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Giant river otters live mostly in the Amazon River and subsist on a diet of fish and crabs. Barrel-shaped and covered in dark red and brown fur, adult capybaras stand around 2 feet tall at the shoulders on all fours, are in excess of 4 feet long, and may weigh close to 150 pounds, making them massive for rodents.

A sloth has a very low metabolism (about half of that of a normal mammal, such as a human) and a very low body temperature, as low as 86 degrees Fahrenheit or 30 degrees Celsius. Copyright © 2020 The Amazon Rainforest is by far the most biodiverse area on the planet.

With their eyes and nose on top of their heads, they can hide most of their body underwater while keeping a look out for food. Although generally non-lethal to humans, the shock is extremely painful. Mammals Photo by Rainforest Expeditions. Their loud roars can be heard up to 3 miles (5 kilometers) away. On this page you’ll find information, pictures and facts about just some of the amazing animals that live in the world’s biggest rainforest. The green anacondas are the heaviest and second longest snakes in the world.

Other species of monkey in the region include Bald Uakaris, Capuchins, Spider Monkeys, Squirrel Monkeys and Tamarins. Giant anteaters are easy to identify because of their thick bushy tails, long snout, and distinctive coloring. Unlike temperate frogs which are mostly limited to habitats near water, tropical frogs are most abundant in the trees and relatively few are found near bodies of water on the forest floor. Steve Perry Creative. AMAZON RAINFOREST, THE WORLD's RICHEST RAINFOREST: Learn why, Where's the best, its animals, its climate and how to get there. 60% of the Amazon Rainforest is spread in Brazil, 13% of it is in Peru and almost 10% is in Columbia.

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Learn more about planning your own trip to the Amazon and, The Nevado Huaytapallana, whose name means, “Pla, There’s still time to join!

Apart from the list of Amazon forest deadliest animals mentioned above, there are many more animals that share the home at the rainforest, such as. Brazilian wandering spider.

Many travelers count their lucky stars in eager anticipation of seeing this classic jungle icon. Feathers are all the rage whether blending in or standing out for these Amazon Rainforest animals. Below, we shine the spotlight on 30 of the most glorious residents of the, Cheetah spots are to the plains of Africa as jaguar spots are to the jungle of South America.

These seven unique species are just a small percentage of the 1,300 bird species found in the Amazon. These beautiful raptors live across much of Central America in addition to the Amazonian jungles.

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Folks from around the world travel to the Amazon with their long lens cameras and binoculars to see these unique critters. As nocturnal jungle dwellers, they are active at night.

Black caiman. $9.99 $ 9. Our Peru For Less Travel Blog is a living library of travel information, knowledge, and advice from a group of travel loving experts who live, work, eat, and breathe all things in South America.

They help in the breakdown process of the dead bodies and other wastes for re-use purpose of producers. Giant river otters are very vocal, with at least 22 distinct sounds in their vocabulary.

This spider has the most toxic spider venom in the world. Never found far from water, they use the rivers and streams of the rainforest to find food and as a refuge from predators. Tapirs are large land mammals. Food is required not only to satisfy the... Understanding how do animals reproduce? Scorpion in the Amazon. The Amazon rainforest is home to more than half the world’s species of animals, according to scientists.

The capybara is the world’s biggest rodent. It is estimated that the region is home to one tenth of all of the Earth’s species. Even though kinkajous look like monkeys and have a long tail, they are actually a unique species. (It’s completely free, you can unsubscribe at any time, and we’ll never share your details.). Millions of Amazon Rainforest animals and plants are living here. All maps, graphics, flags, photos and original descriptions © 2020, The Most Dangerous Animals Of The Amazon Rainforest.

With more than 2,200 species the Amazon basin has a larger fish fauna than any other river basin on Earth, and Amazonia is the center of diversity for Neotropical fishes.

The harpy Eagle is a large bird of prey that hunts in the Amazon Rainforest canopy.

Instead of chewing, it digests whole fish in stomach.

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