bangkok itinerary 3 days

It’s considered the most important Buddhist temple in all of Thailand. Built under King Rama Ι in 1782, the Grand Palace was once home to the royal family, the royal court and the government administration for over 150 years. That is one beast of a post! After hours of non-stop shopping, check out the endless stalls of food throughout the entire market. The first one is the famous Damnoen Saduak Floating Market – one of the oldest floating markets in Thailand. In the past few years, this market has become very touristy, so it’s not as authentic as it used to be, but it’s still something very peculiar to witness and one of the most amazing places to visit in Thailand. The second area, Marine Park, offers different animal performances and entertaining shows. The maze of 15,000 vendors is full of delicious street food, hand-made items, heaps of clothes and so much more.

Here’s a nice copy-and-paste list of my entire 3-day Bangkok itinerary for you to keep on hand. Make sure you have dressed appropriately, or you won’t be allowed entry into the temple. All you need to do is download the app, and you can catch a ride with a few taps of your finger. Dorm rooms: 650 THB ( R 300.00) per person per night.Private room for 2-8 people: 2,200 – 3,500 THB ( R 1,020.00 – R 1624.00) per night. It’s covered in gold leaf, mother-of-pearl ornaments and illustrates Buddha is entering nirvana. This is such a great guide with so many local tips, totally saving it for my trip there! Hence, you will hardly hear a word of English! It depends on the options you choose. And I want to keep dancing in the street like nobody is watching, and feel the butterflies in my stomach, and laugh out loud for the stupidest jokes like a kid. And a luxury apartment building meant for the upper-middle-class turned into one of the Bangkok’s most haunted places. Like other tourist sites, at the entrance, there are some scammers who may approach you and say that the palace is closed or offer you a cheap tuk-tuk tour; just ignore them if you don’t want to be ripped off as a foreigner. With an endless number of things to do, you will surely get tons of exciting and unforgettable experiences when you travel to Bangkok.

Choose from a no-frills Thai massage or splurge on an aromantic session complete with a foot massage and facial. Most importantly, they are only within a few hours from the city center. I find Grab very easy to use, and much cheaper than normal taxis.

Don’t have time to visit Chiang Mai? 3 Days in Bangkok Itinerary Resources Getting Around Bangkok.

Let’s start your Bangkok temple tour with Wat Pho!

Interestingly, the show does not only have a majestic cast of over 150 performers but also impresses the audiences with its exceptional sound and lighting effects as well as modern stage-setting techniques. It saves me time, and this way I’m sure I’ll find a seat. You’ll find anything from freshly-made waffles and fresh fruit, to pastries and all sorts of cooked food.
The best time to visit this market is in the morning when you can see the locals going about their lives before all the tourists come and the market becomes a tourist trap. Quick Tips for Your 3-day Bangkok Itinerary, Bangkok Itinerary Day 1: Temples, Fairies and Vegan Thai Food, Bangkok Itinerary Day 2: Shopping, Unicorn Junk Food, and Espionage, Bangkok Itinerary Day 3: Ghosts, Pampering and Michelin-rated Phad Thai, THIS IS NOT A DRILL.⠀ Here are a few options for travel from/to Bangkok: ➤ Heading to Chiang Mai: BOOK HERE the bus or train ticket to Chiang Mai, ➤ Heading to Pattaya: BOOK HERE the bus or minivan ticket to Pattaya, ➤ Heading to Hua Hin: BOOK HERE the bus or minivan ticket to Hua Hin, ➤ Heading to Koh Samui: BOOK HERE the bus+ferry ticket to Koh Samui, ➤ Heading to Siem Reap (Cambodia): BOOK HERE the bus ticket to Siem Reap. Ayutthaya, the historic capital of Thailand, is located around 80 kilometers outside Bangkok. The on-site co-working space is equipped with lightning-fast internet, private meeting rooms and is open from 07:00 to midnight. Depending on your interest, there are many interesting places to choose from. Swipe to see the BEST road trips in South Africa! Moreover, shopping in Thailand is so popular that many tourists travel to Bangkok just for going shopping. Some of best rooftop bars are: There you have an ideal itinerary including many things to do in Bangkok in 3 days. Visit Wat Pho after which, you will be probably be very hungry. For budget travellers, it’s the best time to spend 3-days in Bangkok.

Plus, hygiene standards are not always respected and you might even end up with some nasty infection. I had the Iron Fairies on my list last time but it was so far from where we were staying (in Banglamphu) that we never made it. Once you arrive at the market by long tail boat, you can decide to take a boat (at a cost of about 150 baht, $4,60) through the narrow waterways of the market, or you can just walk around looking at the stalls from the mainland. But if you want to sit at one of the stalls and have a drink or try some local food, you could easily spend a few hours of your 3 days in Bangkok here. Your first day in Bangkok is going to be packed, so you might want to grab a cup of coffee before we begin. Want more options? Get yourself ready for a climb up 300 steps, needed to reach the iconic Golden Mount stupa that sits on top of the temple itself, built on a 80-meter high man-made hill. Web Design by Grace and Vine Studios.
No words can describe the amazing feeling of taking the statue in the sight. Entrance Fee: 500 THB (R 230.00)Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday from 2:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Are you looking for the BEST Phad Thai in the city? The whole area consists of the Outer Court, the Middle Court, the Inner Court and Temple of the Emerald Buddha. You can watch outdoor dance performances, hop on an elephant, or try traditional Thai massages. There are more than 150 3-dimensional paintings in the museum. You will marvel at the exceptional development of Thailand over the last seven centuries through many world-class performances within 90 minutes.

Food is synonymous with Thailand. Below are some of the cool destinations worth checking out for your day 3! After spending 5 years as digital nomads, and living in many countries in the world, we decided to make Poland our base.

The bus is a cheap – but slow way to get around Bangkok. You could just have a glance at the stores in a matter of minutes or spend hours haggling for valuables you like. So it would be easier to the Chao Phraya River Express to the Ratchawong Pier, and then walk here. ⇒ BOOK HERE the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market & Maeklong Train Market Tour.

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