chess openings for beginners

This principle should be a pretty obvious one, if you know the rules of chess. I'm sure a lot of new players will find this useful. Two or three pawn moves in the center. Kings Pawn Opening is the most widely used opening in chess, because of the feature to open up both the light square bishop and the queen at the same time. Hours of operation: Monday - Saturday: 10am - 6pm, Sundays: 11am - 5pm. Because there are some “other openings” that are more playable and that one can occasionally encounter over the board.

(It’s a hard one! Wow, thanks for this post, this is so instructive and inspiring for a beginner like me. Do I get nervous when my king is in danger? Therefore, a beginner should probably prefer opening the game with the advance of his king or his queen pawn. You can easily change the order in which you play this setup. Here White has only created moves for his rook to h2 or h3 (if we disregard the knights for the moment). Moves: 1. e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Extensive analysis of the art of planning in chess is well beyond the scope of this article. The center isn’t blasted open immediately, hence the name of this group of openings. A natural question would be what constitutes a useful and purposeful square. Formulate a plan (develop the pieces with purpose). Black replies symmetrically, hindering White’s occupation of the center and opening two pieces of his own. Simple one is to go after the enemy King. Following recent trends in opening theory is a must for any chess professional. When I was just starting out in chess, I was barely able to beat people rated 900 on this chess site. Of course, those above 1200 can read this and learn something new, but those of you above 1200 should seek Intermediate opening guides that are recommended for those between 1250-1400. World Champion Mikhail Botvinnik said that every strong player will formulate a plan already around move eight. It is important to note that one shouldn’t create threats merely for the sake of threatening something, but also try to obtain something in strategical sense. Modern openings include various combinations of moves for both White and Black and there are numerous openings that belong to this group. Semi-closed games are encountered at least as regularly as closed games in response to 1 d2-d4. Irregular openings represent a group, whose openings moves suffer one or more serious defects. Nowadays, theoretical novelties are common occurrence and their number and frequency are constantly increasing. Being hemmed by pawns and pieces and unable to jump over anything, it takes at least three moves to include one rook into a game. One mistake beginners often commit is moving their pawns too often in the opening. A Chess Course: From Beginner to Winner - Jacobs, De La Maza & Sadler, Your First Move: Chess for Beginners - Alexei Sokolsky, A Complete Guide to Flank Openings - Neil McDonald, Testbook of Opening Traps - Gerd Treppner, A Startling Chess Opening Repertoire - Baker & Burgess (New Edition), Chess: Beginners & Intermediate - Hugh Patterson, The London System: Properly Played - Marcus Schmucker, Openings: Open Games - Konikowski & Bekemann, Chess Opening Traps for Kids - Graham Burgess, My First Chess Opening Repertoire for Black - Vincent Moret, Learn Chess The Right Way Book 3: Mastering Defensive Technique - Susan Polgar, Learn Chess The Right Way Book 2: Winning Material - Susan Polgar, Your First Chess Lessons - Paul van der Sterren, Chess One - A complete introduction to the Royal Game - Vassilis Aristotelous, Basic Chess Openings for Kids - Charles Hertan, The Batsford Book of Chess: From Beginner to Winner - Sean Marsh, Chess Openings for Kids - John Watson & Graham Burgess, Mastering the Chess Openings: Volume 1 - John Watson.

Considering that the goal of a chess game is checkmating the opponent’s king (), placing your king on a safe place makes a lot of sense. Paying it forward is good. The coincidence made me LOL so hard. Play toward the center. The concept of planning in chess is usually the hardest thing for a beginner to digest. Also, once a player advances his d-pawn, there is high probability of pawn exchange in the center, resulting in the center without any pawns, or the so called open center. This opening is popularly known as the Spanish game and was named after a Spanish priest, Ruy Lopez, who discovered this opening in the year of 1561. Posts like yours are always welcome to beginners. Thanks for your comments.

The artilcle then went on about how certain masters insist that 1.e4 leads to a force win for white, while other masters claimed that 1.d4 was even better. Also, moving the second pawn in the center is suddenly a much more difficult task, because the e-pawn is not defended by the piece on the first rank and can always be captured by the d-pawn once it advances. Such moves are known as theoretical novelties. i dont suggest hypermodern ones, though. To get a feeling of why this is a good idea, let’s look at the position arising after White moves his king’s pawn: 1 e2-e4. Can you solve Nabokov’s problem? This is the most used defence when dealing with white's e4 move, and even in Grandmaster games. An opening is the group of initial moves of a chess game, normally the first 10-12 moves. With the move d2-d4 White opens the c1-h6 diagonal for his dark squared bishop. It is true that most non-professionals chess players don’t have the time for deep opening study. ), Learn how to read and write chess notation Here, How to Play Chess Online- A Chess Experts Guide, HOW TO PLAY CHESS FOR BEGINNERS: RULES AND BASIC STRATEGY, Tips for Teaching Kids the Art of Playing Chess, Everything you need to know about Chess pieces, Your queen has to move after it is attacked, so you are losing time as well, fighting for the control in the center with the advance of the c pawn. 20 products. Definitly worth studying. Hope you all enjoy this small article on strong chess openings! However, with chess development, players realized that openings which were once considered as total rubbish are actually very much playable. Clear indication that something has gone terribly wrong for White. We can see here that knight could jump to eight different squares the next time White moves this knight (assuming those squares were not actually occupied by White’s own pieces). Chess opening is a term that refers to the initial moves which lay the foundation for a chess game. Anything, as long as you have a plan. Although it depends on the concrete position, a rule of thumb says that generally pieces in the center stand much better than pieces on the edge of the board. The first opening to learn as black is easily the Sicilian Defense.

Any sort of “action“ in chess is impossible without participation of the majority of one’s pieces. The famous Legal’s mate is a vivid illustration of the dangers awaiting those who commit their bishops too early. Even a wrong plan is fine for a start. A lot of your opening moves depend on your opponent -- you'll just have to feel out the game. Always have a plan! Therefore, if you take your queen out too early, your opponent may be able to exploit that by attacking it with his pieces and accomplishing the following: The previous post about Scholar’s mate has already mentioned the disadvantages of early queen adventures, but let’s take a look at another example: White has already moved his queen twice in the opening (losing tempo). Please note that our mail-order department is closed at weekends and public holidays, if you phone during these times your call will be automatically transferred to our retail shop. So you can read chess books, learn lessons and study chess games, Learn how to read and write chess notation Here, (Learn More on How to Improve Your Chess Game Here). 90 % of the games will feature an opening belonging to one of the four groups mentioned (this number is just a rough estimate, of course). He threatens the b7 pawn, but Black can simply ignore that threat and continue his development: White should probably avoid taking the pawn, but let’s see what happens if he does it: Black already has three pieces in play, and White’s queen is forced to move once again: Black now violates the principle of moving the same piece twice because he can win material by force. Finally, keep in mind that, regarding chess openings, the old saying of “less is more” isn’t the best approach. Another way of formulating this principle is: “Castle early and castle often.“. Black has several options: the queen's gambit accepted, queen's gambit declined, and the Slav defense. Compared to open and closed games, in modern openings one or both sides refrain from occupying the center too early. Therefore, choosing the opening moves directly influences subsequent play in a chess game. Im only a beginner with chess too but when reading some opening articles I was warned about the alekhine defence so studied the moves in case i got the chance to use it. Therefore, I have decided to make a clear distinction between those openings and ones that really make no sense whatsoever. Petroff and QGD Lasker variation, 1.c4 e6 as Black. Maybe a few more words on each openings - the main goals? With the development of modern chess, opening theory has become more and more significant.

Finally, a word of caution (which appears to become a customary theme for my articles) is once again required here. Display: 24 per page. The choices of the beginner depend on his or her ambition. Therefore, these principles should be regarded more as guidelines for opening play, and not as dogmas. However most ppl like to back the bishop because, 2.

Otherwise nice thread. or instance, move Nf3 as your first move, followed by the pawn moving to g2. 3.

Besides you are not really losing a tempo by retreating since black used a tempo to play h6.

White now has the power to castle, and already has a fairly strong control on the board.

The logical question that suggests itself at this point is, “How do I choose the ideal opening, when there is such an abundance of possibilities?

One of the main goals of the opening play is rapid development of the pieces. There are numerous ways of playing the opening phase of a chess game. They had started giving specific names to specific openings and had made the first steps towards the development of opening theory. For instance, in order to reach the f7 point with his knight (that is typically considered as a weak point in Black’s position), White has to move it three times. Are we talking about a kid who has aspirations to become a chess professional, or are we talking about a beginner who simply wants to enjoy the game? Required fields are marked *.

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