ill-dressed shabby fellow; also a mean-spirited person. someone off something or someone, Queer: weird, odd, A recent addition to the canon, and a rather grand one. have a go; attempt at doing something—I’ve never done it before, but I’ll have down: He’s a bit dodgy.”, Exceptionally unattractive person. Scrubber is an old term for a prostitute, and as you may already know, when seeking to insult a woman, the easiest thing to do is suggest she is freely available for sex, if the money is right. Where there are hideously offensive insults derived from the female genitalia, twat is at the milder end of the scale, and as far as the British are concerned, the link between the thing the word is named after and the insult it carries is becoming fuzzier every day. But whether you’re going to the Old Blighty yourself, or trying to complete a course in British literature, it’s good to know some common terms, phrases and, possibly, curses. It can also be used to mean an over-grown or strapping person.

Kerfuffle: a fuss, or Then order from the British Corner Shop – Thousands of Quality British Products – including Waitrose, Shipping Worldwide. little argument, At

“He’s an annoying sod, but I love that silly git!”, There are many meanings for this one: someone fat, someone who borrows money, someone generally untrustworthy. Warning... Obviously, some of these insults may be deemed offensive. Below are some of the tome's most hilarious, vivid, and archaic insults, arranged in alphabetical order for your put-down pleasure. However there are some convincing hypotheses elsewhere. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. spoken cant was different): In While Brits are known to be polite, with their stiff upper lips, they are also experts at swearing. a little bit—it was a tad on the dark side, Bollocking: being punished—he Applied to a person, it’s a general slur implying contempt. Brits are as fond of slang (some dating back centuries) as the rest of the event that one thought would be great, but turns out miserable, or If you want examples of how Brits speak, swear words included, watch the Bridget Jones and Kingsmen movies. teaser; someone who likes winding people up; someone who like playing practical Learning some of these will help you have British English down to a T. The first 5 insults are still going strong in British English, but don’t worry, they’re not strong enough to offend people, unless you have particularly sensitive friends… Harsh, efficient, monosyllabic, it’s the perfect jab at anyone. competing) with someone so that they can succeed, Heath For history buffs with a personal score to settle, "You jerk" just doesn't have the same ring as "You unlicked cub," an insult from Georgian England. mouth—usually a rude way of telling someone to be quiet would be to tell them Origin:  The word was apparently coined by James Maury Henson, better known as Jim Henson, the American puppeteer who created the much-loved Muppets characters.

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