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So they assume that the Schrodinger equation must be describing a wave, too, and so, wow! DeWitt was the one who brought in multiverse terminology, referring to those other solutions and their propagation as “universes” or “worlds”. The wave function is a function of either two positions (in the position representation) or two momenta (in the momentum representation). And then, remarkably, he actually goes on to (tacitly) concede that he has begged the question! The bottom line is that I think it would be more fruitful to try and figure out what kind of a thing would act like that (strings?) 1. Then you get into the different ways this idea could work. I won’t pretend there aren’t some in 3. Are either of you able to coherently fault this assessment? I’m personally inclined toward an epistemic view of the wave function, sorta like the function for determining the orbit of a planet. I’m also open to the possibility that my concern could be in the same category as those who wondered why the stars didn’t show parallax under Copernicus’ model. Tests related to Bell’s Inequality seem to demonstrate that. 1. When Alice makes a “measurement” at that point she enters a superposition of outcomes and at that point the wave-function is in an eigenstate reflecting that outcome. If Alice(UP) repeats her original test, she gets an UP result each time, and no branching occurs. > The way matter behaves doesn’t really seem to leave room for volition. And I guess with this proposal we’re even talking about “infinite universes”. Preaching the gospel of evidence, experiment and reason since 2003. I’m not sure that classifying these other universes as “consequences” rather than “postulates” does much to address my concerns. And that the Deutsch/Wallace effort is the kind of approach (e.g., attempt to use decision theory) that I would expect from an effort that might eventually succeed (and convince everybody). Change ), You are commenting using your Google account.

David Elieser Deutsch, FRS is a British physicist at the University of Oxford. It’s hard to describe it in the abstract. It wasn’t until the late 1960s that the idea gained some momentum when it was taken up and enthusiastically promoted by Bryce DeWitt, of the University of North Carolina, who wrote: “every quantum transition taking place in every star, in every galaxy, in every remote corner of the universe is splitting our local world on Earth into myriad copies of itself.” This became too much for Wheeler, who backtracked from his original endorsement of the MWI, and in the 1970s, said: “I have reluctantly had to give up my support of that point of view in the end — because I am afraid it carries too great a load of metaphysical baggage.” Ironically, just at that moment, the idea was being revived and transformed through applications in cosmology and quantum computing. All they really have in common is the idea that consciousness can be explained as a brute contingent fact about the universe that we live in — that it just so happens that this universe can support consciousness, but that it is logically possible for a physically identical universe not to host consciousness at all (and instead to host p-zombies). Nonetheless, my subjective experience is still something that a complete theory of reality needs to account for as far as I'm concerned.> then doesn't MWI (or a few other options which mostly differ from MWI by their claims about objective reality, not by their theories of consciousness) follow?There are at least four interpretations of QM that are widely considered viable in the sense that the cannot be ruled out on the evidence alone: MWI, Bohm, GRW collapse, and Copenhagen. As the registers of qubits get larger, the power of the quantum computer grows exponentially. Alice (and Bob) have each chosen to use a (similar) device to interact with a quantum system. He sees the particle, not the wave, as the more fundamental reality. Eric,

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