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code party name; aap: alberta advantage party: aip: alberta independence party: ap: alberta party: cp-a: communist party - alberta: fcp: freedom conservative party Energy and regulations: A UCP government would set up a $30-million, taxpayer-funded “war room” to defend Alberta’s energy industry here and abroad, setting up satellite offices if need be. The Liberals would dispense with the optional class size guidelines that were adopted in Alberta in 2003. The Wildrose won 21 seats Tuesday, earning the party official Opposition status. As this is a first-past-the-post election, seat totals are not determined by total popular vote, but instead by results in each riding. Before the writ dropped, Kenney floated a plan to auction off around 100,000 acres of public land in Peace Country to the highest bidder (similar to a program under former premier Ed Stelmach), and potentially expand it across the province. Then there’s the latest fiscal update. October 19: The Alberta Electoral Boundaries Commission releases its final report finalizing names and boundary changes that will take effect for the next provincial election. It would also require the justice department to file annual reports detailing the number of crimes committed by people on bail, probation and under conditional sentences, and prosecutors to provide courts with offenders’ criminal records during bail hearings. Republication or distribution of this content is

If you don't see it please check your junk folder. The Freedom Conservative Party finished sixth, although they ran fewer candidates compared to the other parties. Education: Mandel promised an Alberta Party government would double the number of educational assistants in the province. The 338Canada project is a statistical model of electoral projections based on opinion polls, electoral history of Canadian provinces and demographic data. The party wants to see plastic and paper identification for health care, drivers’ licenses, provincial ID and the Alberta WIN cards all converted digitally to a “government identification app with a portal to allow Albertans more flexibility when presenting ID.”. We have enabled email notifications—you will now receive an email if you receive a reply to your comment, there is an update to a comment thread you follow or if a user you follow comments. There was an error, please provide a valid email address. He has since put the brakes on that proposal, and says a UCP government would consult with First Nations first. Meet Alberta's NDP history-maker, Promises, promises: What to expect in Alberta, under NDP rule, Health Minister Hajdu says she went maskless at airport only while eating, Feds urged to act as data suggests COVID-19 making it hard for veterans to get help, Federal study details workers hit hardest by tax, benefit system for extra earnings, Trudeau congratulates Horgan on NDP's election victory in British Columbia, Health minister says China must be held to account if they weren't honest about virus, AFN, NDP call for Trudeau to remove RCMP Commissioner Lucki, CTV QP: 'Mail-in elections will be the new normal', CTV QP: 'I believe there is systemic racism', CTV QP: 'We need to do better': Fisheries minister, CTV QP: 'He was warned': Former task force member, CTV National News: Airline industry struggles. Are you eligible to vote in Alberta? All rights reserved. Audience Relations, CBC P.O. Notley’s plan would expand the network by 3,500 kilometres. What’s less certain is the future of Emissions Reduction Alberta, an arms-length agency established in 2007 and a recognized world-leader funding research technology with carbon tax dollars. Seniors:The NDP pledged that a re-elected NDP government would cover the prescription costs for the majority of Alberta seniors. Energy: Fildebrandt said he wants to end the curtailment policy brought in by Notley to reduce the oil differential last year, calling the move intrusive on a free energy market. On average, FCP candidates polled the most votes outside the three largest parties. July 25: The UCP caucus is formally established in the legislature, comprising all 22 Wildrose MLAs and 7 of the 8 PC MLAs. Article content. The NDP plans to create a program dubbed Hometown Alberta, which would help smaller communities renovate aging hockey arenas, swimming pools and recreation centres. The Election Act fixes the election date to a three-month period, between March 1 and May 31 in the fourth calendar year after the preceding election day which in this case was May 5, 2015. Sohi, a former Edmonton city councillor, used to be the minister for infrastructure for the Liberal government, however he was moved to natural resources in July 2018. While in office, he could also be spotted knocking on constituents’ doors and setting up coffee for Calgarians on downtown street corners. To order copies of McLean, when asked if there was a single issue that decided the election in his favour at his victory party at a bar called Wurst in Calgary’s Mission neighbourhood, he said pipelines were the main issue he heard about on voters’ doorsteps. Jason Kenney and the UCP all but erased the gains made by the NDP in 2015, with all but three of Calgary's 26 ridings either projected for, or leaning toward, the conservative party. “I just cannot express my appreciation, my debt to all of you, because I am what you made me,” Sohi said, standing next to his daughter and his wife. Her father, Grant, helped found the Alberta NDP, and won the party’s first seat in Alberta in 1971. He would also proclaim so-called turn off the taps legislation “within an hour” of the first cabinet meeting, readying Alberta to use it against B.C. The following is a list of scientific opinion polls of published voter intentions. Still, leader Derek Fildebrandt has already unveiled the centrepiece of his party’s platform — Alberta’s government must come to an agreement with the feds on major constitutional reform, or face an independence referendum. It also raised Alberta’s corporate tax to 12 per cent from 10 per cent, implemented strategies for energy efficiency and renewable energy, and promised to work with Indigenous and federal governments to resolve land claims, such as the Lubicon Lake Band settlement. Registration of the United Conservative Party has been approved by Elections Alberta.

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