arthur and merlin seven deadly sins

Both of these examples heavily implies the two had some sort of relationship long before their mutual membership within the Seven Deadly Sins, and/or that she was involved with him joining the Sins in the first place. [3] During the battle of Camelot, she singlehandedly defeats the two highest-ranked demons, Chandler and Cusack,[4] who praise her as the "genius child" who deceived the Demon King and Supreme Deity. After picking up Orlondi's eye ball, because Ban was tired from doing a hundred thousand push-ups, Merlin and Gowther were left to knock Escanor out and take him home after he killed the Vampire King Izraf. Merlin was born with the strongest and most unique magic, besides being a prodigy with a talent and wit such that she surpassed the wisemen of the capital. He takes his responsibilities very seriously, but usually undertakes them with a smile and has a very warm, and happy-go-lucky demeanor. Merlin now shows the same level of care and concern for her as she had for Elizabeth's original goddess incarnation. Not an exact date,but when they appeared they were already interacting,it was between episode 18 and 21 • Ship scenes. When Escanor was about to die after the battle with the Demon King, Merlin admits that she only was interested in Escanor for the fascination with his power and she only see Escanor as another test subject. He has also been noted by Orlondi to lack a presence which explains his skill in sneaking up on demons and dispatching them without ever being caught. After this, Merlin; like the rest of the Sins, wanted nothing but to stop his plan, as she was the one to suggest a trip to purgatory to retrieve Meliodas' lost emotions. Merlin did not fight much during the mission, simply teleporting the group to the location and keeping an eye on Escanor to ensure he did not lose control of his powers. However, no matter how much time he spent, Meliodas never showed romantic feelings for Merlin. During the Introduction arc, Arthur is rumored to have just became the new king of Camelot by the drinking patrons at Boar Hat in the small town of Bernia. She also took command after Arthur was killed refusing to let anyone else she cares for to die. She herself decides to keep the burns as a symbol of Escanor's existence after he died. Merlin would reunite with Meliodas when he was already serving the kingdom of Liones, as the founding members of the Seven Deadly Sins, and it was she who guided by the vision of King Bartra, identified the other five members, while Meliodas himself recruited them. Her Sacred Treasure is the Morning Star Aldan, a floating orb she can summon at will and often uses in conjunction with her spells and her inherent power Infinity. Arthur completed this challenge with ease. In conjunction with her magic Infinity, Merlin utilizes an array of spells to serve supplementary purposes such as inhibiting the growth of Grayroad's demon eggs by freezing them for eternity and freezing her own time to create a form of immortality.

It is revealed that Merlin's body stopped aging at the age of 30. Merlin also took it upon herself to buy back Meliodas' sacred treasure after he sold it, knowing that he would eventually need it again. She also has a motherly side, treating Arthur as a mother would a son and was deeply saddened over his death. She can switch into multiple offensive spells which she channels through the sacred treasure Aldan. But after overcoming Cath's illusion in their second fight, he was consciously able to manifest a mouth-like vortex to absorb Cath upon realizing how to defeat him and declared himself the King of Chaos, accepting his new power.

Her outfit consists of a highly revealing and open fur collared long coat, with heart shaped buttons, short shorts that resemble panties with a heart on it, and thigh high boots. She is seen as a slim, attractive, tall woman with three beauty marks below her right eye (though after her reappearance after Hendrickson's defeat, she appears to only have a single, lower-placed, larger beauty mark). Merlin was born with a prodigious talent and wit that even during her childhood, she was able to overcome the wisemen of Belialuin.
Personally I see her and Escanor being a couple, But then again we haven't had enough screen time to see them interact so maybe they would make a great couple. Merlin has since continued to use her magic to allow Diane to shrink down when needed. In addition to this Merlin has shown little to no remorse for doing this, stating that it was necessary at the time, which also annoyed Meliodas. She even was embarrassed when the others Sins (mainly Escanor) asked if Elizabeth could talk about it more. Despite Merlin being usually calm and serious, she is capable of being shocked or embarrassed. Yet now their friendship is rebuilt and is back to fighting together as comrades. Despite her usually kind and calm behavior, Merlin knows when to be serious. Though Merlin is unable to use true healing magic like the Druids from the eastern forest, she is able to cure illnesses using her magic item Cure Angel.

However, Merlin says that things could have been different if they had met 3,000 years ago. Merlin seems to have a great tolerance to alcohol, since she says she would have to drink all the liquor from a tavern to get drunk. She also has access to an array of elemental spells such as Endless Whirl and Icicle Castle to overwhelm opponents, the former having enough power to destroy the castle of Liones.
However, Arthur was saved by a strange Holy Knight who was shocked and amazed at how Arthur managed to be brave and fearless whilst falling to his doom. Merlin and Elizabeth have a fairly good relationship, due to Merlin saving Elizabeth's father's life and the princess shows respect towards the mage like towards any other member of the Deadly Sins. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The best example of this is the fact that Merlin was the one who knocked Meliodas unconscious, stole most of his power and sealed it away in Istar 10 years ago when the Seven Deadly Sins were framed, an action that Meliodas was both curious and annoyed with when he finally learned she was responsible.

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