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[6] Jolin Tsai will share her experience of performances and gives correct guidance to the trainees.

As a result, Wei Wuxian punched him and the two began to brawl. [6] In the talent show, as a rapper, After Journey will teach the Chinese rap of the trainees.[6]. In that moment, he lost control of his rage, and Wen Ning pierced his hand through Jin Zixuan's heart.

Youth . [6] As an "Asian pop queen", she will teach trainees how to master the stage in the show.


[7], Wang Jieshi from the Artist Advisory Council gives all the trainees an open class to share his singing experiences.


Jiang Dawei, a member of the Artist Advisory Council, gives an open class to all the trainees after the second performance, sharing his insights into music according to his experiences. Please help this article by looking for better, more reliable sources. Live-Action Actor Because of no performances on stage, the other eight groups receive zero additional votes from this mission.[7]. The lowest ranked trainees are able to pick their song and position first; however, higher ranked trainees are allowed to replace an already occupied position with themselves. The performances are grouped according to their companies. [9], Despite the enmity between the Lanling Jin Sect and Wei Wuxian, Jin Zixuan insisted on inviting Wei Wuxian to Jin Ling's one month celebration. The trainees begin performing in groups. [7], As Jiang Yanli made plans to depart, Jin Zixuan suddenly blurted out the truth – that he was not forced, that he wanted to spend time with her. The trainees allocate the dormitory according to the initial grade. [6] MC Jin will share his experience and guide the trainees to become a better rapper. Cao Yu Chen est un acteur chinois. Li Wenhan claims rank 1, while Yao Bolan is revealed as rank 60, saving himself from elimination. [9], In the aftermath of his son's death, Jin Guangshan proclaimed that he would drop the matter if Wen Qing and Wen Ning turned themselves in for execution. In addition, the Artist Advisory Council evaluates trainees' potential based on their group performances, thus recommending 10 trainees to advance to the next stage of the competition. Suihua (former)

In the rehabilitation center, according to the child's preferences, the trainees gently step to the inner world of the lonely child. Voice Actor (Chinese) The episode begins with trainees from the 22 standing in front of the rank 1 seat and talking about their experiences and hardships towards their dreams.

After their speech, they yell "Can I do it? The trainees with higher rankings pick their songs first, and each song is available until the member limit is reached. They also play basketball on an acupuncture mat, with team members wearing the basketball hoop. [4], Unfortunately, Wen Chao led the training, and due to his lingering resentment, he frequently scolded Jin Zixuan, along with Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian. The first task was released: perform the theme song of the programme. Their result is not revealed until the 3rd ranking announcement.

[8], The couple were thrilled when Jiang Yanli gave birth to their son Jin Ling, and Jin Zixuan helped arrange extravagant celebrations when Jin Ling turned one week and one month old. There’s even a trailer!

Realizing he had shouted in front 0f a large audience, he promptly fled in embarrassment. [7] The youth producers voted for which concept they believed was most suitable for trainees from February 22 to 26, 2019. [12], The relationship between Madam Jin and Jin Guangshan deteriorated after Jin Zixuan was no longer around to mediate. They watch the performances on a monitor. [6] After Journey will teach the trainees by himself and regularly check the improvements of trainees.

The trainee's accumulated votes are reset to zero for this challenge.


Li Wenhan falls ill and cannot perform the collaboration stage with Lay Zhang, causing the group to redistribute positions at the last minute. Posted On 07/02/2019 09/15/2019 By idarklight comment. The last mission is revealed: Final Stage. [3] On April 6, 2019, the final nine contestants debuted as UNINE. [7] The second-ranking announcement will be held during the training of this task. Episode 3 [7] If the youth producer is not satisfied with the performance of a certain group, they can abstain from voting.

After receiving the result, the group leader can choose to look it by himself or with his group members. Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation - Founder of Diabolism Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Trainees each receive an envelope from Lay Zhang and move to the corresponding training room according to the number on the song card.

Lin Yuzhi is revealed to be rank 35, saving himself from elimination. "Rebuild (重塑)" must drop 3 members, "Tinder (火种)" must drop 2 members, and "I'm Sorry" must drop 1 member. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Mavericks trainee Yao Chi is selected as the "top visual". [4] He will become a strict mentor during the process of trainees' competition. The Untamed is now available with English Subs on Youtube here. Cao Yuchen, 金 jīn – gold子 zi – common prefix in names轩 xuān – a tall pavilion, Jin Zixuan was engaged to Jiang Yanli during his childhood, on the basis that his mother Madam Jin and Jiang Yanli's mother Yu Ziyuan had promised each other that their children would become sworn brothers and sisters if they were the same sex, or husband and wife if they were boy and girl. ", and the remaining trainees shout back words of encouragement. They complete a rehearsal assessment and were invited individually into a dark room standing in front of a screen. Additionally, trainees participate in more activities. Therefore, only the top 35 trainees are eligible to stand on the stage, while the rest of the trainees will leave the show during training, and they cannot participate in the performance. The name of the debuting group is announced to be "UNINE". Personal Information After recording "Youth With You", the second challenge is revealed. Each trainee gets 5 minutes to talk to his family before the Spring Festival.

Before the second-ranking was announced, each group is temporarily divided into two groups for training, and each group selects the team leader and the center position.

The trainees sing "Goodbye" by A-Yue before Lay Zhang walks in and second ranking announcements begin. Contents. In contrast to their brawl in the Cloud Recesses, Jin Zixuan, however, was too stunned to fight back. However, on the day of the celebration, he noticed that Jin Guangyao wore a strange expression, prompting him to inquire if anything was the matter. [7], Jin Zixuan hired several writers to compose a confession of love for Jiang Yanli, but in the end, he used none of the words. By the time he landed, Wei Wuxian had commanded the sentient Fierce Corpse Wen Ning to fend off over three-hundred enemies while he fought Jin Zixun. The selection process is done by the group performing the chorus, with each trainee taking the role of center once, then a closed voting process within the members of that group. Find and follow posts tagged cao yu chen on Tumblr. [7] If the tutor replies "I can" to the trainees within a limited time, they will be able to form a team. Jolin Tsai is a dance instructor in Youth With You.

Novel The final 20th spot is between Chen Tao and Gu Landi, and Chen Tao is revealed to be rank 20. Three recommended trainees are already in the Top 35, but Bo Yuan, Wen Yechen and Zhan Yu are saved.

The remaining time is given to the trainees to say their goodbyes. Instructor Li Ronghao hosts a songwriting class for interested trainees. 1 Youth. "The Last Day" is performed next and goes through the same process center selection process, where the top 2 choices were Li Wenhan and He Changxi. [5] Li returned as the vocal mentor from Idol Producer. [7] Deng Chaoyuan from "DREAM" Team B wins the most votes overall with 199 votes. He reprimanded her for taking someone else's credit, warning her "Don’t think that just because you come from a powerful sect that you can steal and trample other people’s feelings. Découvrez tous les films de Cao Yu Chen (Acteur).


The teams decide which members will leave by ranking each member in the group based on their suitability to the song. MC Jin is a rap instructor in Youth With You.

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