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(By the way, have you seen The Crimson Kimono?). The wealthy refugee lives in a house in Chinatown with his two sons. But [Hwang] had a secret soft spot for the movie version.

And it does get my goat. The two support themselves by singing depressing flower drum songs on the street. [56] The author gave a rare public interview to defend his novel and the musical adaptation. Post was not sent - check your email addresses!

[1] He had hoped to break into playwriting, but instead wrote a novel about Chinatown, The Flower Drum Song (originally titled Grant Avenue). and possibly even now, in some cases—would consider outlandish: snake meat, octopus, thousand-year eggs. [29], The show opened in London's Palace Theatre on March 24, 1960 and ran for 464 performances. [14] According to The New York Times, Hwang "has reshaped the story to elucidate two of his own abiding thematic interests: the idea of the theater as a prism for society and the generational clashes of diversely assimilated immigrants. The original Broadway production of "Flower Drum Song" opened at the Saint James Theater on December 1, 1958, ran for 600 performances and was nominated for the 1959 Tony Award (New York City) for the Best Musical. By the way, I both approve and disapprove of the change in your background. [44] Geary Street, on which the theatre is located, was decorated with Chinese lanterns, and a marching band of "Chinese girl musicians" played outside. But isn’t good girl winning precisely the reason why it must be so likeable? All right: Ta will get one week to fall in love with Mei Li. | It is there. Madame 'Auntie' Liang

[31][46], Lewis calls the 1961 film version of Flower Drum Song, starring Umeki, Soo, Hall and Suzie Wong star Nancy Kwan, "a bizarre pastiche of limping mediocrity". This is the second wonderful review I am reading in a day. Act II: No formal audition was held in San Francisco's Chinatown, and the only find was Forbidden City nightclub comedian Goro "Jack" Suzuki (who soon changed his name to Jack Soo), who was cast as Frankie Wing, comedian at Sammy Fong's Celestial Bar. Wang Ta Wang Ta, even if he’s not really in love with Linda (and yes, even he doesn’t seem to think it true love), is certainly not in love with Mei Li. How much this time? It was quite interesting, despite the negatives you have mentioned. Plus, Bells are Ringing, which I simply adore, even though it isn’t perfect either. Ta leaves the lonely Helen, totally oblivious to her attempts to interest him. Wang Chi-Yang [70], The success of the Los Angeles run sparked sufficient investment to move the show to Broadway.

[94] Although Hischak describes Rodgers as "the greatest waltz composer America has ever seen",[96] Flower Drum Song was the first Rodgers and Hammerstein musical not to feature one. It was adapted from the Broadway musical of the … My sister's husband.

You are not only Masala-sisters, but good-cinema-sisters and good-writing-sisters. Wang Ta, a young Chinese-American man living in his father's house in San Francisco's Chinatown, discusses the problems of finding a wife with his aunt, Madam Liang ("You Are Beautiful") before hurrying off on a blind date.

visits to your blog today”, Oh, Anu – that is sweet of you! Questions for Discussion: Does American culture appear to have a negative or positive impact on characters in the film? After the release of the 1961 film version, the musical was rarely produced, as it presented casting issues and fears that Asian-Americans would take offense at how they are portrayed. : Several months pass, and Club Chop Suey has become even flashier ("Chop Suey"). [62], Hwang was given a free hand with dialogue; he was not allowed to change lyrics. ], Long story short, I AM convinced, and amused. While his sons and sister-in-law are integrating into American culture, Wang stubbornly resists assimilation and speaks only two words of English, "Yes" and "No". Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Madhulika Liddle and Dusted Off with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

It received mostly poor reviews in New York and closed after six months but had a short tour and has since been produced regionally. So Mei Li’s photo is passed on to Auntie Liang, who immediately approves. : 1900 to 1969. But how well he manages that, too.

"[90] Brantley disagreed, writing, "because the show's satiric point of view is so muddled, there's no verve in such numbers, no joy in the performing of them."[65]. I need some money. Unauthorised use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. :

You are like the Chinese dish the Americans invented.

Stop! Showing all 16 items Jump to: Photos (7) Quotes (9) Photos . Wang Chi-Yang (who’s so old-fashioned, he keeps all his vast wealth in a large box under his bed, wads and wads of dollars stashed away), huffs at this. The audience gave it an enthusiastic response, causing Rodgers to leave his seat repeatedly and race to the back of the theatre, looking for someone to hug. The album sold a relatively modest 300,000 copies, compared with sales of over a million copies for Rodgers and Hammerstein's next and final musical, The Sound of Music.

Chorus I beg your forgiveness, Father. : But he gives in. [14] Hammerstein and Fields shifted the focus of the story, however, from the elder Wang, who is central to Lee's novel, to his son Ta. Sammy, though, doesn’t seem to have been expecting her.

© Madhulika Liddle. Yes, this is the girl he wants for a daughter-in-law. [11], Hammerstein, meanwhile, was in Los Angeles at the filming of South Pacific. Linda advises Mei-li to put on one of her old stripper dresses to attract Ta, but the stratagem backfires, since Ta is attracted to Mei-li because of her wholesomeness.

Flower Drum Song (1961) Approved | 133 min | Comedy , Musical , Romance A young woman arrives in San Francisco's Chinatown from Hong Kong with the intention of marrying a rakish nightclub owner, unaware he is involved with one of his singers.

[21] Rodgers and Hammerstein considered young talent from The King and I who might fit the parts, and came up with teenager Patrick Adiarte, a Filipino-American who had played several of the young princes as he grew up, before finishing as the crown prince, Chulalongkorn. Everything is in it. For Wang Chi-Yang and Auntie Liang, at any rate; whether or not Ta himself will be keen on marrying her isn’t his concern.

Flower Drum Song, based on the 1957 novel by CY Lee, was their eighth collaboration – and, while it was nominated for several Oscars—rarely seems to be among the first Rodgers and Hammerstein films that come to mind.

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