2013 nebraska football roster

Points Per Game (first 6 games): Nebraska 38.9, Opponent 24.1 (plus-14.8)Adj. The Cornhuskers still have a strong, fun offensive backfield, and they still have a deep, interesting defensive backfield. After tumbling from eighth to 38th in 2011, the D did rebound a bit last fall, to 30th. All the Games; All the Rosters; Depth The backfield is loaded, in other words. Everything you ever wanted to know about the Huskers Advertise; Shop; The Essentialsarrow_drop_down. He was definitely in the top five. Nebraska was one of the best in the country at taking free yardage. But wow, what an exception. Ht. I don't really see the passing game improving much -- Martinez's ceiling is pretty well-defined -- but I don't see why it would regress much either. Nebraska's had good secondaries for a while now, and it will again in 2013. But a sketchy defense could lead to an unhappy ending, just like it did last year. The mid-1990s Nebraska Cornhuskers were efficient and brutal, predictable and unstoppable, wooing you with the option and taking your head off with the Blackshirts. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. View the Nebraska Cornhuskers roster for the 2013 FBS college football season. There is potential here, but almost none of it is proven.

The fellas break down Week 8 of college football with their best bets, parlays worth playing and more.

View the Nebraska Cornhuskers roster for the 2013 FBS college football season. Martinez is a tremendous runner, and he has some of the best sleight of hand you'll ever see -- he seems to be able to make his give-or-keep decision about five yards past the option mesh point. And what of the Nebraska special teams unit as a whole? Two all-conference linemen return. Both were excellent at booting touchbacks. Sack Rate, and while end Eric Martin was outstanding and the tackles were actually solid in pass-rush situations, you're not exactly losing Grant Wistrom and Ndamukong Suh here. Whereas the persistent 2012 narrative during Nebraska telecasts seemed to revolve around tweaks to Taylor Martinez's mechanics and efforts to improve his passing ability, the fact was that his general throwing motion was very, very similar to what it had been in 2011.

Copyright © 2020 by The Football Database, LLC. was a long-serving meme in the Georgia crowd, but there's no denying he was ridiculously good at his job last year.) And Martinez was still horrific on any pass thrown further than 10 yards downfield. But the Huskers did still allow only 295 yards (4.3 per play) to Wisconsin the first time around and 301 (4.0) to Northwestern.

Though the run percentages went up as the season progressed, Beck called a lot of quick, easy passes on first downs; Martinez is plenty accurate near the line of scrimmage, and the play-calling set up pretty consistent second-and-shorts, which Nebraska's efficient running game (as in, the most efficient in the country) was able to gobble up with ease. Can they keep the streak alive? Nebraska didn't improve from 33rd to eighth in Off. 2013 Nebraska Football Depth Chart - Offense New, 39 comments Bo Pelini won't release a depth chart until the start of the season, and even then they'll have to force it out of him. Will they break through, or will the 2013 postseason take shape like 2012's? Smith, were pretty damn good; they combined for almost as many tackles and tackles for loss as the top three lienbackers, and they defensed 19 passes as well.

(It's fun saying something that is both true and confrontational -- "Fire Bobo!" The schedule includes the opponents, dates, and results. All Rights Reserved.

Long a strength (sixth in 2009, eighth in 2010, 14th in 2011), it already showed cracks last year despite Maher's general reliability. Todd Gurley accidentally scored a game-losing touchdown. I like to think I do a pretty good job of keeping tabs of who's doing well and who isn't throughout the course of a season. It appears that only greatness matters. Nebraska has now won either nine or 10 games in each of the last five seasons. Shaq is really upset that Dwight Howard won a ring. Two four-star freshmen enter the mix this season -- Terrell Newby of West Hills, CA, was the No. The Falcons lost another heartbreaking game in unforgettable fashion. But it's been basically a zero-sum game for the Huskers, as a defense which ranked fourth in Def. But somebody still needs to step up. F/+ in 2009 has fallen in two of three. So yes, while this certainly wasn't a Ndamukong Suh-level Nebraska defense, it was pretty decent. When things got tight -- as games progressed, or as Nebraska got closer to the end zone -- Beck leaned on the run a bit more, and the offense bogged down a hair. Jason Ankrah, once a star recruit, was decent last season, and for all we know, two four-star newcomers -- redshirt freshman Greg McMullen and JUCO transfer Randy Gregory -- will not only hold their own, but thrive. Since ranking a perfectly mediocre 60th in Off.

F/+, not "Blackshirts" worthy, but not bad at all. That comes from last year's Nebraska preview. View the 2013 Nebraska football schedule at FBSchedules.com. In 2013, Nebraska should have its best offense of the Pelini era. Name Pos. Adj. Please also read our Privacy Notice and Terms of Use, which became effective December 20, 2019. 2. That Nebraska allowed 1,229 yards in just 131 plays (9.4 per play) to Wisconsin and Georgia to finish the season was the exception, not the rule. It's scarier, really, than it feels -- when you see a unit get vandalized like NU's did in the postseason, you tend to figure a blood transfusion is a good thing. He showed a level of explosiveness last year that he really hadn't hinted at much before, but he also missed six games with injury, leaving most of the carries to Martinez and Ameer Abdullah (the two combined for 28 per game). But when you run like he does, you can get away with it. And if the line can sustain last year's surge despite the loss of two starters, then there's no reason why the running game won't be top-five again. Now they're in a similar situation. In 2011-12, Brett Maher made 102 of 103 PATs, 25 of 28 field goals of under 40 yards, and 14 of 22 of over 40 yards. The defense really wasn't that bad. It should also have a defense that regresses just enough to … The Huskers improved dramatically on the line, perhaps partly because of the same play-calling that helped Martinez -- Nebraska punished teams for over-loading against the run, and Long, Sirles, and company were able to take advantage. No. Over the last four years, Nebraska has ranked 10th, 16th, 28th, and 19th, respectively, in the F/+ rankings. Nebraska might not face an elite opponent before the Big Ten title game, and that's only if Ohio State or Wisconsin are actually elite. Only two of last year's top seven linemen return, and the top three linebackers are all gone. Nebraska ranked 50th in Adj. But the line, once a massive strength, was still terribly mediocre; and now the front seven has been ravaged by turnover. Not only are there an always-obnoxious eight home games on the slate, but two of the four road games are against Purdue and Minnesota. That said, there are still a lot of exciting names here. The Cornhuskers have won either nine or 10 games in each of the last four seasons, they have a strong, fun offensive backfield, and they should once again have a deep, interesting defensive backfield. The early-2010s Cornhuskers, meanwhile, are solid. Perhaps this is the blue-blood version of Glen Mason Territory, where a program is simultaneously successful and disappointing, and fans grow both impatient and guilty about feeling impatient. But Nebraska offensive coordinator Tim Beck may have been No. For more Nebraska, visit Corn Nation. The official 2013 Football Roster for the Purdue University Boilermakers The all-Big Ten voters did, too, in choosing Penn State's Allen Robinson as a first-team receiver over you. In Spencer Long and Jeremiah Sirles, Nebraska has a hell of a right-side duo.

F/+ last year because Beck and his offensive staff turned Martinez into something he wasn't; the Huskers improved because Beck's play-calling philosophy catered perfectly to what Martinez actually was and is. Note: players in bold below are 2013 returnees. That Nebraska takes the field in 2013 without its best defensive end, its two starting tackles, its top three linebackers, and both starting safeties is pretty scary. Honestly. A new group of players once considered the greatest recruiting class in school history tries to lead Western Illinois on a Final Four run in our College Hoops 2K8 sim. Nebraska frequently uses a nickel alignment -- five defensive backs instead of three linebackers -- by choice; in 2013, it might be out of necessity. Nebraska will absolutely be good in 2012 … but in Lincoln, there is little difference between good and terrible. But if the defense can hold it together despite a lot of new pieces, the schedule is built for wins. Can they right the special teams ship before it becomes an issue? Line Yards and 54th in Adj.

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