bret weinstein joe rogan transcript

Oh that's, evergreen state faculty demand punishment of white professor who refused to leave an anti white day. They just want to CHI Vol black professors and all white people on their knees as slaves, and what is it was the ultimate goal. Nor did it come up that McRaven had stepped down from his job as chancellor of the University of Texas in 2018, citing health concerns. It rings alarm bells so that that's the gist of the story and the letter caused quite a stir amongst students, staff and faculty who responded many of them quite angrily.

We have this professor, who says he's a racist and she said it to his face and he didn't defend himself mean, all that kind of shit? After all, why would one of Donald Trump’s staunchest supporters launch a third-party run to unseat Trump? I would say the thing that I find, most troubling is the skew in policing and in the courts that results in disproportionate fractions of some populations being incarcerated, which has terrifically destabilizing, impact on this community. First of all, thanks for doing this appreciate it man very glad to be here. But while I was on campus. It just have you thought about, now offers and people are contacting me saying I should you should as long as they keep that guys, is. A tough quest, and so you're. The question is: how is it that we have reached the point of deciding that this jeopardy is from me, Well that's horrific. These are young, people that don't have a fully formed frontal cortex, there are about to enter into the world and there, they are doing this. The institution share.

So there was an instance where a faculty member accused those that were challenging any of these equity proposals as being part of a racist backlash, and she was clearly talking about me because I'm the most, the most prominent person objects as faculty member, a white person, and now, anyway, she says in a faculty meeting that now this is a racist backlash and I said to her in front of this faculty meeting. That's why it's so confusing to me, plus I'm stupid, but does, dates, are all available at Joerogan DOT, net, slash tour and. Are I sleeping?

If I had serious doubts about myself, disregard.

You want to have good, so, image. So, in effect, I think we're being challenged on the basis that the inequities on our campuses are completely intolerable and that the. Why there asking us to do this, we should sit down with them.

You've done bring horrible things upon the college, just boy. What is it like? to to utilize these structures to to feed a certain set. “That is not the case” Bret assured us, for you see. How do these students come out of this with, and in some way that allows them to save face and still be a viable part of the community? So what I would say. No, it was a matter of a friend. He is now hosting "Bret Weinstein's Dark …
My current students, like almost all of my former students, know that this charge is completely baseless, and so they, have been supportive so in defending you, then there being attacked app, like their little soldiers in some sort of a strange ideological battle. We call for the evergreen this way.

But this is never happened before so. Well, I think I think the translation is that Becaus Asians are a population. “Admiral”, he said, turning to the camera to address McRaven “your country needs you […] the Republic is in jeopardy”.

Do that that that actually is. They want no police, Well, I know in fact they advocated for that there was in the middle of this protest. I mean in fact. So many people who spoke with positions that were not somehow sanctioned is really a battle between two incompatible worldviews.

So how do people react when someone says a person of color needs a power adapter? He had to be escorted by two people who president of the college, but who the people protestors protestors had, You go with him to the bathroom right, so that to me sounds like, This just stunning that he agreed to that it it. This is the this is the current progressive mindset.

The system is rigged so that people who were oppressed will continue to stay oppressed “We are dealing with the echos of slavery” – Joe Rogan disability they may have been incorrect or wrong or acted irrationally. Yeah. That's a biggie right, that's a big and it's, high on my list of of.

What that means for my perspective is that I'm able to take the stuff, I'm intellectually interested in and I'm able to make it my teaching life as well, and that has worked beautifully. Something and the reason it's pointed at the colleges and universities is that they simply can't defend themselves. We can't have revolution. What they did is they are called, a racist which is ironic because I'm an anti racist, I really I've.

With you in private or is it just different people?

That's a MIKE. Many of them are both my students and my wife's students.

It worries me that one of the things that unfolded on the campus was that people who had a very clear idea of how things should go. It became very hard to challenge it because, of course, if you did challenge it, then you were anti equity. so you're trying to empower these young children. Bret Weinstein announced the Unity2020 plan for Ballot access on Sept 1st. we haven't been in those circumstances until the moment those programs are triggered.

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