casentino fabric

In the west, the Pratomagno Massif separates it from the higher Valdarno.

Spiritual places have a very special energy that surpasses religious boundaries and invigorates the heart and the mind. Each ecomuseum in the network has its own role to play, and individual characteristics, which also reflect diverse times, spaces and ways of doing things. Whereas, everyone has a vivid memory of the trip from which he has returned. " By becoming part of the Ricciarini S.p.a. Group, leader in contemporary fabrics production, Casentino 1848 is able to blend history and tradition with research and innovation, creating collections with a truly unique charm.

This sector is still the most important industry in the valley today, particularly in Soci and Stia where you can visit the Museo della lana (wool museum). At dawn of the third millennium, social, political and cultural events are bringing people to rediscover the beauty and quality of traditional materials, that had been surpassed by mass produced lower quality materials. FRIENDS OF THE DONKEY EVERYONE TO THE FARM!. The park surrounds a precious treasure: the ‘Nature Reserve of Sasso Fratino’.

In the east, the Alps of Serra and the Alps of Catenaia separate Casentino from the higher Tiber valley. TACS was born with Bruno Savelli, who learnt the art of wool production in the famous wool mill in Stia, and then further improved under the lead of his son Massimo. It went from being simple clothing for shepherds and woodcutters to culturally influential names such as Giuseppe Verdi and Giacomo Puccini. 1960. Once all the production phases are industrialized, Casentino reaches its apex and the whole valley's economy and social life starts changing and acquiring prestige. Today, Casentino cloth is an elegant fabric available in a variety of colours, although brown, orange and green are the most sought after. A Tuscan excellence in the world, ‘SANTA MARIA DEL SASSO’ SANCTUARY AND MONASTERY, THE ‘FRATERNITÀ DI ROMENA’ AND ITS CHURCH, MUSEO DELL’ARTE DELLA LANA DI STIA (MUSEUM OF THE ART OF WOOL, STIA), EXCURSION: PORCIANO.. A CASTLE, A VILLAGE AND A MARKETPLACE, MARCO CLARICI - PROFESSIONAL HIKING GUIDE, VILLAGES AND WOODS – ON THE SLOPES OF PRATOMAGNO. Then it made its fortune in the 18th century, when the wool fabric became the primary product in the numerous wool mills of the Casentino valley. In the nineteenth century Casentino cloth was used as a cover for animals. This sector is still the most important industry in the valley today, particularly in Soci and Stia where you can visit the Museo della lana (wool museum). Collaboration opportunities and storytelling projects. It was particularly appreciated for its resistance to wear and tear. FORESTS & HISTORY – GO BACK IN TIME AMIDST FASCINATING SURROUNDINGS. Tuscany is one of the Italian regions better known for its excellent craftsmanship. Casentino cloth was first created in these hills and is now used in high fashion. I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived. In the traditional colours of orange and green, ‘Panno Casentino’ is characterised by a ‘bobbly’ finish created by a specific treatment called ‘ratinatura’. Thanks to its high level of research and innovation, today the brand reflects the highest quality level in artisanal fabrics production. In the Casentino valley you will find museums that recount historical, cultural and folkloric aspects of the region.

Well known since ancient times, thanks to the abundance of primary materials and the motor-powering strength of the water, indispensable for powering the mills, it had a successful period in the second half of the 19th century. In the 15th century, the Medici gave the Florentine guild of wool workers the task of protecting the friars and their friary. A wool factory was soon opened in La Verna which produced woollen clothes for all the Franciscan congregation.

Casentino is a small, precious jewel in Tuscany: atmospheric and rich with history.

The valley is in the province of Arezzo, a few kilometres from Florence; the first section of the river Arno flows through it, starting at Mount Falterona (1654m above sea level). Questo sito utilizza cookie a scopo tecnico per migliorare la navigazione Leggi di più - Ho capito, Questo sito è ottimizzato per la navigazione verticale. During this period they invented an unusual material, known as ‘Panno Casentino’ (Casentino cloth), whose principal characteristics are a unique ‘bobbly’ surface texture and bright orange and emerald green colours. For further information and to learn about wool working processes, please contact MUSEO DELL’ARTE DELLA LANA DI STIA (MUSEUM OF THE ART OF WOOL, STIA) ( This humble use allowed for several experiments. Today, Casentino cloth is an elegant fabric available in a variety of colours, although brown, orange and green are the most sought after.

Beautiful Romanesque churches full of art, culture and religion. Created in medieval times as a ‘rustic cloth’ worn by monks and mountainfolk and used by cart drivers to cover their horses, in the 19th century ‘Panno Casentino’ became appreciated by well-known people such as Bettino Ricasoli, Giuseppe Verdi and Giacomo Puccini. It is thanks to this bobbly effect that it has a double layer, which gives the cloth perfect thermal insulation and makes it efficiently waterproof, while at the same time maintaining the breathability of leather. As a result, today TACS represents an excellent product with a solid appeal capable of satisfying the most demanding customers. The fabric first appears in the Casentino Valley, in the heart of the mountain region of eastern Tuscany, where sheep have always been raised for wool production. It slowly became fashionable and met the approval of women who wanted it in the green version as well (up to that time green had only been used for linings).

Throughout the generations , it is undoubtedly their love for a style that was and still is an uncontested symbol of Italian elegance in the world. Welcoming forests, which enable the visitor to experience vivid and deep sensations; full of meditative silences that can turn in an instant into fascinating sounds, providing tales and encounters to tell. © 2020 Casentino 1848 All rights reserved |. The company conserves original crafting techniques more than two hundred years old and a cultural heritage of incredible value. On this date, the traditional “Panno Casentino” fabric was first produced for the commercial market.

Style Icon Audrey Hepburn wears an orange Panno Casentino coat in Breakfast at Tiffany's; thanks to this movie, the fabric reaches world wide notoriety in the fashion industry.

Casentino 1848 is established. "Travelling is like dreaming: the only difference is that not everyone, once awake, can recall their dream.

In doing so and quite by mistake, they created the orange tincture that still characterizes Casentino cloth today. In fact, the Franciscan cloth, produced in the following colours ‘fratino’, ‘bigio’ and ‘topo’, became sought after soon after its creation across the territory. It was very rough because the Florentine wool workers forced the friars and all the wool factories in the valley to use only ordinary wools in order to avoid any kind of competition.

In order to make it more water-proof, the manufacturers used then unknown tinctures. The Casentino wool fabric has been continually used since the Middle Age for blankets for the animals or for Franciscan friars’ cowls, because of its charateristic strength and durability. Casentino fabric was also sold in France, at the time known for its sophisticated fabrics. The company today is kept fresh and alive thanks to the presence of Massimo’s son and daughter, David and Letizia. The first coats were worn by carters who noticed the use of the fabric and took it from their animals to wear it themselves. Finally, the western reliefs of Mount Falterona separate the valley from Mugello. Working with wool is without doubt one of the most important production processes in the Arno Valley. The Casentino cloth is a durable fabric characterized by the classic curls which are the reasons for its strength and waterproofness.

Style Icon Audrey Hepburn wears an orange Panno Casentino coat in Breakfast at Tiffany's; thanks to this movie, the fabric reaches world wide notoriety in the fashion industry. Many activities to suit all tastes and ages; a day at the zoo, a walk in the shade of the beech woods, surround yourself with colour, a walk in the snow, a game of golf, an excursion and so much more….

Mount Falterona, together with Mount Falco (1658m above sea level), makes up the northern border of the valley, at the boundary with Romagna. Today ‘Panno Casentino’ is a symbol of elegance and style and is used by the most important Italian designers to create high fashion clothing. They form a sort of layer that allows the skin to breathe but at the same time keeps water out and therefore makes it perfect for the harsh winters of Casentino. The fabrics produced in Casentino are living a second youth and are slowly going back to being a reference point in the fabric industry. INDIRIZZO: via Sanarelli 49, Stia (AR), 52017, IT, FIRENZE
Borgo Santi Apostoli 43r, Firenze
 Tel: 055 219244, Piazza Bernardo Tanucci 12, Stia (AR)
 Tel: 347 0927027, Via Conti Guidi 9, Poppi (AR)
 Tel: 389 8026810, Via Manin 41, Bagno di Romagna (FC)
 Tel: 334 6946590, Cookies help us to deliver our services.

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