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Non-Verbal Reasoning Practice Test 2 Many employers use psychometric testing in their recruitment process, with a non-verbal reasoning test often being included.

They all have something in common, except one. We’re revolutionising 11+ preparation for your child.

98 0 obj <> endobj • Circle the correct letter from the options given to answer each question.

You have 30 minutes to complete 60 questions.


Mixed Verbal Reasoning Test (Continued) Odd One Out In the questions below, one word is different to the others. h�b```�V�9 ��ea�� 涹$�]�ع=��~�����w��^ I٩�~�"����͛��x��-�u��ԍZ�?����R�Xf�Ǟ���F�}��2�������N�j���������^^сA���w ��@T����t�2��=Ң@, f�c I6��f��w��ю�����7,|-����p��G������1/�.lle��Q�M�5O�4#q r,d� Free 11+ Past Papers [pdf Download] Menu Toggle. 11 Plus Exam types and skills - CEM vs CSSE vs GL Assessment.

Find and circle the odd word out. uuid:ca869025-89f4-4cb7-96ab-013a1113b29b

h�bbd``b`��@�i�`k�N nM �_$8��#Hb"Hq0H�$�$�A�L� � V;��T�܀�d$x���v&F�� S�B�g�� � �wc %%EOF 3. ... 11. remaining, 12. bear Odd One Out 13. restore, 14. pleased, 15. solar, 16. steal, 17. sage, 18. mare Cloze Text (Questions 19 - … 121 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<26FAC97D5D0A80459B49F7D43CE04769>]/Index[98 47]/Info 97 0 R/Length 107/Prev 372536/Root 99 0 R/Size 145/Type/XRef/W[1 2 1]>>stream endstream endobj 99 0 obj <>>> endobj 100 0 obj <>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI]/XObject<>>>/Rotate 0/TrimBox[0 0 595.276 841.89]/Type/Page>> endobj 101 0 obj <>stream

How to improve your speed in 11 Plus exams? Excellent past practice papers to challenge children's skills and help them prepare for their 11+ test. m�bT������f8��h��E��.�E>qX�:G�S��D�������Ǘ�S����[6fYi��.�˓��^��ERL��{L�E>�;�e�n:��(u��s4�҃�8�O:�� qǿ�q. 5. %PDF-1.6 %����

If you can spot what is different then you'll breeze through this 11-Plus Non-Verbal Reasoning quiz. Jumbled sentences and definitions for 11 plus practice ... JUMBLED-SENTENCES---ODD-ONE-OUT. Four of these pictures are related in some way while the fifth is different. 4. 11+ Non-Verbal Reasoning is used in many Local Authorities and private schools as an element in their 11-Plus examinations.

NON VERBAL REASONING Paper 1 Read the following instructions 2. • Do not begin the test or open the booklet until told to do so. You are required to identify which picture is unlike the others. Smash the 11+ exams with EdPlace! h��XmO�8�+�:��i�DaY���j˞Bkh�i�MS���o�IKR�FoO�(�c���X��,*��Jp#�4�b�&l�5�a���2 144 0 obj <>stream 11 plus Odd One Out is one of the important topic covered under 11 plus Verbal Reasoning practice tests.

• You may …

If you cannot answer any question, go on to the next question. H��Tێ�6}'��� 2���&�L��۠m�M,4�Aᵹ�����.���(e 7yK��Μ9sȫ�]^��".uIO��gW ���7�]V��;�.�UP�����e5/���V��j�2)fտ�E�>29��!̕�{�r'�����>���c⢴�t���̯_3�#x�Gܳ����q�/#=. 11 Plus Non Verbal Reasoning Type 2 - 'Odd One Out' With this type of question you are given a set of five pictures. 11 plus Odd One Out is one of the important topic covered under 11 plus Verbal Reasoning practice tests. 11 Plus Odd One Out. You must find the odd one out.

2008-05-12T19:05:52+01:00 This test provides you with 11 plus practice test questions on Odd One Out topic, and those questions framed in the question types asked in the 11 plus entrance exams. %PDF-1.6 %���� Adobe InDesign CS2 (4.0.5) [923] 4th Verbal R.indd uuid:434c9029-b64d-f740-8626-20a9582e6d93 About this resource.

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0 Or: If you feel confident, go on to the fifth level books. 2009-01-13T13:07:24Z Any infringement of copyright will be vigorously defended by legal action.

Each of the questions has four shapes in a row. • Work as quickly and as carefully as you can.

Subject: These 11+ Verbal Reasoning questions sometimes will ask you select one odd one out word (from a group of four or five) as opposed to choosing two so always double check the question! Non-verbal Reasoning 11+ Practice Test Read the instructions carefully. Addition Subtraction Multiplication Division.

It is commonly used alongside Verbal Reasoning, English and maths – or a combination of these exam types. Assessment Papers: More fourth papers in Verbal Reasoning to reinforce and expand your verbal reasoning skills at the 11+ level. dave endstream endobj startxref This test provides you with 11 plus practice test questions on Odd One Out topic, and those questions framed in the question types asked in the 11 plus entrance exams. Work out the answers quickly and carefully.

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